What exactly do you think you are going to prove?

Published July 22nd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

What exactly do you think you are going to prove? it’s just disrespectful to other human beings faiths and beliefs, and im sure u of all people should know u can’t put any sense into say a devout christian. Honestly, what your doing is the equivalant of making a rude, sarcastic joke to a child that doesn’t understand humor. u cant tell a christian thats been raised from birth to believe that there’s a magic man in the clouds that he’s wrong. you’ll just get what uve been getting, hate mail, and death threats. God is the equivalant of santa exept the child is never told he isn’t real until it’s to late. and u think your doing a good thing by making up this pastafarian crap to prove how absurd the idea of god is. what i don’t think u understand is that u cant argue with idiots about this stuff as most christians are dont know a thing about science.(I apoligize to all respectable christian scientists). as an athiest, im disgusted what youre doing. like making fun of christians being killed by somali’s, and u quoting, "apparently they thought there god could give them safe passage"(yes ive read ur website). really, did it ever, or does it ever occur to you that these people are actually human being’s with family’s and feeling’s, and just because they think the world was created  differantly than u, u have to mock them… that’s kind of a dick move. your being no better than they are(religious people) by making fun of and disrespecting other people just ’cause they think differantly than u. oh wait u are religous, u worship a flying spaggetti monster. which means i have the right to ridicule u on how stupid your dumbfuck religion is(oh may the great pasta diety forgive me for my sin) and dont deny that u worship the all mighty pasta king, because your the leader of the church. with the true words of your religion written on a piece of paper. it’s ironic that u, by trying to prove how bad religion is. go about it by u yourself inbodying everything that is wrong with human beliefs. u are everything that is wrong with athiesm. u go around acting all superior and pompus, like u know better than everyone else and tell them why there wrong mockingly. the world would be a better place if u took all your "followers" (butt pirates) got on a pirate ship and ate spaggetti until you all died of overeating.have u ever heard the term live and let live? and i love it how  u post all the hate mail u get on a your page to be ridiculed by your cronies( who by the way need to get of the internet and do something productive)yes we all the the bible huggars are gonna say dumb stuff because they’re uneducated. but that doesn’t mean u have to be immature and make fun of there faults so just lay off. even though this message sounds hostile just know i agree with what your’e trying to do (i think) educating people, i just wholly disagree with how u are going about it.


A short response from Bobby:

It’s not our intention to mock or offend anyone. But I realize people sometimes feel mocked  or offended.

It might be fair to say that we’re disrespectful.  I would agree that most Pastafarians don’t respect the notion that religion should sit on a pedestal.  We don’t think that because an action is explained in the context of religion it is exempt from the scrutiny it otherwise would have been subjected to.  Religion is not a free pass for crazy ideas and crazy actions. 

I would agree that it’s not our place to pass judgment on those who see the world through a lens of religion.  But neither is it our place to ignore when personal belief becomes public action.  We can accept that some choose to teach their kids the earth is 6000 years old and that dinosaurs are a myth.  But if they push for those ideas to be taught in our schools, it’s no longer a question of respecting personal belief.

The idea that rational minded people must be anti-religion is a wrong one, I think.   If we must draw a line to divide ourselves, I’d prefer the line be positioned between reasonable and unreasonable people, rather than religious and non-religious people.  

It’s one thing to see the world through a lens, and another thing to act as if it’s the only lens that can exist.

I believe there is no group more tolerant of other religious and nonreligious groups than Pastafarians, without question.  The death of the Christian sailors by pirates was a sad thing for everyone who heard of it, I’m sure.  My hope is that it doesn’t happen again.  The hard question is:  will criticizing the decision to venture into dangerous areas on the basis of faith help avoid a similar situation in the future?  I don’t know the answer.  But I wonder how many of their friends and family wish they had shaken them and said this is a bad idea, don’t do this.  This is one of the hard questions – this line between respect and concern. 

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  1. Myles Henely says:


    • Ethan Keck says:

      I too love how this guy is calling everyone on this site an idiot but he has more grammatical and spelling errors than I can count

      • Gary Feierbach says:

        Ethan, Give the kid a break. He is probably 12 years old, came from the Bible Belt and gets a whipping if he says damn.

      • DVDA says:

        I’m pretty sure that if you looked in the dictionary, that would be the example they use to explain the definition of irony.

