Art Gallery sighting

Published June 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


I went to an art gallery today. Only one piece caught my eye – Sfumato by Teresita Fernandez (attached). It’s a sign! What do you think it means?


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  1. StJason says:

    SfuMATO? As in the ToMATO, the holy vegetable that composes the sauce to adorn His Blessed Noodles?
    Truly the heretics of Alfredo have been disproved! No longer can they claim a place at the table with the One True Sauce (and forget those Pesto losers). REDSAUCE REIGNS SUPREME!

  2. TiltedHorizon says:

    Without question this is to honor our FSM. His initials are cleverly coded in the title: ‘SFuMato’. And as if further proof is warranted, StJason correctly points out it is phonetically similar to ToMATO.

    Praise be the pasta.

  3. Tracy Meyers says:

    Art is in the eye of the beerholder. Put your goggles on, it is definitely the FSM.

    • Brennana says:

      My beerholder keeps my hand from freezing how ’bout yours?

  4. Big Guy says:

    @ TiltedHorizon aka warped view
    Oh now you pretend to be civil but we really know how childishly vile your chide can be don’t we?

    This dudes messed up I wouldn’t want him near my church

    • Atsap Revol says:

      Do not fret Biggie, Tilted Horizon has no intention of getting near your silly little church. Why not reciprocate and get the hell away from our church? You, Biggie, are a messed up dude if there ever was one.

      Atsap Revol
      (There, Biggie, I’ve baited you once again. We can hardly wait for your “thoughtful” response.)

    • Big Guy says:

      Good thing there are pastafarians, otherwise I would never know how many “vials” of vile I am.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      I am civil but only to people who see me as a person. You have little right to complaining about how I treat you when you offer no respect to anyone. For the record, I love that you continue to show off your version of “Christian love”, there are more and more Christians posting for the sole purpose of distancing themselves from the mockery you have turned faith into.

    • tekHedd says:

      Move along. Nothing to see here.

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      Civil says the guy who is threatens us with eternal suffering and enjoys the thought of it. I don’t want you in my church either.

      • Brennana says:

        Who would?

        • Brennana says:

          of corse that was directed to Big Guy (I don’t want anything to do with him/her)

  5. Big Guy says:

    “art is what you can get away with”
    Andy Warhol

    • Big Guy says:

      Like the works of Michael Angelo.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      That Andy Warhol works well for Religion as well.

  6. stylusmobilus says:

    StJason and TiltedHorizon have covered it. I can add no more. Sauce Be With You Ben, for He has revealed himself unto you.


  7. tekHedd says:

    Does it always have to be a sign *of* something? Can’t it just be, you know, generically significant?

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