Certificate of Ordination update

Published August 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

If you ordered a certificate in the last week it’s in one of these mailers that were sent out yesterday:


The response has been great.

Jut a note, for the people who are planning to perform weddings as an FSM Minister: It’s our view that weddings are social ceremonies and a couple should be free to choose whoever they like to perform their ceremony.

But to “be married” is also a legal distinction, and for that reason, I want to make sure that our FSM Ministers are following the rules and regulations of their areas. Please be aware that a Certificate of Ordination is not the same thing as a license to officiate weddings. In many areas if you want the weddings to be registered by the government, you need to get a license to perform weddings, issued by your clerk’s office. We have learned that most clerks will accept our ordinations, but if you encounter one who will not, please let me know, and I will see what I can do. But for the most part, please consider these certificates in the spirit of social ceremony.


Note — the certificates have been updated to use lithographed certificate paper. We also now have ID cards.

You can order the certificates and cards here.

75 Responses to “Certificate of Ordination update”

  1. Amy says:

    Hi! I’m a newly converted Pastafarian and (I’m really excited~!!) I think this is so cool! It’s a unique idea and I really like it. I wish I could have this certificate, but my parents don’t believe me that FSM is a real, legit religion. Sigh* It’s a shame they haven’t been touched by His Noodly Appendage…

    • Mal says:

      Welcome to the noodly craziness that is FSM. Sadly, being told that this isn’t a real religion is probably something you should get used to. On the other hand, by the same thought process that labels FSM “fake”, every religion in the world could be called a sham, which is kinda why we’re here. Anyway, enjoy your time here and feel free to ask any questions. There’s pretty much always someone lurking who is willing and eager to discuss.

      May logic and wisdom guide and protect you always


      • Amy says:

        I get told I’m weird on a daily basis. This is something I can easily adapt to. :) I think this is so cool. I’ve never had a religion and never really thought I ever would. I’m not a very religious person. This, though. I like the Pastafarian thinking. I believe it’s very smart. That’s why I’m here. (also, now I can wear a colander on my head and *not* get weird stares! It’s religious headgear!)

        Thank you so much for replying and the offer. I really appreciate it.


    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Welcome Amy. It is always great to meet the newly touched…. by His Noodly Appendage. As a side, from one ‘weirdo’ to another, life is not a factory producing the same cookie cutter humans, embrace that which makes you different. Being ‘weird’ has not stopped me from excelling at life, nor has it lessened my enjoyment of it, and my Wife (of 20 years) & Son love me just the way I am.

      So raise a glass of your favorite brew, a toast to ‘weird’, its better to have people love you for who you are than like you for being like everyone else.

  2. Jackson says:

    I’m a recently converted pastafarian. me and my friend who have ordered our certificates want to start a local chapter of the church in Alabama. if that’s okay with you guys. I’d like some input and advice. thanks(:

    • TheHolySauce says:

      I too am in Alabama and interested in starting a local church. I’ve done some research and I’m having some difficulty determining what the state requires. On the one hand Alabama seems to take a “hands off” approach to regulating religious institutions but I would rather not be blindsided if I try to do something that requires “official” recognition of my church by the state. I think that I may incorporate since that gets us a legal identity as far as the state is concerned, and it’s not expensive to do. Trying to obtain tax exempt status as a non-profit is much more expensive but I haven’t seen anything that indicates that a church is required to be a tax exempt non-profit (as opposed to a non-profit without exemption). This sort of appeals to me since I would rather be a good corporate citizen and pay taxes. Of course a truly non-profit wouldn’t have much income on which to pay taxes.

      I would welcome correspondence on this matter since we are both in Alabama (I’m in Gulf Shores) and appear to have similar goals. Perhaps more than one church start would be more successful than a lone noodle. In closing, let me say that if (or perhaps when) my request for recognition by the state as a “legitimate” church is denied I am quite prepared to fight the good fight against any bigotry and preferential treatment given to other churches and religions.

      I have actually emailed Bobby Henderson directly with a request that give consideration to official recognition of a local church but I have not heard back. I understand that he travels and I’m sure gets millions of emails so I’m content to wait.

      Again, I welcome correspondence at my official church address – [email protected]

      • SpaghettiSteve says:


        I live in Mobile and would love to help you any way that I can. I will send an e-mail to the official church e-mail.

  3. Angie the Pastafarian High Priestess says:

    Totally ordered my Certificate of Ordination today! I feel the calling of His Noodleyness to be the bearer of His wisdom to the people of Reno! Can’t wait ^_^

  4. Tara Huffman says:

    I ordered my certificate of Ordination on Mar 5, 2012 14:49:52 PST.
    Truly, the Spaghdeity has touched me with his holy noodle. May he give me the meatballs to spread his saucy word.
    Oh, Holiest of noodles please let thy Noodly Appendage swoop down and bless those who don’t believe in your awesome sauce.
    I thank Flying Spaghetti Monster for giving us our daily noodle
    That is all.

  5. Neil Whittaker says:


    I saw this and immediately tried to apply. Amazed I was that I cannot enter a non-US address for my credit card!
    Oh well, guess I just have to wait for the funds to clear my paypal account.
    Ah, yes, in time the noodly goodness will arrive for those who wait.
    (Is this a pastafarian contradiction to the watched pot never boiling?)

    And what is wrong with your web site that when I try to type a ? it comes up as a É

  6. Cholo Campos says:

    Hey guys. I want to order a Certificate of Ordination! But somehow, I’m having problems of my own. I don’t have PayPal and I live here in The Philippines. Specifically in Manila. Help me guys. Contact me thru here fellow Pastafarians!

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cholo.campos
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cholocampos
    Yahoo: [email protected]

    I hope someone help me!

    P.S. I think we have Western Union here.

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Cholo

      If you have a computer, a bank account and a mailing address can’t you just set up PayPal?

      I don’t know if there is, I will have a look but I think you’re confined to either using a credit/debit card, or Pay Pal.

      May You Be Touched!

  7. bil wight says:

    I applied for a certifcate before xmas. When can I expect it please?

  8. chris rizk says:

    hi I was wondering as a minister what can you do that a minister from another religion can do?
    (Thinking of becoming a Pastafarian minister and also doing a research paper on it!)
    Thank you.

    • The stranger says:

      Well you can marry people, so long as you get a liscence.

      • Rev.Stu says:

        Marry and bury.

        • Abi O'Genesis says:

          I had assumed that Ordination Legally Permitted me to also conduct burials, but, I’m having a problem: they keep crawling out of their graves. Do I have to wait for them to die first? Or, am I bringing them back to life with my ‘holy water’ and prayers?

        • Abi O'Genesis says:

          I want to be buried at sea, by a Reverend Captain wearing an eye patch. Because the sea contains every homeopathic cure ever made, percussed and diluted a further zillion times in every rain-drop, it is certain to bring me back on board in no time. Aaaaarghhhh….

    • Wayne says:

      Truly Chris, you have been Touched, as His Noodlyness would certainly wish for a research paper to show to the Darwinists!

      If you wish to perform official functions, you need to check in the state or country where you live, of how you can go about doing that legally. I believe that in some US states a letter of good standing, along with a Certificate of Ordination is enough. I live in Australia and as far as I can know from research, I have to sit and pass a Celebrant test to perform weddings. It’s a grey area because either you are a registered marriage celebrant here, or you form/are part of an established church.

      I would love to see that paper. MYBTBHNA!

    • Rev.Stu says:

      Here is a resource http://www.theecod.org – Did you finish your paper? If so send it ti my e-mail on the listed site. If not, it has not been a year yet, go tiger.

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