Gaze upon this glorious ceramic creation

Published August 8th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


It’s high-fire ceramic, and I made it a couple of years ago.

It adorns a sacred niche by the front door, and serves as protection from evil, evangelists, and other threats.


18 Responses to “Gaze upon this glorious ceramic creation”

  1. stephanie says:

    Please please make some for the rest of us converts? I have a sacred niche and desperately need protection from the evils of society!!!!

    • dfgbagdzgbzfgbs says:

      you are the evil of society if you think the spagetthi monster exists, kiss ma motherfucking ass you stupid dumbfuck

      • Rev. Wulff says:

        We don’t think the FSM exists. We know it does. We have a holy book that tells us so. Dumbfuck.

      • Sigmund Freud says:

        I believe that some people like to demonise others, imagine them as evil, in order to feel good by comparison. It’s a type of parasite.

  2. dfgbagdzgbzfgbs says:

    that is abslutely horribl, id be embrassed if that wason my door, you call yourself an artist, that is the wosrtscuplture i have ever seen, you samuel are just a piece of shit!!
    and have a nice day you moron

    ps the flying spagethi dosent exist

    • Rev. Wulff says:

      I’m not an art critic, but I as a sometime grammar instructor, check your English skills before throwing aspersions on someone else’s talents.

      P.S. Prove it.

      • Rev. Wulff says:


        Pobody’s nerfect.

      • Keith says:

        This probably accounts for the incomprehensible “name”. Simply banging away on a keyboard at random will occasionally come up with something that some people will recognise as a readable message. It’s a bit like EVP really: random noises are interpreted as speech patterns and everyone has their own interpretation. In the case of dfgbagdzgbzfgbs I keep getting “douchebag” in my mind whenever I see it.

    • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

      Of course the noodly one exists! Allah, Yahweh, Jesus and Rama said so.

    • Pablo Picasso says:

      Samuel is clearly a very talented artist and I would give him a job any day. I am aware that fwzyxw.. has no talents whatsoever, fails at everything and is banned from all art galleries because of his/her peculiar critiques of both artists and their work.
      To celebrate such tireless service, I suggest a commemorative plaque by Samuel.

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