Evidence or blasphemy?

Published June 3rd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


While doing research at the National Institutes of Health website, I came across this photograph.  Despite it being labeled as "Treponema," I knew it could only be the Noodly Master, and some organism that causes Syphilis.  Here he is, in all of his magnificence–a perfect specimen.  Ramen.


I find it difficult to believe the FSM causes Syphilis but I can’t deny your evidence. 

26 Responses to “Evidence or blasphemy?”

  1. Big Guy says:

    Of course, we christians used to think for centuries that all diseases, including syphilis, were punishment for sin and were caused by evil spirits. Admitting that microbes cause disease was a painful concession. Still, I can claim that AIDS is caused by a virus, but it is also a plague brought on by humanity as a result of activities of gay people-there is no limit past which my mental acrobatics and contortions will not go. Next thing you know, I will be claiming the common cold virus was unleashed on the world by muslims/pagans/hindus/catholics/jews/mormons (fill in the blank).
    And my IQ is 14 and I am the one and only true big guy.

    • Big Guy says:

      no the one & only Big Guy will be banished to the gray zone purgatory so you’re spurious chide isn’t fooling anyone.

      I do love the fact you are assisting me in becoming the most popular force on this thread..

      & God bless and forgive you for you blasphemes…

      FYI come up with something original instead of reworking my posts

      from the one & only Big Guy

      • Big Guy says:

        Grey is the color of wank juice left out to dry, all my posts are covered in it, I call it ‘spurious chide’, my ‘mighty jiszm’, my ‘pearl cream’, it’s also the answer to the question, “What is that stuff which is gumming up the back of my mouth”.

        from the one & only Big Guy

        & God bless and forgive you for you blasphemes…

      • Big Guy says:

        Yes, no doubt of it…i am the most popular FARCE on this form. 100 percent of today’s posts were by me, the REAL BIG GUY.

        • TiltedHorizon says:

          I never doubted it.

      • TiltedHorizon says:

        “no the one & only Big Guy will be banished to the gray zone purgatory so you’re spurious chide isn’t fooling anyone.”

        If only the true Biggy gets “banished to the gray zone purgatory” then you must really hate Jesus.


  2. Big Guy says:

    Of course you might think that getting the most thumbs downs and collapsed comments, and inspiring a whole generation of spoofs to have fun at my expense, is not exactly the definition of “popular”. But, as I have amply showed already, I have quite a talent for redefining words to fit my agenda. For instance I insist that creationism should be called “science”. It all fits in the broader category of Lying for Jebus, in which I am an expert.
    PS Some people think the only true “big guy” is the fictitious bearded man in the sky, but again as I have clearly shown, delusional earthlings can also claim that mantle.

  3. DVDA says:

    Treponema is a puny imitation of His Noodlyness, where are the huge meaty balls?

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