Australians: Remember to mark Pastafarian on this year’s census

Published August 8th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


The Australian census is here and now is the time to mark Pastafarian as your stated religion, if you like. 

I won’t make a long argument and I won’t say that you should absolutely do this.  But I do believe it’s a reasonable and legitimate choice.  If there are things in the Pastafarian religion that you identify with, and if you would like to see the Pastafarian religion gain formal legitimacy, then please designate Pastafarian as your religion.

Update 8/10/2011

I see some discussion in the comments, and I got some emails, pleading don’t throw away your votes because they won’t be counted. It’s a reasonable point – marking No Religion will be officially counted, while writing in Pastafarian will not be. But I would ask, what is the actual purpose here? Will policy follow from these results? If you believe that, you might want to mark No Religion. If, like me, you are more cynical and believe policy comes first and the data is used as a justification (and only when it supports the policy decision), you might feel more free to mark Pastafarian, if you’re inclined.

75 Responses to “Australians: Remember to mark Pastafarian on this year’s census”

  1. He Who Has Been Touched says:

    I wrote Pastafarianism on the census, much to my mother’s outrage. She told me she wanted it crossed out and me to write “Catholic”, however, I stuck by his Noodliness, claiming the right to pickle my own religion and am now waiting for the form to be collected!

    Can we get Pastafarianism legalised in Australia? My R.E. Teacher (Also school’s Religious Co-Ordinator) told me I couldn’t use it on many of my assignments, AFTER I had handed them in, as it isn’t officially recognised. My friends weren’t allowed to present information on Cthulhuism or the Church of Euthanasia either… Not Mainstream enough

    *I am a hipster. Me gusta*

    Sauce Out.


    • Keith says:

      Justin, I sympathise with your predicament: not so much because I have experienced such a thing in my education but because of something that happened recently. Introducing religious conservatism in schools is like introducing plague into a hospital: it creates more disease than it cures. Just out of curiosity, is yours a Catholic/religious based school? Last Thursday I tutored a girl at our local homework club who had a series of maths problems solely related to the dimensions of Noah’s ark. Naturally I was appalled at this thinly disguised propaganda but I tried my best to help her solve the problems while also gently hinting that there is no proof of the existence of said artifice.

  2. SillyKiwiMan says:

    My wife & I both ticked “no religion” but would have much preferred to have been able to publicly declare our Pastafarianism. Despite dressing as pirates whenever an opportunity presents itself, there are times (I work with a lot of angry, religious dipshits, and wifey’s colleagues just don’t “get it”) we remain closeted.

    Any Aussie (actually, I’m a Kiwi, but for these purposes…) pastafarians keen to dress in uniform & swill grog in Newtown some time?

    • Waaaaarghd says:

      Fraternal Greetings!
      I too live in the People’s Republic of Newtown and have Pastafarian tendencies. I wonder if there could be a Mardi Gras float for Butt Pirates to glorify the message of His Noodliness. Or would that be unfairly causing division amongst pirates?

  3. CamCam says:

    Ok, my census form went in with two pastafarians to count on!!!!! We can build the church in my place!!!! (I have a harbour view, so we can spot the pirates when they appear)

  4. Lilyen says:

    FSM may sound very silly and wierd but it is real to most people and if you think it’s a loude of rubbish we don’t care about your opinion so boo!!!

  5. Nev says:

    I entered ‘Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pastafarian)’on the online census form to avoid confusion with Rastafarians. The form accepted it, even if the processors don’t.
    I wonder what the ‘tipping point’ will be to get us recognized, given that ‘Wiccan’ is now accepted?

  6. Gcoles says:

    I entered Pastafarian as well, before I had seen your post! found it disagreeable that it asked this question on a census, when most people will put down the religion they were brought up in – not what they really ‘follow’ (which for most aussies is, I suspect, mammon…..

  7. Liam says:

    It is known that many Canadians have claimed Jedi Knighthood on their recent census forms. I think a precedent has been set.

  8. Uncle Fester says:

    As a Canberra (ish) disciple of his Noodliness, I indeed selected Pastafarian on the census form. Also, being one born in Australia, I nominated myself as an Aboriginal of this land.

    • Keith says:

      I agree with your sentiments, Fester, although for reasons discussed in previous posts I put myself down as having no religion. As for being Aboriginal, I agree with that too. Humans did not evolve from Australian animals: we are all imports.
      Incidentally, I am currently reading a book on evolution published around about 1912. It refers to an Australian monotreme called the “Duck Mole” which I assume must refer to the Platypus. It is the first time I’ve heard it called by that name.

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