What exactly do you think you are going to prove?

Published July 22nd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

What exactly do you think you are going to prove? it’s just disrespectful to other human beings faiths and beliefs, and im sure u of all people should know u can’t put any sense into say a devout christian. Honestly, what your doing is the equivalant of making a rude, sarcastic joke to a child that doesn’t understand humor. u cant tell a christian thats been raised from birth to believe that there’s a magic man in the clouds that he’s wrong. you’ll just get what uve been getting, hate mail, and death threats. God is the equivalant of santa exept the child is never told he isn’t real until it’s to late. and u think your doing a good thing by making up this pastafarian crap to prove how absurd the idea of god is. what i don’t think u understand is that u cant argue with idiots about this stuff as most christians are dont know a thing about science.(I apoligize to all respectable christian scientists). as an athiest, im disgusted what youre doing. like making fun of christians being killed by somali’s, and u quoting, "apparently they thought there god could give them safe passage"(yes ive read ur website). really, did it ever, or does it ever occur to you that these people are actually human being’s with family’s and feeling’s, and just because they think the world was created  differantly than u, u have to mock them… that’s kind of a dick move. your being no better than they are(religious people) by making fun of and disrespecting other people just ’cause they think differantly than u. oh wait u are religous, u worship a flying spaggetti monster. which means i have the right to ridicule u on how stupid your dumbfuck religion is(oh may the great pasta diety forgive me for my sin) and dont deny that u worship the all mighty pasta king, because your the leader of the church. with the true words of your religion written on a piece of paper. it’s ironic that u, by trying to prove how bad religion is. go about it by u yourself inbodying everything that is wrong with human beliefs. u are everything that is wrong with athiesm. u go around acting all superior and pompus, like u know better than everyone else and tell them why there wrong mockingly. the world would be a better place if u took all your "followers" (butt pirates) got on a pirate ship and ate spaggetti until you all died of overeating.have u ever heard the term live and let live? and i love it how  u post all the hate mail u get on a your page to be ridiculed by your cronies( who by the way need to get of the internet and do something productive)yes we all the the bible huggars are gonna say dumb stuff because they’re uneducated. but that doesn’t mean u have to be immature and make fun of there faults so just lay off. even though this message sounds hostile just know i agree with what your’e trying to do (i think) educating people, i just wholly disagree with how u are going about it.


A short response from Bobby:

It’s not our intention to mock or offend anyone. But I realize people sometimes feel mocked  or offended.

It might be fair to say that we’re disrespectful.  I would agree that most Pastafarians don’t respect the notion that religion should sit on a pedestal.  We don’t think that because an action is explained in the context of religion it is exempt from the scrutiny it otherwise would have been subjected to.  Religion is not a free pass for crazy ideas and crazy actions. 

I would agree that it’s not our place to pass judgment on those who see the world through a lens of religion.  But neither is it our place to ignore when personal belief becomes public action.  We can accept that some choose to teach their kids the earth is 6000 years old and that dinosaurs are a myth.  But if they push for those ideas to be taught in our schools, it’s no longer a question of respecting personal belief.

The idea that rational minded people must be anti-religion is a wrong one, I think.   If we must draw a line to divide ourselves, I’d prefer the line be positioned between reasonable and unreasonable people, rather than religious and non-religious people.  

It’s one thing to see the world through a lens, and another thing to act as if it’s the only lens that can exist.

I believe there is no group more tolerant of other religious and nonreligious groups than Pastafarians, without question.  The death of the Christian sailors by pirates was a sad thing for everyone who heard of it, I’m sure.  My hope is that it doesn’t happen again.  The hard question is:  will criticizing the decision to venture into dangerous areas on the basis of faith help avoid a similar situation in the future?  I don’t know the answer.  But I wonder how many of their friends and family wish they had shaken them and said this is a bad idea, don’t do this.  This is one of the hard questions – this line between respect and concern. 

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  1. Steve-o says:

    Thank you for your reply; I will now reply myself.

    Why do you partake in insistification upon critically abusing my comment? This saddens me greatly. I will however, take your advice to start being on something. Ikea have some particularly cheap and stylish chairs for sale, they will be amazing to be on, but please, never bequest yourself of what I am on, as it is mine and mine alone to be on, in relative silence and calm (karm/calm).

    I look forward to, and shall fast until you reply.


    • Steve-o says:

      Oi, stop pretending to be Steve-o you mug! You just ruined a perfectly good story with your crazy antics…. fark.

  2. Kayda says:

    I think it’s funny.

  3. Ash says:

    How can this guy talk about ignorant and uneducated people in an email that clearly points out how ignorant and uneducated he is? Text messaging is ruining your brain(notice that it is your, not ur).

