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Published July 12th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson



There’s something of a troll problem in the comment discussions.    I think the BigGest offender has now finally been convinced to find another venue, but there will be more in the future who are bent on being disruptive.  

Short of moderating all comments before they’re published (meaning it may be hours before they become visible), the options are a bit limited in what we can do.  We have a few options but some trolls are persistent at getting around the obstacles.

One thing I wanted to make clear is that there is no opinion filter.  The whole spectrum of opinion is welcome here – and especially when commenters are representing a minority view (strongly religious, for example) I feel obligated to give them the benefit of the doubt.  What I am saying is, unpopular opinions are as welcome as popular opinions, but all comments must be somewhat civil. Commenters who are only disruptive will be asked to find a new venue. This last trouble-maker was ejected because he was trying to ruin the peace (and succeeding), not because he was religious.  Many people asking for his removal were in fact Christians who felt he was giving Christians a bad name with his ranting.

The question is what to do with the comments left behind.  It was argued that we should leave them in place to avoid any precedent of deleting comments.  This makes sense to me.

For those looking for a more structured discussion forum, the FSM Forums are available and run a much tighter ship.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions about the troll and for your patience.

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  1. Cap'n Flint says:

    Removing the ratings was a good idea. Curses, foiled again, Big Troll. Hasta la vista!

  2. Rigatoni says:

    No one here hates, it’s not in our recipe.
    I feel much pity for those who are convinced to kill or die by scripture.
    I’m wondering if many of the ‘religious nut’ trolls are attempting at satire? This is the nature of a troll, otherwise flame.

    • His Wholyness the Cook says:

      I am designing a new side salad garnished with chopped religious nuts and crushed bacon. I discovered that chopping religious nuts was a popular pasta-time during sacramental dinners, so I decided to incorporate them in my recipes.

  3. Apostle Strozzapreti says:

    I am truly dissapointed, of the “so called devil” has been in fact banished, I was going to challenge him/her to a debate, a clash of the minds if you will…… now I am left making fun of myself….. thats no fun :-(

  4. NortonSmitty says:

    I am intrigued by the fervor that all of you true believers defend your worthy religion. But the language you use! When writing your posts. keep in mind the words of a wise observer of life and language…”Profanity is the Crutch of the Inarticulate MotherFucker.” I don’t know who he was, but he was wise indeed. And articulate.

    I am a convert now.

  5. Couter says:

    I believe that a flagging system should be implemented. Allow the users to flag disruptive users and comments for review by moderators. Upon being flagged, the comment will be replaced with; “This comment has been flagged as innapropriate, click [here] to show.” Upon review, should the comment be deemed appropriate, it will appear as normal, and be immune to further flagging.

    Only by implementing this system will we provide a way for all voices to be heard, should one wish to hear them, while at the same time providing an easy method to keep our discussions respectful and on topic for those who wish to contribute to a meaningful conversation.

    • Couter says:

      Additionally, you could add an option to show all flagged comments, or only filter comments that have been deemed inappropriate after second review by a moderator.

  6. Steven Mynatt says:

    Should I feel guilty for having fun?, I mostly have commented to the “Hate Mail” But, now that I have read this I am wondering just what is acceptable and what the hell is not,,,, I wouldn’t want to get kicked out without warning and a chance to pray for redemption ,,,, My everlasting soul could be at stake.

    • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

      Steve, I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you; one has to be a severe pain in the fundamentals to be banned from here. If you read BG’s posts you will see he went far, far beyond having fun. He knew what he was doing and despite warnings about the possible consequences he continued to troll every thread with the specific intent of being disruptive and nothing else. He had plenty of chances to pray for redemption and he failed to, and so, to Pastafarian hell with his immortal soul!
      Having fun with the fundies is often the only way to counter their rediculous claims and proclamations, as Thomas Jefferson (I think!) said, ‘ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them’ and seldom do distinct ideas emerge from the hatemail we recieve here, that frequently leaves us with little more than satire as a defense.
      Entrust your soul to the FSM and to his church and your soul will be safe.

      Sauce be with you

      The Reverend.

      • Steven Mynatt says:

        Right on Reverend ! you guys really are better than the Jehova wittness Church ! (I heard that about you). My attempts at Hate mail have been met with cheerful distain however, I guess I just don’t have what it takes to be a true “Pain in the Fundamentals” ……. But you can tell Bobby I’m working on it !

        Shalami dude,

  7. Peter Witter says:

    Great, thanks for sharing this post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

  8. nun s equator says:

    u ought not presume every1 is intending 2 b ‘disruptive’. veiled gossip & innuendo is still that. publically humiliating some1 is not kind & is intentionally hurtful.

    • nun s equator says:

      people will only come back under cover. if i have ever seemed 2 b intendedly offensive by the way, it was not; intended.

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