We shouldn’t live with absolute frivolity

Published August 12th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

While life should not be taken too seriously, this doesn’t mean we should live with absolute frivolity. Yes, so-called religions attempt to mandate all sorts of opinions and behaviors about morality and social conformity. This does not mean that actual religion — the sincere attempt to understand the unknowable — is inherently stupid or necessarily bullshit.

Quantum mechanics tells us that all possibilities exist simultaneously until foreclosed by inconsistent observations. So, with regard to what we truly cannot know or observe, it’s possible that all beliefs are equally "true" and very much real. It’s an incredibly powerful thought: that we can design our own eternity simply by imagining it.

Personally, I’d want much more from my eternity than to party on a pirate ship with a bunch of beer and strippers. The ability to have that experience at any time and for any duration? Sure, that would be great. But plain old life has plenty to offer that’s much more sublime and extraordinary than simple hedonism. And it’s not even a very ambitious vision of hedonism.

World history is replete with terrible evils committed in the name of "religion." Certainly, it’s an important message that moral and social "values" should not be elevated to the level of religious beliefs. But our ability as humans to recognize the fundamental unknowable questions — where are we from, why are we here, and where are we going — creates a fundamental human need to discuss and confront these questions.

Pastafarianism does indeed celebrate the power of the individual to choose his or her own answers to these questions. Some might like the idea of choosing answers that are deliberately silly or absurd. But to do so simply to make a point about the beliefs of others is to degrade and dishonor one’s own spirit.


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  1. nun sequitur says:

    before the accidents, exercise had become a ritual & meditation…i did it RELIGIOUSLY.

  2. Gordon_UK says:

    Bit slow of resent, oh well time for a few jokes non of which are politically correct.

    You don’t have to be good at anagrams to see that Pope Benedict is an Epic Bent Pedo.

    Has anyone else noticed that, ‘Is the prophet Mohammed a paedophile?’ Is an anagram of ‘The prophet Mohammed is a paedophile.’?

    Corned Beef or, as Hindus call it, “God in a can.”

    I bet Jehovah’s Witnesses have some good knock knock joke

    People say Scientology is ‘stupid’ and ‘made-up.’ Which is why it’s a classified Religion.

    Just been to my first Muslim birthday party. The musical chairs was a bit slow, but fuck me the pass the parcel was quick!

    Of all the religious cults, Mormons are my favourites…. ….sorry, I misspelt cunt.

    A Buddhist goes up to a hot-dog stand and says, “Make me one with everything!” He pays for the hot-dog with a large note, then says, “Where’s my change?” The vendor replies, “Change must come from within.”

    What goes clip clop clip clop clip clop BANG!!!! An Amish drive by shooting.

    What do you get if you cross a Jew? Christianity.

    • nun sequitur says:

      i liked the buddhist related one, but find it unlikely a hot dog stand would’ve been involved…

  3. alleged demoness says:

    I think I’ve seen just about enough…

    I used to get on here a lot, thinking that eventually there would be some kind of peace. That eventually through all the arguing, everyone would eventually find a common ground. I really have to hand it to the maker of this site for stubborness. He claims time and time again that he never meant to offend anyone, yet he has, knows he has, and continues to do it. If this is meant to be satirical, it’s not funny. Very few people know that this website exists, and it is almost universally hated by the ones that do. All this website has done is made athiest, agnostics, etc. look like assholes. All you’ve done is spread more hate, and don’t fucking act like you care. It’s all a fucking joke to you. In short YOU HAVE FAILED. I would think after the first 500 hate letters you would realize your mistake, but it all makes sense to me now. You don’t care about peace, the more I read, the more convinced I become that you’re no better than that one kid in school that’s always starting drama. You don’t care about religious freedom, or peace, this is just a goldmine of entertainment for you. I’ve figured that out now.

    And before any of you “followers” say anything, I realize that this in itself should have been in the hatemail, but I don’t feel like downloading outlook. Oh yeah, something else, you’re all just as fucking brainwashed as the christians, and you need to get off the computer and find something more productive to do with your lives.


    • Noodlity says:

      In a way, you are right – the discussions here often devolve into a joke… but as far as I’m concerned, that’s the whole damn point!

      Thing is, religion in general needs a nice big wallop to take it off its high holy horse. The times of serious debate are ending, because serious debates are themselves becoming less necessary. Religion has been turned into a joke, because for an ever growing part of the world it IS a joke. What was once derived from religion – laws, morals, knowledge, culture, hope for the future – has long since found other ways to come by, and better ones at that. What’s left is an empty husk – a decrepit shadow of its former self, full of self-propagating rituals and zealously guarded dogmas.

