Pastover event

Published May 6th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


A bunch of groups in Sacramento, including Sacramento Freethinkers Atheists and Nonbelievers, Sacramento Area Skeptics, Atheists and Other Freethinkers recently had a Pastover event.

Among the many pirate events I created this cake to celebrate his noodliness (Red velvet inside, in celebration of tomato sauce). We also ate pasta and meatballs.



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  1. wulff says:

    To all my Pastafarian brethren and sistren, while we of the true faith have no organization as such, any who are in the vicinity of or can easily get to Port Washington, WI from June 3rd-5th, they are once again having the Port Washington Pirate Festival. It might be fun for some of us to gather there and celebrate the FSM’s acolytes. For information about the event, go to http://portpiratefestival.com. I hope to see some of you there.

  2. Big Guy says:

    An atheist by definition means you are the one who should be tolerant of others. Atheist shouldn’t live for the hope of spoiling a Christians belief.

    Because you believe in nothing you seek direction and a sense of purpose, because you believe in nothing you seek vision truth and in your secret place you seek salvation. But this crazy FSM aka bin Laden distraction fills your wanting wanton lives. You crave knowledge truth and yes a secret salvation. But you foolishly risk your souls…

    • Big Guy says:

      There’s nothing quite like the smell of heathens sizzling on Hell’s barbecue in the morning…smells like…Victory! It gives me a little tingle in my secret place.

      • Big Guy says:

        Another thig that gives me a tingle in my secret place is a nice hard one.

        • Big Guy says:

          Which one of you athiest pasta nuts is posting to this form using my name? You will burn in hell for eternity. God does not forgive suck behavor.

        • Big Guy says:

          Will the reel Big Guy please stand up.

        • stylusmobilus says:

          Take it and love it. You’re an unwelcome visitor here. If the oven’s too hot get out of the kitchen.

    • puppygoogoo says:

      Well Big Guy im back.

      Now clown shoes, i can call you clown shoes right? You came to us, we didnt come to you. If you dont like what we have to say…..leave. Now i am pretty sure you have worn out your welcome here so i hope you dont respond. Also to give you a few facts:
      1. We dont believe in god, de3vil, heaven, hell, etc. therefore we cant go there.
      2. Stephen Hawkins latest comment is brilliant and sums up my thoughts quite well.
      3. By coming here and threatening us you have made us annoyed and therefore you will reach 0% of your objectives.
      4. Dont respond we dont care.



  3. Big Guy says:

    An atheist can convince a freight train to take a gravel road

    fortunately Christians fly

    • Big Guy says:

      I was assaulted by a Priest. That cuased me to becom gay.

      • Big Guy says:

        When the Rapture takes place, i will fly up to meet Jesus, but you athiest pastafarians will be left behind to suffer. Then we will see who was right and who was wrong, but it will be to late for you too save your asses. That will be my Victory!

        • Big Guy says:

          When I fly up to meet Jesus I will rapture all over my pants, the thought of all your asses (ooooooh, quiver). Forgive me Jesus, my pants are sticky now.

        • Big Guy says:

          Naaa-Naaa-Naaa-Naaa sticks and stones will break my bones. You aren’t playing fair. Im going to tell Jesus on you.

        • Big Guy says:

          You are a bunch of cowards putting in posts under my name. God will punish you for I am his messengr. When you mess with me you are messing with God. I have given you fair warning.

  4. Hazel says:

    I have to say that I disagree with Ray. He says we should respect both sides of the debate and says that Atsap Revol “twisted the Bible’s message”. First of all, Big Guy deserves no respect from any of us, he is a troll and a stupid troll at that. His ideas deserve no respect because he is a creationist, which is basically complete obliviousness to science and intelligent reasoning. Also, we can only have an intelligent discussion with someone willing to discuss and offer points of view. Saying that we are all evil evil sinners and that we will rot in hell is not intelligent debate. Stop protecting assholes.

    Secondly, all Atsap Revol did was quote the book which is supposedly the guide of good behavior for Christians. If Big Guy wants to wave it around like an idiot, the least we can do is point out the obvious horrors and fallacies behind it.


    • Big Guy says:

      atsap revol (aka pasta lover) is a blasphemus dumbass. He just takes Bible passages out of context to make me and God look stupid. besides, those quotes ain’t really in the Holy Bible. Satan has sneaked them in to trap suckers like you dumb pastafarians. As for respect, you will wish you had given me some when you are cooking in hell. You will be there soon when Jesus returns to earth and you are judged.

      • Big Guy says:

        Better be ready. It will be sooner than you think. Come on Jesus, we are waiting for you to return. Don’t make us wait another 2000 years.

        • Hazel says:

          You’ll be waiting a lot longer than that.

