Austrian Wins Right To Wear Pasta Strainer In Driver’s License

Published July 13th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Pastafarian Niko Alm has won the right to wear a colander as religious headgear on his Austrian driver’s license.  Congratulations!

Niko Alm first applied for the licence three years ago after reading that headgear was allowed in official pictures only for confessional reasons.

Mr Alm said the sieve was a requirement of his religion, pastafarianism.

The Austrian authorities required him to obtain a doctor’s certificate that he was "psychologically fit" to drive.

The BBC article is fantastic and can be found here.


You can follow the link to (google’s translation of) Niko’s blog: here.

183 Responses to “Austrian Wins Right To Wear Pasta Strainer In Driver’s License”

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  1. Apostle Strozzapreti says:

    I have been truly blessed and woken up by the not so gentle slap to my collective belief system by FSM’s wet and slimy angel hair pasta noodle. (tg it wasnt your standard noodle, that mighta hurt.) Niko is truly one with Fsm…… an inspiration for us all!!!! Let the rabbits eat carrots!!!!!! (lets see if anyone catches that reference) amen.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Let the rabbits eat carrots and then blow them up!

      Bunny Bunny Boom Boom. Did I win?

      • Apostle Strozzapreti says:

        lol…. no, but funny though. I will give you a hint. its from a song…..

  2. Keith says:

    People like this guy (and some of the people who commented) prove that the Bible is true. It says in Psalm 14:1, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.”

    • Dr. Astronomer says:

      People like this guy (and some of the people who commented) prove that The Loose Canon is true. It says in Muellers I:52-54
      “52Our One Who Flies and is Saucy understands that life among beings with free will, on a planet with natural systems that cause tumult, and Scientifically Intelligently Designed by a deity who is prankish and can be peevish, should not end in eternal misery. 53That‟s insane. 54What kind of fool would believe such a being worthy of worship?”

    • Keith says:

      Interesting. Someone else is posting comments using my moniker.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      The fool or jester had the honored place in history of being able to tell royalty what no one else could. Like Pastafarianism, satire was the tool to point out absurdities that most (under considerable pressure) took to be true.

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      I think I am missing your line of logic here… You are using the bible to prove that the bible is true? You may want to read up on circular arguments, and then provide a clear logical progression from “man wearing colander on his head” to ” the bible is real”. Please make sure to use factual propositions from an outside source.

  3. Brother Burned says:

    Austria’s most popular (many would say populist) daily newspaper, the „Kronen Zeitung“ had removed all articles about Niko Alm from their website today.
    These articles have been the most read and most discussed throughout the last three days. Still the publishers decided to remove them, while much less read topics are still online.

    It appears that brother Alm’s achievement should not become more known to the public as it already is. It certainly looks like the discussions between mental slaves and newly converted Pastafarians became too much for the self declared Christian media, since within the past three days a fast growing number of people expressed their approval of brother Alm’s mission.

    Let’s get this straight: Three (3) most read articles about brother Alm and the FSM have been removed from the newspapers website after only three days, while articles about a horse that ran a red-light cam in Germany, or a Texas woman giving birth to a 15lbs baby are still online – for way over a week.

    I think it doesn’t take an overdose of paranoia to see what is going on… :(

    On the other hand there’s an old Austrian saying: “Viel Feind, viel Ehr’” (meaning: Many enemies, much honor”).
    Brother Alm did undoubtedly win a lot of followers for the FSM, but he also gained many powerful enemies and by doing so – a whole lot of honor.


  4. Pilot Wench says:

    Here in Belgium it was on the news as well. A lot of my friends who know I’m a Pastafarian send me a text message, mail or posted the link on my facebook page. I think we gained a lot of followers all around the world in the last couple of days, all thanks to Niko.

    3 times hurray for Niko!

    And all new members: WELCOME !


    • Brother Burned says:

      Greetings to the brave brothers and sisters in Belgium!

      Hell Yeah and Arrrrh!!!

  5. zeliasgrand says:

    I have a climate-related question. In more northern-oriented climates (with cold winters), is it permitted to line the colander with fur or fabric as protection from the elements? Perhaps also to attach ear-flaps?

    • Dale says:

      That sounds like a good idea. You may also want to use a plastic colander instead of metal when it’s below freezing.

  6. JerBear says:

    It appears me brethren that the nonbelievers are contaminating our site with many thumbs down and defiling the ranks of the believers. They are trying to clothe the stippers and remove the alcohol from out Grog.

    Let them not win this battle for we do not fear his holy noodiliness like they fear their creator and we do not hide are ways with deception.

    Use your thumbs up power and destroy them.

    • Brother Burned says:

      So it shall be thumbs up for the followers of the noodly one
      and thumbs down for the troll going by the name “TheDevil”.

      May even he get a life eventually
      so that he can enjoy a beersoaked stripper in afterlife!

  7. Sky says:

    To the person attacking the comments with a shit storm of thumbs down, stop being a troll, kthx

    • Sky says:

      …i question your sanity.

      • Apostle Strozzapreti says:

        You need a new hobby. Why dont you direct all that misguided angst to a real problem. I dont know….. L.Ron Hubbard perhaps ring a bell?????

        Glad to see that ebonics is alive and well in hades….although, oddly….. that makes sense.

        • Thomas Brown says:

          No, but the name “Pavlov” rings a bell!

        • Thomas Brown says:

          This was supposed to be a reply to “Apostle” above.

        • Drained and Washed Clean says:

          I thought it was funny :)

        • Drained and Washed Clean says:

          To Mr. Brown… Reply didn’t attach…

        • Drained and Washed Clean says:

          And replying keeps sending me to page 6 of this thread! Strange…

        • Sky says:

          :/ my replies haven’t been attaching either.

      • Sky says:

        Are you assuming I’m a girl because of my avatar? There are no girls on the internet.

        • Interested says:

          Yes there is. Rule 16 is wrong, for I just happen to be a 16-year-old girl. :D

          Sadly enough, this sounds like a joke.

          It’s not.

        • Beatrice says:

          I’m a girl from the internet!! :)

        • Sky says:

          Rule #16: There are NO girls on the internet.

          Everyone on the internet is an 80 year old pervert.


        • 80-YR-OLD-PERVERT says:

          Not true, Sky. Some of us are 90.

        • Sky says:

          Touche, 80-YR-OLD-PERVERT

        • clxxxiv says:

          No not 80 year old perv Pedo bear is only a few years old.

      • Cap'n Flint says:

        The troll responsible for this is known, and you needn’t question his sanity. He is certifiably batshit crazy. This won’t last.

  8. Justin Chase says:

    Apastasy! Everyone knows that the official headdress is a pirate hat not this mocking strainer!

    • Ubi Dubium says:

      But Pirates generally wore whatever hat that struck their fancy out of the hats they pillaged. Any hat being worn by a Pirate then becomes a Pirate Hat.

      • clxxxiv says:

        Ahh but what of the religious order. Mayhap that a strainer be for those of the cloth. Whilst those of everyday worship wear ye pirate attire. Tri corn cowboy or what have you.

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