  4. Bea says:

    David needs to chill his cucumbers… and learn how to spell. Why such a double standard, David? Christians who claim everyone who is a nonbeliever will burn in hell, oppress homosexuals and use religion as a political tool is not running around acting like a pompous douche? They seem to think they are superior, creeping into government and schools and spreading their ignorance because they chose not to live in reality. Not to say that all Christians or religious people are ignorant but the ones that force their beliefs on everyone needs to get a cold hard slap in the face. If you are going to go off about what is morally right and wrong, make sure those you defend are not the ones who repeatedly offend and oppress others. Also David, it is very ignorant to ignore the detrimental effects certain religious groups have on society on the basis that they are too stupid to know any better. If your argument, that one could not use logic to reach any devout Christian because they are ignorant and too stupid, is true- that only means that we should not allow any Christians to hold office or be in a position of power as we need someone logical who can handle the burden of making important decisions. You sit there talking trash on FSM on the basis that they mock religious people when you yourself call them ignorant and stupid. What a joke you are David. Pull your head out your ass and maybe you can smell the roses.

    • Maggie says:

      But, what you don’t understand is that not all Christians are like that! And in saying the things that are said on this website, you are offending not only the ignorant Christians, but the intelligent ones as well. Even if you don’t agree with religion, how is it hurting you if I go to church, pray, read the Bible, and wear a cross? It’s not!

      • Drained and Washed Clean says:

        What things that are said? Please provide specific citations from the comments. We can analyze from there. No one is saying that you cannot go to church, pray, read your bible, or wear a cross. What we are saying is we should be allowed to go to school or government meetings without having to hear about it. Religion does not belong in the government. and until the christians stop trying to take over the government then the whole of you are perceived as ignorant for your lack of understanding of the Constitution.

  5. sebastian weber says:

    dang david is stupid people can believe what every they want in america and its allies its a free country LOL some people are just arse’s

  6. Ellen says:

    This is to zealots who send hate mail to sites like this and who believe in a magical, invisible man in the sky who purports to be a “loving God”. Is he all powerful? Does he truly love everyone? Is “his eye on the sparrow”? Does he “love the little children”? If so, why are so many of those little children raped, murdered, homeless, starving, abused, abandoned, and dying of diseases every day? There is nothing your god cannot do, right? How can he be a loving, all powerful god while allowing even one child to suffer? I know you’ll tell me he works in mysterious ways, that it is all part of his plan, blah blah blah – all convenient non-answers so here is a suggestion – if you’d like to be taken even a little bit seriously by intelligent people who posess the ability to think for themselves, you should spend a few minutes brushing up on the difference between “your” and you’re”, “their, there and they’re”, and ‘to, too, and two”. Once you’ve mastered 5th grade English class you can begin preparing for intelligent debate.

    • Mark says:

      A Quote from Wikipedia:
      Epicurus (341 BCE to 270 BCE) “Is [God] willing to prevent evil, but not able? then is he impotent. Is he able, but not willing? then is he malevolent. Is he both able and willing? whence then is evil?”

      • Mal says:

        “…Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

        One of my all time favorite quotes. For the longest time, I would argue that if God did exist, wasn’t there more than enough evidence to prove he was not worthy of our praise. That argument sums it up beautifully.

        I also once got hit with an “immovable object” question. The student asked, “Wouldn’t it be possible for god to create an object that was only movable ‘by the power of god’?”. My answer was simply that it would then not be an immovable object. Either god can create an object that is not movable under an circumstances whatsoever, or he cannot do so. Either outcome proves that god is not all powerful. That student has since converted to Pastafarianism.

        • Keith says:

          I don’t know if it has been covered but if a god supposedly created us and gave us free will then it should be satisfied that we are judgemental toward it: after all, we are not the ones who gave ourselves free will. to be angry at us for exercising it is petulant and unworthy of a god.

  7. Simon1996 says:

    I might be wrong here, but I thought pastafarianism was set up as a religion, and it is just objective what is stupid and what is not eg. one 5-year old might believe in santa, another might not, who is to say that either is wrong? there could be a Santa living at the north pole, my point being that if something cant be proven or dis-proven in every way it might be true. like Schrodinger’s cat, Erwin Schrodinger but his cat and a vial of poison in the same box and closed it, his statement was that nobody knows if the vial broke and the cat died or if it is still alive, therefore it can be seen as both dead and alive.

    Basically pastafarianism is as valid as islam,buddhism,judaism,wicca,etc

  8. R Janelle says:

    I don’t even know what to say.

    This is hilarious – Do these people not realize how much credit they lose when they don’t know proper English… and yet, does not forget to mention how uneducated everyone else is… interesting…

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