      • Hazel says:

        There is NEVER an excuse to kill children and babies. EVER. Anyone who does it is a horrible person by my standards, whether they are atheist or creationist.

        Ray, see this? You can’t just debate with this guy. He’s just an obnoxious troll. He doesn’t want an intelligent debate, he just wants to insult us.

        You come to a secular website with the sole intention of ruining everyone’s day. And Atheists are the non-tolerant ones? I don’t go to Answers in Genesis and post obnoxious comments.

        P.S.: Ever considered that you could convince more people by being, oh, I don’t know, POLITE and FRIENDLY?

        • Big Guy says:

          You pasta heads are ruining your own days for all of eternity. I have tried to reveal the trueth to you spaghetti worshipers before it is too late for you to save your sorry souls All I get in return is criticism and smartass posts. Now i’m giving you a final warning as God has instructed me to do. How can I be polite and friendly to the likes of you unrepentent pasta nuts? Accept my God and Saviour or burn in hell. Those are your choises. I am gay, but so what?

    • Ray says:

      Hazel, I recognize the Big Guy is not exactly the best person to argue with. No opposition there. The fact that I was seeing his side does not mean I agree with him.

      What I meant by what I said about Atsap was that one or two bible verses does not condemn the entire doctrine. The point of that passage was to establish what was good and what was bad (though from a heavily interpreted point of view), not to promote slaughtering of infants. See, that’s an error in some religions. Passages like that attempt to establish a base moral system through fear of God, not through initiative to be beneficial to society. I understand what he was trying to say, but taking that approach is a bit too shallow and taken out of context. If you want to be critical of the bible (which, by all means, is good), at least understand that the Bible was created as a moral guide that more or less works, and since it was created by man, is not ever perfect.

      One interesting thing I noticed is that Big Guy continually references consequences of damnation to those who do not submit. This is an example of fear of God, instead of initiative. If Big Guy was truly a Christian in the most basic sense, and trust me, I know many, he would’ve attempted to explain intelligently through critical analysis. Big Guy is obviously not a true Christian, since he only understands the face value of the religion, and he’s working on fear of God.

      Big Guy, you don’t convert people by instilling fear or damnation. The Bible doesn’t teach that, and you should know it. How can Atheists fear something they don’t believe in? I think you’d be more effective by engaging in a less forward and blunt manner.

      • Atsap Revol says:


        You say that I’ve taken passages from the Bible “out of context.” Here’s my point: anyone that believes in an absolutely literal meaning of every period and comma in the book must accept the passages about killing infants and stoning people as true. Those parts of the Bible depict a mean, wrathful, jealous, petty God. So those that believe that the ugly parts of the Bible are true must accept the ugly nature of their deity. Of course such people are either unaware of such content, or they blithely proclaim that their God moves in many ways His wonders to perform.

        You make a great point about the allegorical nature of the Bible. My question to you is how do you interpret such cryptic messages? What parts are true and what parts are allegory or myth? How about such basic things as original sin, the Exodus, Noah’s Ark. and did Jesus actually live and if so was he indeed that Son of God? If such things are merely allegories or parables, the basic fabric of Christianity no longer exists.

        Ray, I think you are an agnostic who will accept or believe what actually can be proven. I could be wrong.

        Many Pastafarians share this way of thinking. You may be one of us!

        Atsap Revol

  5. Agustín says:

    I love the eyes!!

  6. Ray says:

    Thank you for presenting a sensible argument, Wolff. I agree with you mostly, but I just have two comments.

    One: acknowledgment of all possibilities, including the possibility of a higher power, is necessary to being open minded. I’m not sure about your personal convictions, but most of the Atheists I’ve met completely reject the idea of God. I don’t like that, since it goes completely against one of their main points: keep an open mind. The point of the Spaghetti Monster is to show that absolutely anything is possible, and it just comes down to the personal quest of finding a conviction to adhere to your moral code.

    Two: the belief in God is personal. It’s excellent that some atheists can detach the message of religion from the metaphor and the things that are added over time, but it’s important to note that not all people can do that. Not everyone can follow a ethical code without a solid, easily understood reason. Personally, I acknowledge the possibility of God while following the ethical code for altruistic reasons. Some people require a more fantastic reason, but that’s personal. The ethical code imposed by religion cannot survive without religion because religion gives a reason to follow the moral code, and religion is the easiest to explain and understand. Not everyone will follow a secular moral code. The next generation of children may be taught the ethics without religion, but I don’t think that the ethics will stick.

    I like to think of it like this: my friend, who is now in his freshman year in Cornell University, has always been a diligent worker and an organized person. But when he left for college, he slacked off and partied for days on, and as a result failed three of his courses. This was because his habits were forced onto him by his parents, and he was kept in line. When he left for college, he felt a sense of complete release, and abandoned his studies.