    • Richard Wang says:

      I am Christian, I slightly feel offended about your comment. I sincerely apologize for the hate mails you’ve been getting from other Christians, this is not what we teach in church or the bible. We should be respectful and peaceful people, but all religion has those kinds of people. I do go on your site for a laugh. (No offence intended, but according to science, you’re probably the religion with the most proof right now.) I am also a amateur scientist and I study about space. (Mainly the search for other life) What is surprising is that so far, what the bible teaches does not clash with science because the Earth is only Billions of years old assuming Earth was like now as it was back then. I am once again sorry for having to deal with these type of people.

      • Rev. Linguine says:

        Apology accepted. Actually, there is no need to apologize for something when you are not the guilty one. This same argument is the one I use to dismiss the notion of primordial sin and the idea that J saves me. Saves me from what ? I can’t say I understand your comment about the age of the earth, but I must oppone to the statement that “what the bible teaches does not clash with science”: I am no expert on christianity, but as I understand it, it promises among other horrendous things that 1) there is a god and 2) there is eternal life in heaven for every “good” person. How could there be a god ! There is absolutely nothing in any scientific discovery that supports or even suggests such a thing. How could there be eternal life ? It is difficult – I would say impossible – to conjure up a scientifically sound theory to support this.

      • Captain Birdseye says:

        Richard, this site exists because of fundamentalists, specifically Creationists, who try to force their dogmatic views onto others.
        You do not need to apologise for the behaviour of hate-mailers; whatever their religion, I suspect they would behave the same way to anyone who differs in opinion.
        I’m glad that you have a church and belief that honours respect and love, that you have a few laughs here and see science as revealing God’s work. To me, it will always remain a mystery and we all need to learn to live with uncertainty.
        Science can only demonstrate what is not true in the natural world. It seems that you do not regard the Old Testament as replacing your FSM-given eyes and brain.
        Here’s to swimin’ with bow-legged women. Aaaarghhhh…

      • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        Richard, you are correct in that science and religion can co-exist. Science is the search for truth, as I suppose religion is, too. However, science comes up with more proofs every day than all religions have since they arose. Believe what you want, as long as you don’t get in the way of knowledge.

    • Tom says:

      The atheist who wrote that comment up there is not a Christian you idiot. He wrote that he is an atheist. So YOU ARE STUPID.

  2. StereotypeAsian says:

    Just because you’re offended doesn’t mean you’re right

  3. confused says:

    im sorry but this whole thing makes no sense at all. I’ve always been a Christian and I believe there’s only one God and I also believe that its wrong to worship any other idols.

    • Keith says:

      Christianity makes no sense at all. If that is what you believe then you are fully entitled to do so. When you say that you believe it is wrong to worship any other idols, does that mean your god is an idol also?

    • Farting Chocolate Dude says:

      No wonder you’re confused! You have rejected some of the best gods of all. Take me for example, I flatulate delicious chocolate vapors (Well, at least I think they’re pleasant). Come on over and try my Church, make a pilgrimage to Hershey PA, bask in the eternal love of Theobromo cacao. Become a “Dudist” and prepare for the chocolatey rapture that is coming soon to a local candy factory.

      Remember: “Thou shalt have no other Dudes before Me.”

      The Farting Chocolate Dude

    • Rev. Linguine says:

      Why are you confused, then, if you are so sure of it all ?

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Hopefully one day you’ll be mature enough to realize your religion makes no sense at all, and the one true god has noodly appendages.

  4. Ruzho says:

    David, language please.

    Holy fucking shit … LEARN LANGUAGE. Any language. Learn it. Use it properly. You type like a tween with a Blackberry.

    Now on to address what I think the problem seems to be: you’re upset that Pastafarians appear to be mocking the religions of actual people who actually believe in a religion that supports slavery, rape, murder, mutilation and genocide. You’re upset that they seem to be making fun of people who, in their ignorance, refuse to believe that science can explain anything, including tidal forces, climate change and evolution, all of which are perfectly well-documented and wouldn’t take even an afternoon to communicate properly. You’re upset that people who follow a bronze-age fairy tale as though it were self-evident fact and shun science are being called out. And that, my friend, makes you one of them. Because nobody else would be so upset about it.

    Since we’ve now identified the problem, let’s go on to address the source of the problem: if you refuse a basic education for yourself, you are simply ignorant. If you refuse a basic education for your children, you are irresponsible and you should probably come under some scrutiny. If you try to force legislation to prevent anybody outside your circle of delusion from getting an education … you’re inviting backlash. That backlash is going to come in the form of ridicule, hatred and resentment. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a backlash result that PEOPLE LIKE YOU created through attempting to pass legislation telling people that their children can’t learn basic science.

