Austrian Wins Right To Wear Pasta Strainer In Driver’s License

Published July 13th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Pastafarian Niko Alm has won the right to wear a colander as religious headgear on his Austrian driver’s license.  Congratulations!

Niko Alm first applied for the licence three years ago after reading that headgear was allowed in official pictures only for confessional reasons.

Mr Alm said the sieve was a requirement of his religion, pastafarianism.

The Austrian authorities required him to obtain a doctor’s certificate that he was "psychologically fit" to drive.

The BBC article is fantastic and can be found here.


You can follow the link to (google’s translation of) Niko’s blog: here.

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  1. Niko Alm says:

    The Austrian magazine The Gap translated all episodes of getting the driver’s license to English:


    You may include that instead of the Google translation.


    • m610 says:

      Thanks for the link, and the story. I hope your point gets people thinking that yes, the government has given special rights to religious people.

  2. Pastajev says:

    The coolest event of all the summer. If so, why don’t other european countries like germany or france allow the followers of FSM to do the same, to have such passport photos?

  3. The Gap says:

    you can read a full translation of the story behind the driver’s license in seven epsiodes here:


  4. Captain Jack says:

    There’s a translation now of the whole original story by Niko Alm:

  5. devilbloggger says:

    This is not good for your cause, my friends. See why at my blog, Satan’s Blog: http://wp.me/p14HPl-Zz

    • Shano says:

      @devilbloggger … i read your blog and you make no sense

    • stylusmobilus says:

      This is the funniest link I have hit all week.

      There is so much in your blog that is just verbal diarrhoea. They question Niko’s stability, when all he’s doing is taking the piss. And we have fruitloops like you. I’m not going to go into it here, you’ve asked your ‘followers’ to write to our Prophet so I’ll reciprocate in turn.

      I have a question though, and it’s been bugging a few around here. Do you have cake? We were told it’s a lie, but apparently you go for lies so would it be fair to assume you have cake?

    • Mal says:

      You owe me five minutes of my life and two aspirin for that. Is your blog a joke, or are you being serious? I can’t tell.

      • stylusmobilus says:

        Hahahahaha, couldn’t have put it better myself. Absolute rubbish, wasn’t it?

    • Pastor de Semola di Grano Duro says:

      In defence of Niko I have been having a bit of a debate with this bloke on his blog. Obviously my questions and points of truth were a bit too much for him, as it seems I have been given the Big Guy treatment, i.e I can’t submit posts anymore.

      Please check it out Pastafarians.

      What a shame these creationist loonies don’t seem to have the stamina we do for a debate.

  6. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    Wow… Lots of thumbs down on this page! Looks like there are some people who are pissed off at the accomplishment of our brother but do not have the balls to say anything. Hmmm…

  7. Jon says:

    Out of curiosity, is there anything in the scriptures about wearing a pasta strainer? Or perhaps any holy teachings? I’m not all that familiar with the Pastafarian religion.

    • Mal says:

      I have not yet acquired our holy scriptures, however, I believe I may have an answer for you.

      It would seem logical that because our most divine creator is the ethereal embodiment of pasta, then any associated tools of making the physical representation of said deity are therefore sacred. In that case, proudly displaying or wearing such symbols is in keeping with the standard practice of a good number of religions.

      I’m on some pretty good painkillers, so let me know if that makes any sense.

      • stylusmobilus says:

        It always makes sense to be on painkillers Mal. Why suffer pain when you don’t have to.

        • Sky says:

          you were voted down by the troll. don’t take it personally.

      • Radwaste says:

        Lettuce apply logic while the pasta bubbles: since there is no objection by the people recognizing Christ at displaying Him nailed to wooden beams and dying, how can there be an objection to the Pastafarian display of the tools of creation?

    • Jon says:

      I know I’ve been voted down, but I am actually asking and not trying to be a dick.

    • m610 says:

      I don’t think it is prohibited, and among the IRRYD’s there is mention of letting consenting adults do as they please, so it would see to be OK. I also don’t think it is required, but if one is so inspired, and requires it of their self, then it is as good as required.

  8. Apostle Strozzapreti says:

    If only all would be open to the soul-cleansing touch of his noodly appendage, than truly all would be right in the world. Praise the holy sauce!!!!

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