You will never have a pirate ship they cost millions moron (hate-mail)

Published June 5th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

You are a fraud. It’s obvious to me that you don’t give a shit about you’re so-called religion. I am not even that christian but this site makes me sick. you have no right to start a religion or should i say cult.  People need to think for themselves they dont need to listen to your nonsense. I am not even that christian but at least they are trying to help people. What are you trying to do? make money and buy a pirate ship and fill it with strippers and beer?  That is the most stupid thing I ever heard. I hope the government shuts you down and takes you’re money. You will never have a pirate ship they cost millions moron.

Suck it,


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  1. Your friend says:

    Obviously this guy doesn’t know what FSM is about..The truth can’t be avoided. Don’t see FSM as a god but think of FSM as your mother, father, brother, friend, lover and your messiah

  2. Dan says:

    Does this guy really think we’re serious about this being a religion? To me it’s a protest against mythology.

    • nun ya biz says:

      hopefully not a protest against the x files’s ‘mythology’ series, tho (black oil)…highly reccomend.

      • nun ya biz says:

        If this ship gets built here, it is scientifically supported in quantum physics that milecules can exist in more than 1 lixation we heard, @ 1 time, @ least while being observed…so u can have this ship where u r, without having 2 transport it, maybe…

        A question about this religion; the white supremacy church -whatever it goes by…namewise, ,,,is a religion but, should policies hurtful 2 others b protected?

        if u promote alchohol use, do u support responsible drinking, r u against drunk driving, against abuses committed while under influence? Including sexual abuses (against strippers…against any1)?

        Is this beer drinking in safety & moderation? Being ‘4’ drinking it is vague…will a parade ‘float’ be operated by sober individual? …will it b like the 1 in the movie ‘animal house’ (the car made 2 look like submarine, with ‘eat me’ printed on side….where pirates come out of it…chaos ensues)….

        r there male or only female strippers, do u take a stance against violence stalking & abuses against others in all forms, including these people?

        • nun ya biz says:

          molecules…not milicules.

          we r not pastafarians, just curious…what do beer & strippers have 2 do with that letter 2 kansas city school board? &
          if spaghetti & meatballs were chosen arbitrarily as an example,,, y would any1 b opposed 2 it being pointed out that some things ought b taken seriously- like having it mentioned that the proteins in the pasta & beer can b very harmful 2 peoples’ health & contribute 2 hundreds of health issues…

          am not opposed 2 habits of others but, not taking seriously this threat can lead 2 people getting very sick, suffering & dying…from associated disorders & conditions & not talking even about alchohol.

          not takng things seriously is gr8 but is a luxury…

          i had an associate whom helped himself remain sober fairly well in part by attending church services regularly & even if i do not share identical beliefs, was gr8ful he had this available…2 him. The same church another used as a weapon he used 4 good. I can appreci8 that.

        • nun ya biz says:

          Location mispelled.

  3. nun ya biz says:

    my husband says absolutely is christianity a cult, a large one & asks u 4 ur definition of the word, ‘cult’? I posted somewhere on this site a harvard law paper ( i do not know if this requires special permission) covering or attempting 2 define what constitutes a religion & mentions cults…

    it would further, require time, skill, effort & materials 2 construct some manner of ship, but not neccessarily the cost listed…we’re not talking noahs ark.

    2 ur marginalizing ur own christianity a couple times there he wonders if u could b more pointed, do u like xmas holiday presents & stuff, is this the extent of ur christianity for example?

    when he was 10 some1 his own age called him a moron & he responded thank u…because the scope includes a mental age higher than theirs @ the time. he has learning disabilities, but had made a habit of dictionary reading.
    thanks 4 the encouragement. were u ever told u would never amount 2 anything? & here u r grabbing a spot on the hatemail page. do not believe all u r told & we will not believe anything u say.

    my husbands background includes variation of this religion & does not find ur sentiment particularly christian like.