      And then, here we are – the assholes. I hardly contest such a moniker – rather, I bear it proudly, for it is proof of how far we’ve come. When even a regular asshole can just turn their back on religion, it only demonstrates how little it takes to do so. Indeed I care little for religious freedom, as in freedom of religion. But I thoroughly enjoy the refreshing notion that is freedom *from* religion.

      • nun sequitur says:

        …better 2 b the a-hole than the whole a** i have heard it said?

        aside, has garrison keilor (spelling question) ever met a pastafarian, because the impression we get from hearing him on npr is probably not…nothing against garrison.

      • nun sequitur says:

        & religion was not a joke to the guys bombing the buildings not long ago…threats exist. THAT is, sadly, very serious.

    • stylusmobilus says:

      Bye. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • bruceo says:


    • Friggin Dave says:

      Well said Noodlity. Religion was constructed out of superstition and story telling in a time when people didn’t understand how our world worked. However, we don’t need god or the supernatural to explain such things as weather, our origin, or the human condition. There is enough knowledge available today that no educated man should have to rely on traditional beliefs or sacred religious texts for truth. Its my hope that someday humanity will grow out of these archaic beliefs, but sadly that day is a long ways off. This site gets much criticism for making light of what many people hold sacred. The truth is that the people who are offended the most are also the most offensive. Christianity is notorious for taking advantage of its majority in the Western countries and stepping on the toes of atheists, agnostics, muslims, etc. All this site was trying to say was that religion is based on tradition rather than empirical evidence and should not be taught in a science class.

  4. Confused and Concerned says:

    Hi um… while i respect your creativity and beliefs i just want to say that the picture that you use as “undeniable proof” is just a piece of fossilized coral or a sea anemone soooo… just saying you’re worshiping sea plants not a piece of flying food.

    That was the nicest way to put it.

    -Confused and Concerned

    • Keith says:

      Evidently the sea anemone was created in the image if the FSM. It is no more confused than the belief in a 6000 year old earth, that tyrannosaurs ate coconuts, that human footprints exist alongside dinosaur prints, that some old geezer built a huge ship using bronze age technology and materials to hold all of the world’s animals…. well, you get the idea. The occasional absurdities by pastafarians are far outweighed by the many held to be true by the creationists. We aren’t serious: they are. That is the “fundamental” difference between us.

      • stylusmobilus says:

        On the topic of those animals in that boat…a Jehovah’s Witness, upon being queried about defects through interbreeding with the pairs of animals, informed me sincerely of the likelihood that more than two of each animal would have left the boat, thereby avoiding the problem of genetic defects through interbreeding. The clever individual still failed to understand that these animals would be either the son or daughter of the pair on the boat and would still have to breed with either a mother or sibling to continue the line. Makes you wonder just how dangerously stupid these people are.

        • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          Oh, I don’t wonder about their dangerousness. I do wonder, however, about why Yahweh had to drown almost all the plants and animals and people (tell me EVERY good person was in the Noah family, and tell me they were all good). Hell, an omnipotent god could be more selective than THAT, couldn’t he? Or did the earth need a good rinse?

          Any one who actually believes in a world-wide flood – let alone that it was responsible for so many geological formations – is brainwashed beyond all reason.

        • Keith says:

          Hmm! A few other questions. How did he manage to preserve all of the food for 40 days and 40 nights? What did everyone eat until the land vegetation and animal population reestablished itself. Rotting seaweed and rotting carcasses?

        • nun sequitur says:

          Keith, maybe they did like the chipmunks & squirrels…either stock up or plump up, in advance or combo thereof?

        • Keith says:

          It is a valid point. If they plumped up they may have gone dormant which I suppose answers the problem of keeping some of them alive. Squirrels hibernate, snakes and other reptiles gorge themselves and lay dormant while they digest their food: some for a considerable amount of time. Elephants? I know they can’t hibernate and I doubt they can gorge themselves enough to serve for 40 days. I doubt that any foodstocks taken on board would have been able to last that long anyway, even assuming that there would have been the room for it. To the best of my knowledge no unbiased researcher has gone into a detailed analysis of the ecology of the ark. Most bible believers would probably say “It’s God: he can do what he wants”
          As I have said before, in my opinion the only way the ark could possibly have worked is by using Pokemon technology: grab them from around the world using the transfer system and store them in little balls.

        • stylusmobilus says:

          Which in the case of crawling insects like ants, would have been really tiny Pokeballs.

