Is it time for an FSM billboard?

Published June 7th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

billboard2Can you picture it?  It could be amazing, if we do it right.  I’ve mentioned it before and had mixed responses.  Here are my thoughts:

It can’t be negative.  As an example, I was not a fan of the You Know It’s A Myth banners put up by the American Atheists.  


I am in favor of the AA’s substantive causes but I found this billboard campaign smug and petty (I feel the same about campaigns to remove Christmas trees from public venues). 

The high road.  If we put up a billboard, it must be a positive message – it must promote us and our ideals, not attack another group.  Satire and nonsense are great, attacking Christianity is boring and counter-productive.  I have no problem slamming Cthulhu and/or the IPU (She is in my drawing, also btw).

Send me your ideas/drawings. I’ll post them here. What would make a good billboard?  A pirate ship “full of beer and strippers”?  That might be interesting.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a drawing of the Beer Volcano.  Send your submissions to me and we can decide what would look best.  We’ll worry about paying for the billboard space next.

Submissions (so far):


#1.  See the World, by Doug.


#1(b). Have you been touched, by Doug.



#2. Try Pasta, by Jo (Cardinal Fang)



#3. Touching, by Dan.



#4.  Teaching our children the truth, by Wayne.



#5.  Try FSM, by Kelly.



#6.  Main course for the soul, by Younger.




#7.  Two designs, by Doug.



#8.  I’d really rather you didn’t, by Jeffrey.

470 Responses to “Is it time for an FSM billboard?”

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  1. Spammyboy says:

    A stripper in evocative piratical underwear, hat and eyepatch. That’ll get people’s attention!

  2. CaptainSpork says:

    @ Spammyboy

    There are a very few UK schools teaching it, but I meant that creationism is spreading a little in general here, not specifically in education. Not a lot, but we don’t want any.

  3. allan says:

    False God rejection is the best thing we can ever do.

  4. Doug Morgan says:

    http://www.doug-morgan.com/Billboard/ has been updated with a new mock-up based on Raniolution’s suggestion.

  5. Marf says:

    So far I like 1b the best.

  6. lapubell says:

    vote for 1B. how much does it cost for a billboard anyway?

    • Adrian D. says:

      Quite a lot, I’m afraid. Though, I’m sure some can be diverted from the Pirate Ship’s fund.

  7. PASTAAAAAAA! says:

    While I like 1a, i think I’ll vote for 2. It has a lighter view that makes people relax a little more.

  8. Will says:

    I like 1B the best. Put it somewhere that it’ll get a lot of attention.

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