    The point here is, though my friend was taught the code and the habits, he didn’t understand how and why to use those habits with initiative, since he associated them with his parents forcing him. This is the same as being taught the moral code and not being taught the reason why, or not embracing the idea behind the laws. This can occur to people from within a religious upbringing, and people who aren’t. But in my experience, those brought up Christian don’t abandon these morals because they use the idea of God as a reason to follow these rules. I understand there people who can function without these rules, like you and I, but that’s not for everyone. Children, when they reach a certain age, will attempt to rebel. Now, I’m not promoting religious legalism, but at least understand that religion is a positive motivation for most people when they understand the underlying message of their belief, acknowledge the possibility of other beliefs, keep an open mind, and never make quote the Bible from one’s own tongue.

    Also, Hazel, the bible is quite possibly a metaphor, and a guide for life. Just because the words are said to apply forever, it doesn’t mean every single word of it is meant to be followed verbatim. After all, it’s written by man.

    • wulff says:

      Ray, thanks for responding.

      To your first point, while I can’t speak for all atheists, I don’t necessarily equate a disbelief in a god with disbelief in powers greater than man’s. For example, I believe that there is most likely life on other planets. There is no concrete evidence of this, but I find it unlikely that only this planet in all the universe is capable of sustaining life as we know it, or that other forms of life unlike anything we’ve theorized could exist. And such life could easily have mental or physical abilities that we do not.

      To the second point, I see this as an easily correctable matter of improper teaching methods. To use another Carlin quote, from a discussion of blues music, “It’s not enough to know what notes to play; you need to know WHY they need to be played in the first place.” In the case of your friend, I infer that the problem was that he was never taught to set his own priorities and therefore, he didn’t understand how to set a structure for his own life. And I see this as a common failure these days from most parents: they don’t want to be responsible for the raising of their own children. They would rather rely on schools or churches or television to raise their kids for them, all the while crying about how their children don’t respect them.

      The worst thing you can say to a child is “because I said so.” My roommate learned very early on with her son that all this teaches is to feed intolerance for authority. A good example of this was at the grocery store. Her son was born with no fear of heights and (until reaching his teens) near perfect balance. When he was three, they went grocery shopping, and while she was checking out, she let him go down to the end of the lane to play on the mechanical dinosaur. He proceeded to climb the dinosaur and hang upside-down from its head. The cashier started to panic, understandably worried he would fall and hurt himself, so my roommate asked him to climb down. The child asked “Why?”. If she had said “Because I said so”, the child would have sulked and resented her authority, and might not have come down unless he was dragged off. Instead she said “Because you are making this nice lady nervous, and it isn’t nice to scare people unless it’s Halloween.” The child processed this thought for a second and promptly came down.

      And while you addresses the third point to Hazel, I would like to respond to it. The problem with many if most people who follow x-tianity is that they do not accept that the bible is written by men and therefore may be fallible. They insist that it is the “true word of God” and is unimpeachable, which is the source of many of the conflicts between some of these hate-mailing x-tians and we Pastafarians.

      Let me repeat that it is a pleasure to have cogent and rational arguments with someone who has a dissenting opinion. Your kind is a rarity on this site, sir, and I hope to see more like you visit us in the future.

      • Hazel says:

        Thank you, same here.

    • Hazel says:

      Ray: creationists, like our friend Big Guy said he was, believe that the bible should be construed as actual historic fact, and not as a metaphor (Answers in Genesis refers to it as “the one true history book”). They also believe that the bible was written (or its writing was dictated by) God himself. So…

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      It is my belief that people are essentially good, that they have the ability to distinguish between beneficial and disadvantageous societal behaviors all on their own. Religion, unfortunately, does have an innate ability to muddy the obvious, for some it may be a form of control, silencing bad impulses before being acted on but for others it affords freedom from conscience.

      Take our resident troll for example, he has no issue openly denouncing and dehumanizing others outside of his belief. A rational mind may weigh this type of behavior and perhaps question itself, ultimately determining actions as incorrect or inappropriate. Instead religion has resulted in the opposite of its intended function by freeing actions from reproach and self correction. Like a nameless soldier in the Charge of the Light Brigade: “Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die”. Checks and balances are thrown out when following orders.

      If religion was removed from the equation I think ‘good’ and ‘bad’ would be clearer and easier to discern. Those who are ‘good’ would not change because, honesty, nothing is more life affirming or satisfying then extending a helping hand to those in need. Those who are ‘bad’ would likely continue to do so, such is human nature. The biggest impact would be to those who ride the line between, suddenly there would be no faith to represent, only actions, which would put them directly in society’s crosshairs. Without religion, all action becomes accountable, there would be no escaping the man in the mirror and societal judgement.