        • nun sequitur says:

          If it’s gorged & hibernated…who steered the craft? Maybe they FISHED…out in the rain, noah in a yellow slicker keeping his footing, on a rolling, pitching, wet deck…

          Ever seen a flood? After awhile, or in spots @ least, would have expected raging waters carrying debris to tear a hole in the helm or wherever on the craft. Did they cruise by people calling out 4 help on rooftops & ignore them, allow them 2 drown? The captain of this story sounds like an elitist & a prick, ,,,(as opposed to the noah we know of whom was so named by parents & lives in this current age)

          as a kid, my sibling & i had an embroidered art work, a depiction of noah’s ark, in a frame, on our bedroom wall.

        • nun sequitur says:

          the following, a wiki snippet..highlighting what else i meant to add…many animals r opportunistic feeders…under circumstances where usual fare absent will eat whatever available…including species not typically, otherwise, on menu…& many species according to this story would have been housed with their typical fare…i do not c how it was not a bloodbath by the time ship docked:

          ….may opportunistically feed on nesting songbirds, field mice, and birds trapped in Mist nets. [19]

          The white-tailed deer is a ruminant, which means it has a four-chambered stomach. Each chamber has a different and specific function that allows the deer to quickly eat a variety of different food, digesting it at a later time in a safe area of cover. The Whitetail stomach hosts a complex set of bacteria that change as the deer’s diet changes through the seasons. If the bacteria necessary for digestion of a particular food (e.g., hay) are absent it will not be digested. [20]

          There are several natural predators of white-tailed deer. wolves, cougars, American alligators, and (in the tropics) jaguars are the more effective natural predators of adult deer. Bobcats, lynxes, bears, and packs of coyotes usually will prey on deer fawns. Bears may sometimes attack adult deer while lynxes, coyotes, and bobcats are most likely to take adult deer when the ungulates are weakened by winter weather. [6] The general extirpation of natural deer predators over the East Coast (only the coyote remains widespread) is believed to be a factor in the overpopulation issues with this species. Many scavengers rely on deer as carrion, including New World vultures, hawks, eagles, foxes, and corvids (the latter three may also rarely prey on deer fawns).

        • stylusmobilus says:

          I have, indeed seen a flood. I was isolated by one last year for about a week. In fact I have seen many floods and been isolated by a fair few of them.

        • nun sequitur says:

          am glad u survived.

        • nun sequitur says:

          as, if u had not, would not b around 2 put me in place & that’d b a shame…

  5. Jake Kent and Tyler Wilson says:

    You are a bunch of dumb fucks for belivieving in a flying spaghetti monster. You will all burn in hell along with the spaghetti monster.

    Jake & Tyler

    P.S: Talk about burnt noodles.

    • stylusmobilus says:

      So between the pair of you neither one could manage to spell the word ‘believing’. And you call us a bunch of dumb fucks. Go figure. More proof that religion stunts your ability to spell. It’s getting beyond beliefef.

      • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        LOL. Jake and Tyler: have fun with your fairy tales, kids. Like the pope just talked about, abandon all reason when it comes to religion. In other words, when we tell you something truly absurd, shut off your brain and smile. That’s how ALL religions work!

        • nun sequitur says:

          The rule for spelling: i before e , except after c

        • stylusmobilus says:

          Except for ours of course, where we turn on our brains and laugh.

      • DarkLight says:


    • TiltedHorizon says:

      “… burn in hell along with the spaghetti monster. ”

      Aha! So you admit the FSM is real!

    • nun sequitur says:

      wilson brothers, i was not the brightest bulb in the pack 2 start & i reserve beliefs @ present, i just am having ideas, none of them r of much consequence. I noticed u did not state ur beliefs, outside of hell. @ least owners of the site had cajones 2 put their ideas up 4 review, 4 better or worse.

  6. plip says:

    Gawd !

  7. DarkLight says:

    ‘Some might like the idea of choosing answers that are deliberately silly or absurd. But to do so simply to make a point about the beliefs of others is to degrade and dishonor one’s own spirit.’
    I agree with this statement, but would like to say; choosing answers that are silly or absurd should be embraced if you can understand the intent of the statement. If the silliness or absurdness is not being used for individual gratification hence ego boosting it should be allowed to endure.
    From the school of thought that blasphemy of beliefs, religion & god should be a moment to moment occurrence as needed one realizes words are only labels which do not explain anything.
    A recent tweet i read said ‘atheism is not a belief it is the default, you are not born with a set of beliefs’ for me a unified world of not knowing anything, or completely sure of anything, religiously, scientifically & argue mentally might be a better world indeed.
    WTF do i know anyways… nothing & nothingness are my truths.

  8. nun sequitur says:

    BURN in hell? I have burning pain all the time. HELL is not much of a threat. Better up the ante.

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