What exactly do you think you are going to prove?

Published July 22nd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

What exactly do you think you are going to prove? it’s just disrespectful to other human beings faiths and beliefs, and im sure u of all people should know u can’t put any sense into say a devout christian. Honestly, what your doing is the equivalant of making a rude, sarcastic joke to a child that doesn’t understand humor. u cant tell a christian thats been raised from birth to believe that there’s a magic man in the clouds that he’s wrong. you’ll just get what uve been getting, hate mail, and death threats. God is the equivalant of santa exept the child is never told he isn’t real until it’s to late. and u think your doing a good thing by making up this pastafarian crap to prove how absurd the idea of god is. what i don’t think u understand is that u cant argue with idiots about this stuff as most christians are dont know a thing about science.(I apoligize to all respectable christian scientists). as an athiest, im disgusted what youre doing. like making fun of christians being killed by somali’s, and u quoting, "apparently they thought there god could give them safe passage"(yes ive read ur website). really, did it ever, or does it ever occur to you that these people are actually human being’s with family’s and feeling’s, and just because they think the world was created  differantly than u, u have to mock them… that’s kind of a dick move. your being no better than they are(religious people) by making fun of and disrespecting other people just ’cause they think differantly than u. oh wait u are religous, u worship a flying spaggetti monster. which means i have the right to ridicule u on how stupid your dumbfuck religion is(oh may the great pasta diety forgive me for my sin) and dont deny that u worship the all mighty pasta king, because your the leader of the church. with the true words of your religion written on a piece of paper. it’s ironic that u, by trying to prove how bad religion is. go about it by u yourself inbodying everything that is wrong with human beliefs. u are everything that is wrong with athiesm. u go around acting all superior and pompus, like u know better than everyone else and tell them why there wrong mockingly. the world would be a better place if u took all your "followers" (butt pirates) got on a pirate ship and ate spaggetti until you all died of overeating.have u ever heard the term live and let live? and i love it how  u post all the hate mail u get on a your page to be ridiculed by your cronies( who by the way need to get of the internet and do something productive)yes we all the the bible huggars are gonna say dumb stuff because they’re uneducated. but that doesn’t mean u have to be immature and make fun of there faults so just lay off. even though this message sounds hostile just know i agree with what your’e trying to do (i think) educating people, i just wholly disagree with how u are going about it.


A short response from Bobby:

It’s not our intention to mock or offend anyone. But I realize people sometimes feel mocked  or offended.

It might be fair to say that we’re disrespectful.  I would agree that most Pastafarians don’t respect the notion that religion should sit on a pedestal.  We don’t think that because an action is explained in the context of religion it is exempt from the scrutiny it otherwise would have been subjected to.  Religion is not a free pass for crazy ideas and crazy actions. 

I would agree that it’s not our place to pass judgment on those who see the world through a lens of religion.  But neither is it our place to ignore when personal belief becomes public action.  We can accept that some choose to teach their kids the earth is 6000 years old and that dinosaurs are a myth.  But if they push for those ideas to be taught in our schools, it’s no longer a question of respecting personal belief.

The idea that rational minded people must be anti-religion is a wrong one, I think.   If we must draw a line to divide ourselves, I’d prefer the line be positioned between reasonable and unreasonable people, rather than religious and non-religious people.  

It’s one thing to see the world through a lens, and another thing to act as if it’s the only lens that can exist.

I believe there is no group more tolerant of other religious and nonreligious groups than Pastafarians, without question.  The death of the Christian sailors by pirates was a sad thing for everyone who heard of it, I’m sure.  My hope is that it doesn’t happen again.  The hard question is:  will criticizing the decision to venture into dangerous areas on the basis of faith help avoid a similar situation in the future?  I don’t know the answer.  But I wonder how many of their friends and family wish they had shaken them and said this is a bad idea, don’t do this.  This is one of the hard questions – this line between respect and concern. 

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  1. LostInTheVoid says:

    I’ve been a follower of the FSM for about a month now and the utter lack of intelligence and thought from some of the replies still staggers me. How a free thinking person can allow their mind to be, well brainwashed by the crap churned out by other regions I still don’t understand but yet it happens. I’m guessing this guy was from the USA as the strongly opinionated Christians in the UK keep themselves otherwise occupied. I feel like grabbing this guy, giving him a shake whilst shouting “IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT WE BELIEVE THEN DON’T COME ON OUR SITE!!!!” 

    To free thought and choice


  2. Joe says:

    Is this person an atheist or bible-hugger? Because it sounds like he said both. Also, he needs to learn proper grammar.

    • Paganomaly says:

      I see an atheist who has nothing better to do than start shit on the internet, even against so called fellow atheists. Which is terribly ironic because doesn’t he/she look down upon US for having nothing better to do than go on this site? /ponder I also didn’t appreciate the sarcastic tone he condones us for. (I will assume its a he, for convenience purposes as well as the fact that I feel more comfortable mentally thrashing an ignorant, inbred excuse for a man than some valley girl who couldn’t tell His noodly appendage from a hole in the ground. Im kinda ol’ fashioned that way.) I am deeply offended to be called a “butt pirate” as I have always been more fond of the other side. I find this slur to be horribly misleading. I also would like to point out how he calls religion as a whole stupid (mainly Pastafarians and Christians) while being completely and utterly incapable of stringing together complete, coherent sentences. I didn’t see him use the correct form of your/you’re once and using “u” instead of “you” died out in the 90’s. I also find it funny how he took the time to berate a mild mannered, peaceloving community of spiritually enlightened pirates while still having the audacity to completely make a mockery out of the quote “Live and let live” which he obviously hasn’t learned how to do. We never once claimed to be superior in intellect nor moral fiber and yet he is persistent in attacking our faith. ( Religious persecution if you ask me :P) I will be sure to pray for this man who has obviously lost his way… And by pray, I mean call this ignorant ponce bad names under my breath. Party on and RAmen bros and broettes! :D

      • Olio says:

        People can hold things sacred, have held standards and codes of conduct with and without religion.