    If you feel mocked by it, oh well. So if you feel threatened by it, GOOD. If you feel like some ignorant people are going out of their way to wreck you life because you won’t believe in their stupidity … well, that’s not the way it is at all, but how fitting the sentiment: that is how YOU make the scientific community feel every single time you rear your ignorant disrespectful head.

    Much like your religion, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is legally recognized as a religious institution in this country. All the rights you think you have reserved for yourself and your Cult of the Genocidal Maniac (Who Loves You Very Much) think you have reserved for yourselves extend equally to the pastafarians. You are legally bound by the laws of this country to treat them with the same amount of respect that you think you deserve.

    Now please: sit down, shut up, and keep your ignorance to yourself.

    • Canon Chris says:

      Ruzho. Most eloquent and scholarly. Shame that, when we observe absolute BS on diverse fundamentalist sites, one is unable to leave any comments or questions at all.
      Here’s to swimin’ with bow-legged women. Aaaaarghhhhhh…..

  5. Skylar hoffman says:

    I am a proud Pastafarian and the school I attend when wearing his holy strainer mocked me ridiculed me and told me all my beliefs are nonsense as of now many protests have enraged due to religious rights being violated and I am curious for your input, I am commenting because I currently could not find “Bobbies” email.

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Skylar, read up on the possessive apostrophe before changing Bobby’s name. Aaaaaarghhh….

    • Keith says:

      I think it would depend very much on which country you live in. As far as religious rights go, different countries allow different freedoms.

  6. Vladimir says:

    alright, to get this straight, i’m an atheist too. do I recognize this as a bogus religion? yes, but not offensively. and i’m completely enjoying it! I find this religion to be more accepting and open than any other, and I’ve both researched and experienced both religion and its people. so here’s the thing. yes, there are fanatical religious people, whom the world is better off without, but there are the same for athiests, and any other group out there. this person proves it well. I agree that anyone finding this offensive is closed minded and needs to actually find something out for themselves instead of just gullibly listening to anything someone in their cult tells them (yes, anymore religion is a cult, it kind of always was though, being man made and all). I’ve attended Mormon, Christian, jewish and otherwise congregations or gatherings, and it’s… well, interesting, no doubt. though, I digress. now, people make religion, it’s that simple. I was reading an earlier article, and spirituality is much different than religion. you may have either, yet not the other. FSM isn’t offensive to… nevermind. yes, this does the same things as other religions, it would seem from the outside, if you’re not open to what its doing. can you convince this person to believe you? no. people believe what they want to, that simple. if it makes it easier for him to believe we all hate him, then that’s what he’s allowed to believe. now, those of you who insult him for his language, or spelling… well, honestly, you’re not that much better than him. you’re still insulting something you disagree with. granted, you understand, but still.

    • Fred Phelps says:

      Vladimir, David came to a private place and wrote he hoped we would all die. As an expert in such matters, depending on one’s country of residence, that may be a criminal act. Repeat his diatribe in his church, changing the word FSM for God, and wonder about his respect for others’ views.
      When I learned English, such work would would be handed back unread, as an insult to the language and to the reader.
      With respect, I do not equate his hateful words with criticism of his interest in communicating his opinion.

  7. Tom says:

    You people are full of crap. I do not know how any of you can believe this. Stop wasting your time on this crap website.

    • Humprey Benfufay says:

      Dear Tom,
      Just as you, I was concerned at first, but as I grew in a cashew houshold (Half Catholic, Half Jew), but I was also mislead by false claims made in some holy books. I will not review the entire collection, but Genesis 1, for example shed some interesting facts, for instance:

      Genesis 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
      One little issue: God created the light first, then only after, in 1:16 and 1:17 he creates the firmament.
      He also forgot about rules that he made too, because it appears that he created grass (1:11) before the sun and after light.
      I will not hide the fact that I am now a bit confused about photosynthesis. Is that something that he created too? or is it intelligent design, with a slight bug?
      And the flaws are going on and on …
      So, you may believe in a Great Sky Wizard, a talking snake, a boat that could hold a couple of every species on earth, including little cavemen riding a Diplodocus, etc. We believe that the witch hunt against Pirates is causing global warming.

      So, seriously, which one is the more plausible?

      Reject false Gods and embrace the truth.

      Best regards,

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