  7. Ray says:

    I have a feeling that Big Guy just trolled us.

    • Big Guy says:

      Ray, Wulff, and other fools,

      The Bible is a literal record of God’s actions. Of course humans wrote the pages and later printed them on printing presses. But everything in the Bible is a true record. If God hadn’t wanted some passages to appear in the book, He would not have had them included. Yes there is a literal hell and those that aren’t saved will spend eternity their. i’m just giving fair warning on behalf of God.

      • puppygoogoo says:

        Big Guy,

        Then why are all four gospels different? Surely god would have seen that screw up coming. Also why are there so many contradictions in the bible (see previous posts for links)? Is this human error in translation? Finally, can you learn to spell, your use of there, their, they’re is all wrong.


        • wulff says:

          For that matter, do we really need 4 gospels? Couldn’t a good editor have combined all four books into one non-contradictory gospel? My personal favorite is “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff” by Christopher Moore. For everyone who has ever agreed with Ghandi’s quote “I like your Christ, but I don’t like your Christians”, this is a great read.

          I will also recommend “God: The Ultimate Autobiography” by the ‘Holy Ghost-Writer’ Jeremy Pascal.

        • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          There are 4 gospels because those were the finalists picked from a pool of dozens back in the 4th and 5th centuries. From Wikipedia: Irenaeus declared that the four he espoused were the four “Pillars of the Church”: “it is not possible that there can be either more or fewer than four” he stated, presenting as logic the analogy of the four corners of the earth and the four winds (3.11.8). His image, taken from Ezekiel 1, or Revelation 4:6-10, of God’s throne borne by four creatures with four faces—”the four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and the four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle”—equivalent to the “four-formed” gospel, is the origin of the conventional symbols of the Evangelists: lion, bull, eagle, man. Irenaeus was ultimately successful in declaring that the four gospels collectively, and exclusively these four, contained the truth.” So there you are – only four because of some hallucination.

      • Big Guy says:

        This last posts by my impostor @ 9:43PM 6:42PM 4:59PM 4:26PM etc.. aren’t even close to my intellect you fucking idiot!

        Monkey man aka insightful ape aka Jihadist American hater give it up because “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
        Abraham Lincoln

        from the one and only real Big Guy
        FSM aka bin Laden is dead man

        • puppygoogoo says:

          ha ha ha ha, they are funny though.

        • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          Being a religious zealot, you have a lot more in common with bin Laden than us, so why bring him up, Big Gay?

  8. Rev Toni Rigatoni says:

    To all my fellow pastafarians, have a happy rapture tommorrow! See you all Sunday.

    The Reverend

    • threonin says:

      Just heard of this stupid rapture thing today, you really must have some serious trouble with those fundis in America, here in Europe we hardly have any. Just know one of them personally and thankfully he’s not the hate preaching kind, even if he suffers from the same evidence immunity as most of them.
      Well, the world ends on a regular basis, so what… If this rapture fails, there’s still the end of the mayan calendar next year and I’m sure everyone can pick the date of the apocalypse which best fits his personal needs from his favorite sect, there’s plenty of choice.

      • Keith says:

        Spot on with that analysis. Presumably the good guys will be disappearing over here at the end of the day as it is already the 21st in Australia. But, of course, we all know that the universe revolves around America in some people’s eyes so I suppose it won’t happen until tomorrow….but then it won’t happen anyway unless some dangerous clown pushes the red button.

        • threonin says:

          The only people disappearing on the various apocalypses tend to be those committing mass suicide. I believe this falls under natural selection. Unless they do as you say in an attempt to slay the unfaithful…
          Those dates aren’t that exact anyway, they tend to be postponed a couple of times due to “miscalculations”. It’s really fun how they get to them in the first place, they approximate the distance between “historic events” in obscure and inaccurate texts, sum them up and what results is the date of yet another apocalypse. Naturally that leaves a lot of place for inaccuracies, so it’s easy to say, oops, got a number wrong, it’ll be next year. Repeat infinitely. At least they’re doing some math and it keeps them occupied. Just a shame that they try to pass it off as science…

        • wulff says:

          We were discussing this in my house the other day. “What time will the rapture occur?” We eventually decided it would be at the stroke of midnight Jerusalem time, which would have been 4 hours ago as I type this, so I guess not.

          I also have a thought that the rapture only applies to those who ‘get it right’. So somewhere, 1 little old lady has mysteriously vanished without a trace, but everyone else is stuck here.

        • Keith says:

          Well wulff, if it helps to get shot of dip shits like Big Girl’s Blouse (oops, Big Guy) then I’m all for it.

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