Art Gallery sighting

Published June 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


I went to an art gallery today. Only one piece caught my eye – Sfumato by Teresita Fernandez (attached). It’s a sign! What do you think it means?


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  1. higz says:

    Another sighting.

  2. Langleyo says:

    Wow. This is profound. I’m having a Double Rainbow experience. It feels kinda spiritual so I guess I must be a Pastafarian. The image kinda reminds me of a squadron of bluebottles flying in formation.

  3. zeliasgrand says:

    I believe that the image provided by sister Fernandez is the FSM himself, briefly hovering over a pot of boiling water. It is the moment before he prepares to give his life for us. Or perhaps it is the image created by the shaky hand of an elderly librarian as she clutches a wet typewriter ribbon over a sheet of blank paper. Nonetheless, I feel “spoken to” in a profound and significant fashion.

    As a new convert, I have a question: where does the community stand on the issue of premade sauces? Truth or error?

  4. I hate Moussaka says:

    it brings me tears seeing Ben spaghetising a conceptual artwork.A real mind snatcher, like St Paul the Christian Goebbels

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