Applique evangelism

Published August 8th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


I am a recent convert to Pastafarianism. I saw the news about the guy in Austria getting his official ID picture with a pasta strainer hat, and had to know more about the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  I dimly remember mention of FSM in the past, probably in 2005, but didn’t then realize the good work that was being done in keeping ID out of the schools using humor and reason, but am now completely converted.

I wanted to share a picture of the applique I just completed, especially since I won’t be able to wear it for quite some time. (It’s on a fleece vest and the heat index was over 100 most of the time I was working on it.)  I wish your store had jackets or coats so we could show our FSM pride all year long here in the north, t-shirts just aren’t visible for much of the year in the upper Midwest.


Lucy the ‘splainer

Des Moines, Iowa

8 Responses to “Applique evangelism”

  1. Lindamp says:

    Lovely work, Lucy.

  2. DrukenSailor says:

    Actually, it was not his ID picture, but his driving license and it turned out that the permission to use this fancy picture was not a result of quasi-religious reasons.

  3. knoxer says:

    I’m always happy to hear of other Iowans who have felt His noodly embrace! I live over near Iowa City (Ainsworth). I’ll keep an eye out for you if I’m in Des Moines this fall!


  4. Lucy the 'splainer says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. I’m not sure how many Pastafarians are around, wearing something with His image seemed like one way to find out.

  5. LSM says:

    Christians have a cross symbol, I think FSM should have a fork!

    He sent his only meatball son down to earth to be sacrificed for us! (ie at the end of a fork)

    • Lucy the 'splainer says:

      Good idea, LSM! Maybe a downward pointing fork, ready to scoop some noodles, so it would not be confused with a trident, or if upward facing with a single noodle artfully looped in the tines… An alternate to the Shapley FSM symbol.

  6. Alexandr says:

    It’s a pity that my pictures do not publish.
    Maybe this is discrimination against Russian? )
    The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – Russian division

    • Pesto says:

      I don’t think the Flying Spaghetti Monster would discriminate. I hope you can get your pictures published so we can all see them!


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