Ceiling tile evangelism

Published August 21st, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Jake painted this piece for the ceiling in his art room.  It will be on display for years to come, no doubt influencing future students.   Nice work!

ceiling tile1

ceiling tile2

17 Responses to “Ceiling tile evangelism”

  1. Jolly Roger Jeff says:

    It’s obviously okay for the FSM to be shown in all his noodly glory, but the image of man has his noodly doodly censored. Is this a restriction put in place by the local Education authorities? If it was a condition on being allowed to do the painting, then it’s a bit sad.

    Does the FSM actually have a reproductive organ? Is one even needed? There is only one FSM, after all. But then again, there’s a lot of fun to be had with one and I can’t imagine the FSM missing out on an opportunity to have some fun; all the beer and strippers would tend to make one a little frisky. It would me.

  2. Keith says:

    What does it actually say on the paper slip? Every time I try to get a better look I keep bumping my head on my monitor screen.

    • paul z. says:

      good question. i thought the same thing when i saw the picture.

  3. Codex says:

    Yessss… I wish to know what it says as well.

  4. Alan says:

    somehoe the paperslip makes it look worse

  5. jake says:

    the paper slip has my name on it, what medium i used (chalk), and the title. i don’t remember exactly what was written.
    it had to be placed there or i couldn’t have had it in the ceiling; administration get more strict by the year at my school.
    also, i felt like it was a clever spot to place it. leaves a bit to the imagination and adds a bit of mystery.

    • Keith says:

      Thanks for clearing that up for us, Jake. To be honest I was hoping that it was some censorship notice so that I could have something to get angry about. Your painting is superb, even with the slip.

  6. Apostle Strozzapreti says:

    I had always been lead to believe our creator was in fact, asexual. The best of both worlds- who wouldnt want that?

  7. tony allen says:

    If someone like myself, ( a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation), doesn’t complain about this as a violation of the first amendment, does that lessen our status as a religion?

  8. Iron Mike says:

    That’s a funny looking wiener.

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