Is it time for an FSM billboard?

Published June 7th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

billboard2Can you picture it?  It could be amazing, if we do it right.  I’ve mentioned it before and had mixed responses.  Here are my thoughts:

It can’t be negative.  As an example, I was not a fan of the You Know It’s A Myth banners put up by the American Atheists.  


I am in favor of the AA’s substantive causes but I found this billboard campaign smug and petty (I feel the same about campaigns to remove Christmas trees from public venues). 

The high road.  If we put up a billboard, it must be a positive message – it must promote us and our ideals, not attack another group.  Satire and nonsense are great, attacking Christianity is boring and counter-productive.  I have no problem slamming Cthulhu and/or the IPU (She is in my drawing, also btw).

Send me your ideas/drawings. I’ll post them here. What would make a good billboard?  A pirate ship “full of beer and strippers”?  That might be interesting.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a drawing of the Beer Volcano.  Send your submissions to me and we can decide what would look best.  We’ll worry about paying for the billboard space next.

Submissions (so far):


#1.  See the World, by Doug.


#1(b). Have you been touched, by Doug.



#2. Try Pasta, by Jo (Cardinal Fang)



#3. Touching, by Dan.



#4.  Teaching our children the truth, by Wayne.



#5.  Try FSM, by Kelly.



#6.  Main course for the soul, by Younger.




#7.  Two designs, by Doug.



#8.  I’d really rather you didn’t, by Jeffrey.

470 Responses to “Is it time for an FSM billboard?”

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  1. hammer says:

    Wow you guys are really funny nice satire, and your god looks like a great breakfast. :)

    • LtSarge says:

      I would help fund such a venture. You guys should set up a Pay Pal or an online fundraiser

  2. Keith says:

    Sigh! how boring! No vitriolic curses or threats of hellfire and brimstone. Instead, we get bizarre adverts.

    • Atsap Revol says:

      We may have to start writing hatemail ourselves, Keith. These namby-pamby roboposts and the lukewarm Christian piss and moaners are less than a challenge to our razor-sharp wits and skepticism. Maybe we should invite Big Guy back for another round of his insults and stupidity…nah, we’re not that desperate.

      Atsap Revol, Pastafarian Prelate

      • Keith says:

        Funnily enough, I was feeling a bit nostaligic and may even tolerate the return (or is tht revenge?) of Big Guy. I’d draw the line at Nun Sequitur as I have misplaced my Martian dictionary.

      • Keith says:

        Damn: spelling error. Please read “that” for tht.

  3. become famous says:

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  4. Jan Jensen says:

    Your post was a nice read. Thank you.

  5. Trisha Bowers says:

    I’m no artist, but some of the folks out there are. How about something along the lines of the “Co-exist” bumper sticker, but with Cthulu, the IPU, and similar “competition” invoked, rather than the currently-used Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and other symbols.

    Yours truly,

    Tricia, the Jewish Pastafarian (of COURSE they don’t conflict – I’m Reform) ;-)

  6. Brandon says:

    #1. See the World, by Doug. is (I think) the best idea of them all!!!!

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