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Published July 12th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson



There’s something of a troll problem in the comment discussions.    I think the BigGest offender has now finally been convinced to find another venue, but there will be more in the future who are bent on being disruptive.  

Short of moderating all comments before they’re published (meaning it may be hours before they become visible), the options are a bit limited in what we can do.  We have a few options but some trolls are persistent at getting around the obstacles.

One thing I wanted to make clear is that there is no opinion filter.  The whole spectrum of opinion is welcome here – and especially when commenters are representing a minority view (strongly religious, for example) I feel obligated to give them the benefit of the doubt.  What I am saying is, unpopular opinions are as welcome as popular opinions, but all comments must be somewhat civil. Commenters who are only disruptive will be asked to find a new venue. This last trouble-maker was ejected because he was trying to ruin the peace (and succeeding), not because he was religious.  Many people asking for his removal were in fact Christians who felt he was giving Christians a bad name with his ranting.

The question is what to do with the comments left behind.  It was argued that we should leave them in place to avoid any precedent of deleting comments.  This makes sense to me.

For those looking for a more structured discussion forum, the FSM Forums are available and run a much tighter ship.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions about the troll and for your patience.

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    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      I saw this!!! I wonder if Florida will let me do that…?

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      This article did a better job of explaining our mindset. I’m still laughing over all the trouble he endured just to make his point.

    • stylusmobilus says:

      Thanks Alpha!

      Since the Colander doesn’t cover the face, and the headwear represents carbohydrates not zealotry, it is easy to understand why it should be included on a Driver’s Licence.

      It’s good to see the Austrian authorities recognising that it is not the Colander on someones’ head but the Noodle beneath is what makes the driver.

      Sauce Be With You Niko!!

  1. Keith says:

    Didn’t know where to post this so I thought I’d put it here.

    • B. says:

      This sudden attention must make the FSM blush

  2. Carol Herman says:

    I have found a faith I can belong to. It JESTS with the best of ’em.

    As to the Michelangelo … however … I’d like to suggest you go back and look at the actual.

    Because Adam is being touched by a BRAIN! Michelangeolo did autopsies. And, I should have seen it. But I didn’t. So go and look. Again. You’ll see how Michelangelo drew a BRAIN … filling it in, of course. So what are the lobes are flying angels. It’s sort’a like DaVinci. Once you break the code it is hilarious.

    Oh, today, Drudge is running the headline of your victory to wear a colander on your head. And, the first thing I thought. If you just added tulle. Perhaps, a feather. And, a big, big bow. You’ve designed Princess Beatrice’s headgear for her wedding day! For a colander, though. In the States, ours have handles protruding from the side. This way, when you’ve dumped your spaghetti in … you do a little dance, lifting the strainer up and down. And, out goes more water. It’s a miracle.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      I have never seen so many new posters at once, I think its hilarious that our Profit, Bobby, was considering putting up a billboard to promote FSM awareness. Meanwhile a man with a colander was all that was needed.

      Oh FSM, you surely do work in mysterious ways.

      Ramen and a warm welcome to you Carol.

      • B. says:

        Kitchen utensils are indeed all that we need to spread the word


  3. wulff says:

    I’ve seen a few posts here from people who are not regular readers who seem to have gotten the wrong idea about our treatment of BG. He was NOT evicted because we disagreed with his views. He was evicted because he refused to contribute anything of substance to the discussion and he insisted on disrupting any and every thread with drivel like “fsm aka bin laden is dead and buried at sea” over and over and over again. If (after he dies) I went into every x-tian place of worship I could find and announced over and over again, as loud as I could, that “Jesus aka charles manson is dead”, how do you think they would react? As I said on another thread, if any of us went into a church and acted like BG, even for one day, we would probably be arrested. We put up with this a$$ for 3 months. We tried to debate with him and he spurned every opportunity. We tried to ignore him and he wouldn’t leave. We tried to ridicule him and he wouldn’t leave. Finally we asked Bobby to ban him. I don’t think any of us are happy that it came to this, but I think most of us are glad that he’s gone.

    The moral of the story is: if you wish to play in someone else’s house, at least be respectful of the residents.

  4. Atsap Revol says:


    Welcome to this site. I have excellent friends who are Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists. We get along just fine because we respect each other. On the other hand, there are some religious folks that detest me and I detest them. These are the pious people who insist that their paradigm is the only correct one and then damn me to hell out of one side of their mouth while telling me that God loves me out of the other. If there really is a heaven and hell, I would choose to go to hell rather than spend eternity in the same place with those sanctimonious bigots.

    As far as the argument about evolution, this should have been settled once and for all in America nearly 100 years ago in the famous “Scopes Monkey Trial.” Two famous attorneys, William Jennings Brian and Clarence Darrow, battled this out in a courtroom. Darrow, who supported evolution, was clearly the winner. (See the movie “Inherit The Wind.”) When I attended high school in the 1940’s evolution was taught without reservations in biology class.

    But then in America a renewal of fundamentalist views grew. We are becoming a nation of scientific illiteracy and superstition. Thirty percent of our population believes in ghosts. A Creation Museum in Kentucky features ridiculous stories that contradict every shred of fossil and geological evidence about the history of our planet and life on it.

    My applause to Christians and others that can step back and objectively view evidence and make conclusions. Please hang around on24, the world needs people like you whether they are religious or not.

    Ramen to you,
    Atsap Revol

  5. Robin says:

    Try using facebook as comment system. Trolls will be less. It will still not be moderated but a lot nicer.


    • wulff says:

      Not all of us use Facebook. I am strongly opposed to all these My-twit-face social networking sites that either prevent real conversation (when someone in the family dies, I expect a phone call; I don’t want to find out about it from someone’s Facebook status) or bury us in the mindless tedium of other people’s everyday lives (you don’t need to tweet every time you go to the can; just clean up afterwards and get on with your life already). I was at a party recently where two people sitting next to each other on a couch were carrying on a long conversation by TEXTING each other. If you can’t put the phone down and talk to someone 10 inches away, get psychiatric help, people.

    • stylusmobilus says:

      There are a couple of ‘branches’ that use facebook as a forum (Primera Iglesia del Monstruo de Spaghetti Volador de Barranquilla instantly springs to mind) but it is not really feasible for the CotFSM as a whole to move to a social network. It’s okay, Bobby is all over the trolls like a fat kid on a Chiko roll. Their day is done.

  6. Ramon from the Netherlands says:

    I used to be an Agnostic but switched to Atheism later on purely because of the hatred many religious people bestowed upon me during my life.

    Pastafarianisme might be something for me: religious people are nuts, but they still tend to respect other religious nuts and I just want to live my life in peace.

    So put my e-mail on the list and please send me a notification when the religion becomes officially available in The Netherlands. Dutch people are among the least religious in the world so there is work to be done here! :-)

    • wulff says:

      By coming to this site and agreeing to play by the rules of Pastafarianism, you have already brought the FSM in. Dress in your pirate regalia and go spread the word, matey.

  7. Jon says:

    Like it or not, you are now all starting to know what it is like to be persecuted and mocked for your religious views.

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      Other than my view that religion is awful and should be purged from the planet, what religious views?

    • wulff says:

      I’ve been persecuted and mocked for almost 40 years because of my views on religion, mostly by those who claim to be “born again” x-tians. (I know it’s an old joke, but it bears repeating here: forgive me for getting it right the first time.) Then I found these good people, who are open and accepting, and want to exchange their views with me.

    • tekHedd says:

      …like being persecuted for non-belief is a new thing. Right.

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