  4. nun ya biz says:

    that is, what makes something a cult is the # of people belonging 2 a group. the more people, the less it is a cult & more of a religion i think he meant 2 say. that does not mean all religions r cults, but if this is one, so would ANY other religion, not picking on christianity.

    • nun ya biz says:

      so is there any emphasis on human rights, within this group?

      & r environmental concerns the domain of any religion (global warming…the pirate correlation)?

      trying 2 understand…

      r these things being touted- beer & ‘strippers’- because other faiths place sanctions on or reccomend abstaining from things considered ‘sinful’ such as this? cannot these things get placed in categories like ‘sin’ because certain activities r considered counterproductive, hurtful or unwise, without being morally ‘wrong’?

  5. nun ya biz says:

    we were shocked 2 learn that another religion my spouses family member belonged 2 we had not heard of, was like others, against homosexuality …& a beloved family member of theirs had come out as homosexual…why would some1 not reject this, is that not like being against the color of some1s skin, or height, or illness… as many persons feel they r born with this, wouldnt that b discriminatory? arent members of religions discriminated against all the time, then? has not understanding progressed since many things were writ? wouldnt including stripping b just as pointed as ruling out an entire population segment based on sexual preferrence? what does either have 2 do with a belief in a deity one way or other?

    physical pain has become as a god, 2 me. ..of a sort. I have no choice but 2 acknowledge it. It is all powerful,,, but cannot b negotiated with very well – if @ all, these mediations r controlled by others whom do not have the experience, of it. It is inconceivable & yet undeniable. It is felt, not visible.

  6. nun ya biz says:

    on a site about said religion, it said being neighborly was valued & they r opposed 2 homosexuality? 3 of our neighbors mentioned 2 us they happen 2 b gay…y, i do not know because we dont go out announcing we r hetero. anyway, if we belonged 2 that religion, would we not b betraying it …by being neighborly , then & how can 1 b directed 2 b both neighborly & intolerant @ the same time??

    this seems like the makings 4 war.
    with urself, for starters.

    i do not know or care what my religious background says about some1s sexuality.

    by th same token, after i was assaulted, i was pursued by people trying 2 b ‘helpful’, it was suggested… we were being not only ‘interviewed’ about our sexual prefs by employees & students/ (virtual strangers) of nearby university, but had conversations about human sexuality in general & specifically, started without segue’. hi, im ur new neighbor …wanna come 2 store with me- boy its cold out- SO i have this friend that is BISEXUAL, says XYZ about it…what do U think, about THAT?

    we r not against any1s sexuality, just against being pursued about ours & then being accused of being intolerant 4 objecting 2 this. ..& dont care if 4 EX,,,some1 told me, she still considers self a christian but… not the part about homosexuality, just the rest & r against abortion…also. except her friend…whom had a not medically neccessary 1, but an option for 1 which they exercised, even if it goes against their idea of gods will, but since they opted for it, r not CALLING it a late term abortion, but an induced…then, it becomes what defines neccessary…

    THAT is so private & nun of our biz. . .we did not ask about this, either.

    By choosing what 2 call or not 2 call it, the dr doesnt even get listed as being a provider of this service & no messy political, moral or religious objections, nobody standing there shouting objections or unsolicited opinions…about some1 elses private decision…just a friend repeating now, to some1 else how THIS is not morally objectionable to her, based on her beliefs, but OTHER procedures, well…Y is she telling me, because I took her associate 2 a clinic when asked & the lot of them got together & gossiped about my lack of morals for doing so? She repented, after…dont I have any remorse, was the unstated portion of the question…

    What does any of this have 2 do with religion? There r human sacrifices & slayings thruout many religious writings apparently 2 a disturbing degree & this has 2 do with human nature & not any 1 religion. & nobody i ever met in my life of any background is ‘pro’ abortion, just for example, anti botched back alley procedures, , ,for keeping it safe & legal. There was an article posted on this site about this topic, which said nothing about religion.

