Austrian Wins Right To Wear Pasta Strainer In Driver’s License

Published July 13th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Pastafarian Niko Alm has won the right to wear a colander as religious headgear on his Austrian driver’s license.  Congratulations!

Niko Alm first applied for the licence three years ago after reading that headgear was allowed in official pictures only for confessional reasons.

Mr Alm said the sieve was a requirement of his religion, pastafarianism.

The Austrian authorities required him to obtain a doctor’s certificate that he was "psychologically fit" to drive.

The BBC article is fantastic and can be found here.


You can follow the link to (google’s translation of) Niko’s blog: here.

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  1. lilwench says:

    It’s wonderful to see all these people enlightened to the touch of His Noodly Appendages, and to have our site reclaimed from the troll. I never thought to wear a colander, since I only use it in the hygienic preparation of the Holy Meal. Perhaps I will have to buy a shiny ceremonial one, so I can properly honor the deity responsible for halting my growth at 5 feet tall.

  2. Southern Neophyte says:

    I’ve following the FSM for awhile, first heard it through non religious books and later Mr. Dawkins’ writings.
    I was not really aware of how delightful and fulfilling these noodles are and now, with the decisive showing of faith, perseverance, an utmost commitment to the cause by, I hope to be able to call both him and others bother in FSM soon, Pastafarian Niko Alm, I have to ask the brethren if there is a branch down here in Brazil or a more local minister to attend us in a despair situation, to guide us and share some Pastafarianism recipes.

    Thank you all.

  3. J.Valencia says:

    Thanks Niko for bringing light to our lives, now pasta has become a holly meal to me, and a true god has been revealed you are a prophet.

  4. rationalone says:

    A noodley appendage has touched my life. No tears, no fears, Food and fun for all.

  5. Brother Jeremy says:

    Do I detect the possibility of a schism here?

    The orthodox (I presume) will go for the more traditional metal colandar, whereas the more progressive (i.e. “heretics” – may their lasagna overcook) will go for the plastic type…

  6. Geh Oarg says:

    Hey Belivers!

    First: Bobby Henderson had a great idea and I belive (woooh…) that it is a good thing to fight against any previliges of religious groups.

    The Story of Niko Alm is fake, he allready admitted, and so did the Police/Magistrate which is responsible for driving licences, that in Austria (where I live) there is NO such Law, that prohibits to wear a hat or a cap or a noodle-thing on your head, if your face is shown. Mr. Alm mixed it up with the law for Passports.

    As you critisise Church for lying, I do hope you post that as well on your websites, because this could scratch the reputation – if you sell a win over a stupid law, that wasn’t even a fight.

    I hope you take this more serious as most church people do, if they are told, that there are some mistakes in there theories! ; )

    All the best,
    Geh Oarg

  7. Brother Burned says:

    I beg to differ!

    The story of Niko Alm is not a fake.
    He applied for a driver’s license with a photo of him wearing a strainer, because he had come across a brochure of the Austrian Ministry of Traffic (“Verkehrsministerium”) which explicitly announced that photos with any kind of headgear on driver’s licenses are prohibited with the exception of religious headgear.

    However, this brochure was not in context with the Austrian law. The law does not prohibit headgear. It states that the face must be fully visible. Still, in accordance to this (unlawful) brochure which had been issued by the ministry, people were refused wearing any headgear – again except for those who claimed they’re wearing it because of their religious beliefs.

    And this is exactly, what brother Alm is fighting against. Nobody should be granted any special privileges or rights, just because they claim to believe in something or even worse: actually believe in something. The only way to convey the message and to initiate a wide-spread discussion that brother Alm saw was, to become a Pastafarian.

    That is exactly the same motivation, why many of us became Pastafarians!

    Brother Alm brought Pastafarianism to the attention of hundreds of thousands, if not millions. The discussions and arguments are on around the world. Some people will begin to think, some will understand, some will remain rejecting and keep on enjoying their mental slavery.

    This is what it is about. This is what Pastfarianism is about.
    And about the strippers and the beer of course… ;)


  8. Mariano says:

    May the Pastafarians make an ever bigger splash.

    1) After denying so vehemently that atheism is not a religion the Pastafarian sect of atheism fights for equal rights to freely express their religious beliefs. As Niko Alm states it, his goal is for “Pastafarianism to become an officially recognised faith in Austria.”

    2) The Flying Spaghetti Monster actually proved was that some people are utterly ignorant of natural theology / general revelation. These propose the best that science and philosophy have offer as to the universe’s coming into being. They propose that the universe had a creator and even identify some of the creator’s characteristics.
    See http://www.truefreethinker.com/articles/flying-spaghetti-monster-invisible-pink-unicorns-et-al-part-1-4

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