        I was thinking recently that if Jesus sacrificed himself for sins, he died for this, that is a suicidal gesture, a suicide. Which that is supposed to be a sin. Then there is absolution for sins based upon that…it confuses me.

  3. Luke says:

    I think it’s funny how he uses sophisticated words, but spells you like ‘u’. Some people are really stupid :)

  4. Veek says:

    “…get off the Internet and do something productive.” Like what? Type up a hate mail letter? How about learning grammar? Or proof reading? Those sound productive.

  5. Laughingcat says:

    To David: Remember the immortal words of Wavy Gravy. “If you don’t have a sense of humor, it’s not funny….”

  6. Noodle Theory says:

    Your spelling, capitalization, and general grasp of the English language are awful. If you intend to send another foul-mouthed wall-of-text of a hate-mail, please learn how to type without using texting abbreviations. Also, have you ever even HEARD of spell check?

  7. Cindy Falk says:

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    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      Even the spam bot knows that spaghetti is the answer… :)

      • Mal says:

        Clearly, a Noodly Appendage has been at work here.

  8. Nicholas says:

    Fuck all you dumbass idiots! Do you really believe there was a fricken spagheti monster that came and made the fucking earth? Its a huge sham, If your smart enough to know Spaghetti was made by THE ITALIONS. You guys just make this world fucked up. I dont care what you guys beleive in (although it is rather fucking stupid) you encourage CHILDREN to beleive about this made up shit, you probalby had a fucking dream and it popped up in your head. I would like you guys too know that any one can make up a dumbass reliogion and get EVEN more dumbass morons to follow it. You guys ruin our childrens future, fuck all of you for your stupidity.

    Christianity for the win!

    • Reverend Captain Mal says:

      I feel so sorry for you Nicholas. The truth is staring you in the face, but you are so blinded by archaic superstition that you ate incapable of seeing.

      • Reverend Captain Mal says:

        Are, not ate.

        That is a funny typo to make here though.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      “I would like you guys too know that any one can make up a dumbass reliogion and get EVEN more dumbass morons to follow it.”

      We know. How do you think a religion gets started? What makes FSM greater than Christianity is that it has built up adherents without spilling a single drop of blood.

      FSM for the WIN!

    • Captiansunk says:

      First I would like to note that your anger is unfounded and not appreciated. We did not ask you to give up your belief system nor belittle ours. (without some finite evidence at least!)

      “Its a huge sham, If your smart enough to know Spaghetti was made by THE ITALIONS.”

      It is a glorious thing to have our creator’s image invisioned by such amazing people (Italians), but I do believe that noodles were created by enlightened people of chinese descent. Whom might I add were obviously guided by his noodly appendage.

      “In 2002, archaeologists found an earthenware bowl containing the world’s oldest known noodles, measured to roughly 4000 years BP through radiocarbon dating, at the Lajia archaeological site along the Yellow River in China.”


      • Olio says:


        Don’t eat the noodles. Hopefully nobody did. The ones radio carbon dated in the earthen ware bowl. We have some remains in our fridge that may require this type of dating. Not as old.

    • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

      Just as a blind squirrel may find an acorn, Nicholas might have stumbled on a great idea here. Children shouldn’t be subjected to made-up shit, so how about we not introduce them to religion until say the age of eighteen, and only then tell them to pick a religion (or not). The result?
      CoFSM for the win!

      • Basil Pesto says:

        RAmen to that!

        Having been brought up by those delightful people of the roman catholic church, I can hardly state strongly enough that children should be shielded from such perversion and hypochrisy.

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      Spaghetti was actually not made by the Italians. It can actually be traced back to the Chinese. This just goes to show that you fail to do your research prior to making comments. Along with not knowing the history of your own religion, which is also, by the way, totally made up.

      You obviously care very deeply about what we believe in (seeing as how you are here, took the time to write this angry, childish post), even though you, again, failed to do the research on the purpose of this site. By teaching our children logic, reason, science, and critical thinking skills we are giving them a future. These skills are looked upon as an asset. Taking things from a book at face value with no knowledge of the history or circumstances under which this book was written is not exercising any of those skills. When you can prove the existence of Jesus, or god, please. Feel free to come back and provide us with facts and evidence. While your at it, please provide a list of children whose lives we have ruined. We should most definitely contact them and apologize.

      • Zach says:

        Actually, there are birth records and such proving that Jesus existed. So whether you believe he was the son of God, a holy man or just a nut, you cannot deny his existence. There are primary documents proving it. I may be an athiest, but I felt the need to point that out. I’m sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes I made, I’m using a mobile. If you guys wanna contact me for further debate, you can email me at [email protected]. Auf Wiedersehen,

        • TiltedHorizon says:

          “Actually, there are birth records and such proving that Jesus existed. ”

          Oh good. Now you just need to provide me a link to the website or source which proves it so I can seen it with my own eyes. Without which, this is just one more unsubstantiated assertion.

        • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

          Did they even HAVE birth records back then? If so, perhaps we can find out – if Jesus existed – how many brothers and sisters he had.

    • The Board of Reliogious Italion Spaghetti Makers says:

      Mamma mia. Nicky, Nicky…

      See, the spaghetti? The spaghetti, it is made of the Monster, yes? And a the meatballs too?

      The many morons, eh? They-a made up-a Christianity, and the morons, they come from everywhere! EVEN MORE!

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