    Being in a group of persons- like being part of a religious group in the majority/all in favor does not make every decision all come to the proper 1. I m being lied about by a group of people, this equals not sound judgement, but collusion.

    & considering oneself religious (or all fans of the same sports team, or, whatever) does not grant persons authority 2 judge others -AS god. Nor does not being in religious majority mean u can walk all over the rights of others whom r viewed as lesser than. Just like belonging 2 a university shouldnt allow u 2 conduct studies & experiments on people outside of it that happen 2 cross ur path- the sociology professor next door, his son has kept popping over for years 2 do just this. First it is just hi, but then, conversations go from politics, to religion to sex & back around. . .NOT raised by us. SAME with some1 whom turned out 2 b a doctoral candidate in ‘addictions’ @ same place…whom introduced himself then, kept ‘bumping’ in2 me & attempting 2 initi8 discussions over my pain, treatment, etc…now trying 2 lend support 2 it being justified & it was & is not.

  7. Permafried Pirate says:

    Heaven’s Gate was a cult. The People’s Temple was a cult. The Branch Davidian was a cult. Westboro Baptist Church is a cult. Mormonism is a cult. Christianity is a cult. Muslim is a cult. Cathollism is a cult. ALL religion is a cult. Pastafarianism is a belief that religions and it’s Invisible Pink Unicorns they rode in on suck the farts out of recently deceased roadkill.

  8. nun ya biz says:

    not evidenced by any of the critical mail -holding it seems mainly christianity above this by compare- but many of the persons ive known whom happen 2 b religious (christian, muslim, jewish main 3 with others trickling in @ respective places) r overall, kind people with good intentions…& any issue some1 had with me seeming 2 b over religion was @ least a couple of times,about having beliefs themselves which had nothing 2 do with some1 else; not really. My having been raised jewish was not an issue for me personally- it became apparent over time when people kept telling me things about it that my people r the sworn enemies of these people & o, that group REALLY doesnt like u…&;o, i didnt know THAT about u…2 where i finally figured religion really had less to do with it than divisions- a math person told me it all comes down 2 that…equations. i cant say. i vaguely recall hearing about heavens gate,,,is that the 1 about the hale bop comet & kool aid, or were these separate? y m i thinking nike sneakers? Now theres an ad campaign that nike would never ever want associated with their co. ..did not do any favors for koolaid, either…which i was not ever very fond of to begin with; when ur drink tastes like food dye & the taste is barely disguised by the sugar content, u rbetter off just toleraring whatever chemicals r in the straight water perhaps…am no nutrition expert either.

    • nun ya biz says:

      NIKE was some sort of god…i was just informed.

      I still wonder about the drinking being promoted, is it safe & moderate @ least- because i once knew a very kind loving person…she had a daughter, a husband…she was killed by a drunk driver. So thats one reason i ask.

      • Pirate Eric says:

        I don’t see how drinking is a reason to fault his noodliness, after all what makes beer worse than wine? It is the duty of all Pastafarians (and everyone else) to consume alcohol beverages responsibly. Let it be written, Let it be done……Arrrrrrrgh!

        • nun sequitur says:

          advocating responsible drinking hurray!

          am eternally grateful…

          i dedicate this response to I.R., whom if she had lived thru the accident that stole her life, would likely not have been not in favor of driving intoxicated…not trying 2 place a damper on any1s choices, just not care 2 c any1 else end up this route…on either end.

          i suggest bikeriding if u absolutely must use any transportation while intoxicated,,, but only if being somehow towed by a non drunk frontrider..because drunk cycling, that really is not so much of an improvement…

          tell u what. have enough cab fare on u 2 make it home from the furthest point u intend 2 go, better yet, take along some1 designated not 2 drink…

        • nun sequitur says:

          Too many nots in there…typos…
          shed have been against drinking & driving.

          not that i m aware of any1 in favor of it…

          i would have used detangler for all the nots, but they were unexpected…

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