Australians: Remember to mark Pastafarian on this year’s census

Published August 8th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


The Australian census is here and now is the time to mark Pastafarian as your stated religion, if you like. 

I won’t make a long argument and I won’t say that you should absolutely do this.  But I do believe it’s a reasonable and legitimate choice.  If there are things in the Pastafarian religion that you identify with, and if you would like to see the Pastafarian religion gain formal legitimacy, then please designate Pastafarian as your religion.

Update 8/10/2011

I see some discussion in the comments, and I got some emails, pleading don’t throw away your votes because they won’t be counted. It’s a reasonable point – marking No Religion will be officially counted, while writing in Pastafarian will not be. But I would ask, what is the actual purpose here? Will policy follow from these results? If you believe that, you might want to mark No Religion. If, like me, you are more cynical and believe policy comes first and the data is used as a justification (and only when it supports the policy decision), you might feel more free to mark Pastafarian, if you’re inclined.

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  1. Damien says:

    Hi everyone, I’ve been following FSM for some time now, finally decided to contribute.

    I feel marking Pastafarian as my religion is a valid response even if it may not be recorded. This is my faith and I will not recant, if the government chooses not to accept it, that is up to them.

    Noodly blessings upon you all

  2. Ryan says:

    Hello crew been checking out this site for a while now and couldnt wait to plot Pastafarian down on my census
    think I have found a religion that makes sense .. thank you

  3. Jolly Roger Jeff says:

    We should conduct our own census. How many Australian Pastafarians are actually out there? We’re having this discussion, but it’d be nice to know how much of a power base really exists in this country. It seems that until we have this information, it’s a case of divide and conquer. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

  4. Trevor Souter says:

    Guys, please think about what is important before marking down Pastafarian! No1 is going to see it, just tell people you put pastafarian if you’re after a laugh as it will achieve nothing more than this other than aiding Christians in keeping the chaplaincy program in our schools and forcing their antiquated ideologies on our society!

  5. Specile Sicentis says:

    Biobby maykes a good fucking piont abowte orl Strineians merking Otter nad tehn Prestofanian.

    Becourse -H-H did’nt purveyed teh datra in lou of H-s baolls, I ahve, leike awl good sicentises gorn wth teh dtata, & teh prooof tht exscists. I hve recoverted to Pastafarianism, which means I can, and once again have the means to express freedom of knowledge in written form that is understood and appreciated by the intelligent.

    And henceforth, I ticked ‘Other’, and wrote ‘Pastafarianism’. Ramen!

    • Trevor Souter says:

      Congratulations, you just made it easier for Christian groups to get what they want.

      • stylusmobilus says:

        I don’t necessarily agree with that, Trevor. I think that’s more your opinion than fact. I also think they would get their requirements met regardless. Does this mean that a Christian group like the Salvos, Anglicare or SVDP get better government assistance to provide help to the needy?

        • Mal says:


          I think what Trevor is trying to point out to everyone is that because it gets filed as “no response” instead of “no religion”, marking Pastafarian does not help the cause. It may not make the Christian position any stronger, but it certainly doesn’t make the Atheist position any stronger. Since we’re fighting an uphill battle anyway, isn’t it best to try and get the most impact for our actions.

          That’s just my two cents.


  6. Paul says:

    Although this is compelling the only real way to make a difference is to mark ‘no religion’, Pastafarianism should be left for an other day. We must be counted as a secular nation, the christians have had too much power because of bad data for too long.

  7. Sky says:

    I don’t understand why Christians get awarded for people being religious if that religion doesn’t agree with Christianity? That’s kinda fucked up.

    • Trevor Souter says:

      They don’t….. The reward for them in this instance is people marking pastafarian and having their stat wasted where they would have normally answered “Atheist” and reduced the Christians political influence.

      • Nev says:

        I think it is important to realize that the data are not wasted. Every entry is kept. It may not be given up as a specific religious group rather as ‘no answer’, but it is held in archive for use by social demographers, historians, etc.

        Thus, some time in the future the proud moment when we gain official recognition WILL be able to be pinpointed, so putting Pastarfarian or similar is fine.

  8. JupiterIsBig says:

    I would think that 7014 is very relvant – aren’t we Sceptic, Rationalist ? Or have I missed the point ?

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