Tasmania Rally Evangelism

Published May 20th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


2500 people at a rally to oppose a new pulp mill here in Tasmania, Australia. 3 people approached me to tell me how awesome FSM is (his noodles be praised!), and 2497 people looked at me like I was a nut-job. The things we do to get the good word out…

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  1. Keith says:

    I agree that the FSM would not like pulp mills. After all, they stink and pollute the mountains and valleys he created (not to mention suffocating the midgets who will be unable to stick their heads above the pollution). My sister in law used to live near a pulp mill in Tasmania. She said she was glad when she moved to Adelaide.

  2. FrogEsq says:

    Any news on the apocalypse? It should have started in Tasmania by now, right? ;)

    • threonin says:

      Here in Austria it’s 11:20 a.m. and the weathers fine! I think I’ll spend the apocalypse gardening.

      • threonin says:

        Oh no, my poolthermometer vanished, it must have been raptured! We are doomed!

    • sillyfrog says:

      Washington state USA, nothing here. Maybe something did happen and they couldn’t hold on to the clouds.

      • threonin says:

        Only a small thunderstorm passed by, not to unusual for the weather in the last days, but it’s gone by now. Guess my poolthermometer was the only “person” worthy of the rapture, but as it is clearly shown in this stupid commercial where St. Peter blackmails George Clooney for a coffee machine, which of course is absolute scientific proof, god is only interested in things he has a use for. All those souls would be too much of a hassle. I’m sure they’re laughing their asses of by now, having a pool party. Oh well, already got a new one, this time it obviously must be heathen, because it’s still here.

    • raviolution says:

      blue skies here in kansas, apparently the rapture isnt taking the form of a tornado or flying cow.

  3. Pastafreemason says:

    Its been and gone….. the closest thing to trumpets I heard was a cricket outside…….

  4. Atsap Revol says:

    Here in Oregon (USA) the Apocalypse is eagerly awaited. So far, there have been no earthquakes or other signs of impending doom. Oh, oh, what’s that I feel…a sensation of lightness (*BRAPPPP, passes gas*)…now it’s gone. Must have been something I ate.

    Happy Apocalypse. Big Guy.

    Pasta Blessings To All
    Atsap Revol

    • Randy says:

      Its all sunshiney and nice here in Pennsylvania as well. Perhaps its true…..perhaps santajeebs only pays attention to the red states. I wonder whats going on there?

      Buh-bye rednecks, and don’t let Saint Peter take your guns at the Pearly Gates!

      • raviolution says:

        i have a brother and sister who worship the ground obama and hitlery walk on and are extreme xtians….i dont think politics really plays a role in your religious views.

    • Keith says:

      It’s 16.5 degrees c at the moment in Adelaide (about 61 deg farenheit) and cloudy. There is going to be wind and rain today but I would hardly class it as any god’s judgement. My O/h and I are going to the gymn today instead of praying fervently in church so I’m sure god will ignore us.

      • Pastafreemason says:

        Yay another Adelaidian!

    • stylusmobilus says:

      It didn’t happen. I didn’t even get left behind to get burned, disease poxed, or eaten by locusts. This sucks man. Jesus dude, you lied to me, and I want a refund. It’s also sad that Australia claims to be such a free country yet a state of Australia is controlled at a governmental level by a company. In Tasmania’s case, it’s Gunns Timber.

      The FSM wrote a document for Canadian citizens called the Canadian Human Rights Act. Australia should ask the FSM for a copy.

      • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        I was soooo looking forward to the most extreme fundies vanishing. Oh, well…

        • Randy says:

          Well, better luck in October.

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  6. allan says:

    It really makes me laugh a bit. Stinky stuff but you made my day by the picture

  7. icurhuman2 says:

    My kids (Australian), girl 12 and boy 14, want t-shirts and stuff and I want to be ordained but it appears the ordination plaque and certificate are only for U.S. delivery. can someone do something for us FSM believers way down here in Australia?

    • Sky says:

      I would help you, but I don’t know anything about shipping worldwide. Sorry :(

    • OPAS says:

      You can get a US address for shipping, then have your items forwarded to Australia. :) See http://bit.ly/jD61qq

  8. argade says:

    i am bringing the word of his noodlyness to the workers of the JNl triboard mill on Kaitaia, New Zealand. It does stink a bit here to. But they pay me quite a lot, which I use to celibrate the holly day every friday :)

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