Australians: Remember to mark Pastafarian on this year’s census

Published August 8th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


The Australian census is here and now is the time to mark Pastafarian as your stated religion, if you like. 

I won’t make a long argument and I won’t say that you should absolutely do this.  But I do believe it’s a reasonable and legitimate choice.  If there are things in the Pastafarian religion that you identify with, and if you would like to see the Pastafarian religion gain formal legitimacy, then please designate Pastafarian as your religion.

Update 8/10/2011

I see some discussion in the comments, and I got some emails, pleading don’t throw away your votes because they won’t be counted. It’s a reasonable point – marking No Religion will be officially counted, while writing in Pastafarian will not be. But I would ask, what is the actual purpose here? Will policy follow from these results? If you believe that, you might want to mark No Religion. If, like me, you are more cynical and believe policy comes first and the data is used as a justification (and only when it supports the policy decision), you might feel more free to mark Pastafarian, if you’re inclined.

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  1. Shano says:

    NNNNooooooo don’t put pastafarian on your census… here in Australia it goes into the “no answer” category….
    should have selected ‘no religion’ the only response available for non-believers.

  2. Lottie says:

    I believe they shouldn’t discriminate against my religious beliefs

    • Trevor Souter says:

      So do I, but unfortunately that doesn’t matter.

  3. Trevor Souter says:

    In response to the update 10/08/2011 (common, day first….. Makes so much more sense. Smaller to larger – day –> month –> year. 10th day of the 8th month of the 2011th year!!! Americans are so backwards… /end rant) – The fact that policy comes first and census data is only used to support the policy is even more reason to make sure we are counted. The Christian groups pushing to save things such as the chaplaincy program use this data to support their wants. In 2006 60 something percent of Australians were recognised as Christian (despite only a fraction of them actually going to the church and believing the bible as truth). This allows the Christian groups to say, “Australia is a Christian nation with Christian values and those values should be reflected in our education system blah blah blah, bullshit bullshit bullshit, I like to rape kids and bash homos whilst judging you heathens etc etc.” Marking Pastafarian will not be as effective as directly opposing faith based bullshit by marking ‘no religion’.

  4. Trevor Souter says:

    I do have a serious question: How would one go about having a new religion being officially recognised in a nation such as America/Australia/UK etc? I have a basic understanding of the requirements but what is required to make it official? Must it be submitted to the courts? Has this been considered? I don’t think it is necessary to spread the good news so more may be touched by his deliciousness but fuck, wouldn’t it piss the fundies off :D

    • Wayne says:

      I think it comes under similar processes as registering a not-for-profit organisation, but you meet certain other ‘criteria’ to achieve the tax free status.

  5. Rev Toni Rigatgoni says:

    Trevor, I sincerely hope that the serious question you are asking is purely regarding the process of getting a religion recognised and not a serious suggestion that it should be done. We here are devoted to reducing religiosity in the world not to increasing it, I for one, dream of a world in which religion is taught in schools as a humanities subject at least, but preferably in the history class as an example of how the superstitious and unenlightened peoples of the 21st century allowed their lives to be ruled by fear and ignorance.

    Sauce be with you

    The Reverend

    • Kang says:

      Hi Rev. Rigatoni,

      there is a great Lenny Bruce routine in which he uses a multitude of racial slurs in a kind of auction (you had better YouTube it if you don’t know it before I butcher it), the point being that the more the word `nigger’, for example, is used in a mundane manner the less meaning it holds. The same principle applies here: the more Pastafarians’, Invisible Pink Unicornians’, Russell’s Teapoters’, etc faith is recognised, the more the holding of faith without evidence is devalued. So I for one would love to see Pastafarianism (and all the other 7000 `non- answer’ faiths) recognised as a genuine faith (afterall, it IS just as genuine as Islam, Judaism, Greek Polytheism, etc…)


  6. Kang says:

    I, and as far as I can tell, most other freethinking Aussies (which I’m proud to reckon is quite a large percentage of us), am pretty pissed at the `no religion’ vs `no answer’ shenanigans that has been pulled on us by the Christian lobby. But what’s the point of being pissed? I haven’t seen much reportage about it. No point simply whingeing on discussion boards either, that is to say, does anyone know if this point is being made to the policy makers? Is there a member who has taken up the cause? If not, why the bloody hell not? If so, great! Where are they so I can support them!? (Been in China for a few weeks so I’m missing all the fun) Nothing worse than hearing that bullshit old `60% of Australians are Christian, therefore… ‘ chestnut.


    P.s I’ve heard NZ are expecting a non-religious majority in theirs. Fingers crossed we get there too, nothing worse than losing to the kiwis.

    • stylusmobilus says:

      Yeah there is…losing to the Pommies.

  7. Keith says:

    Well, I read the arguments and ended up putting “no religion” on the form.

    • bruceo says:

      Good for you, Keith!
      (Bobby hardly ever gives bad advice, but he did this time.)

  8. Apostle Strozzapreti says:

    I never realized so many Aussies followed FSM. Is Australia an holy-land for us pastafarians??

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