Pastover event

Published May 6th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


A bunch of groups in Sacramento, including Sacramento Freethinkers Atheists and Nonbelievers, Sacramento Area Skeptics, Atheists and Other Freethinkers recently had a Pastover event.

Among the many pirate events I created this cake to celebrate his noodliness (Red velvet inside, in celebration of tomato sauce). We also ate pasta and meatballs.



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  1. Keith says:

    Love it. As with so many cakes shown on this site it looks delicious. How many people attended by the way?

  2. puppygoogoo says:

    Thats hilarious. love it. was it a talking point?

  3. tekhedd says:

    What a great cake! His noodle look pleasingly noodly, and the meatballs look quite realistic. Quite a relief to hear that it’s actually cake flavored…I’m not sure I’d want to eat cake-and-real-meatballs.

  4. Dman96 says:

    Nice! you’ve got some cake making skills!

  5. Kevin Zimmerman says:

    What a beautiful rendition of our Savory Savior! It inspires reverence–really!

  6. Big Guy says:

    Freethinker is an oxymoron when referring to Atheist. The very fact your end game is to discredit and attack Christendom is anything but freethinking. By virtue of the means to your end you all have a narrow mind set without the vision and glory God can bring to your otherwise wasted lives. You are all captive, jailed within you own hearts that have been hardened by your collective hate.

    • Slurreydude says:

      Freethinker is an oxymoron when referring to the True Beleivers. The very face your end game is to discredit, and attack anyone who doesnt beleive the way you do, is anything but freethinking. By virtue of the means to your end (damn that looks odd) you have a narrow mind set without the sanity and logic opening your mind can bring to your otherwise hypocritical and bigoted wasted life. You are captive, jailed if you will, by your own jaded heart that has been poisoned by the lies you have swallowed from your christian buybull.

    • Atsap Revol says:

      BIG GUY,

      Speaking of hardened hearts, was god playing fair when He hardened the Pharaoh’s heart so that he would not let the Israelites go? By so doing, God could administer the next of the Ten Plagues that beset Egypt. The tenth plague was the doozy in which God killed every first-born in Egypt (except for the first-born of Jews that smeared sheep’s blood over their doorways).

      Oh, come on Big Guy. Answer this question instead of coming back with more evasive bullshit. I’m trying to see how your God can be merciful and kind when he murders little kids and women. Since you are His self-appointed spokesperson, do your duty.

      Atsap Revol, The Pastafarian Pilgrim

      • Big Guy says:

        so what

        • Baby RAmen says:

          RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE! Big Guy can’t argue with that.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Hmmm. Anyone one notice how “Christendom” sounds just like “Christian-DUMB”? Something to think about.

      • Ray says:

        That’s pretty insulting. Are you really being constructive by saying that?

        • TiltedHorizon says:

          It was a play on words which was constructed explicitly to sting, it therefore meets the definition of ‘constructive’ as it does serve a purpose: mine.

          BTW, I am just explaining the mindset of the post, not rekindling the flames.

        • Hazel says:

          constructive? really? are you a grade school teacher? In this context, TiltedHorizon is being pretty polite.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Your right, we should all think the same way you do, if we all thought exactly like you do (which is exactly like someone taught them, which is exactly like someone taught them, which is exactly like someone taught them,……etc ) then we would be freethinkers.

  7. TimmyAnn says:

    Amazing cake! Bet it tasted as good as it looked, too!

  8. Ray says:

    To all those who responded to Big Guy (and to Big Guy himself):

    I’m sure the point of the message of His Noodliness is beyond the cynical confines of what I see to be rather closed minded individual’s perspective. This thread seems to exemplify the very same one-sidedness that this religion set out to prevent, whether it be atheist or Christian. By rejecting, ignoring, and outright twisting the argument and message of the opposing argument (talkin’ to you, Atsap), the typical atheist is afflicted with the same exact sort of negative behavior legalistic organized religion and closed minded Christians have come to exemplify.

    Understand that although I’m a Christian (by the loosest definition, I must admit), I don’t reject any ideas like some of my more closed-minded religious friends do (and for the matter, like some of my closed-minded Atheist friends do). I’m not burning crosses or bombing buildings, but I’m also not making hypocritical statements and tasteless puns.

    Atsap, your argument doesn’t really make much sense. I’m not sure if you’re trying to disprove God or make an ill-informed psychoanalysis on God itself based on the description of its actions made by a person’s interpretation of it. If you could kindly state your argument in a clear, concise manner, I would be gladly engage in an intelligent discussion with you.

    Great cake, by the way.

    • Big Guy says:

      Finally someone who sees the truth in this hypocrisy passed off as religion. Ray you‘re the man.

      • Ray says:

        That’s not my point, Big Guy. I’m not attacking FSM, I’m mediating the ground between closed-minded Christians who misunderstand FSM like you and closed-minded atheists who misunderstand FSM like Atsap. In fact, just by saying what you said, you’ve contributed nothing or agreed to anything I’ve actually said.

        • Ray says:

          Let me clarify something: Big Guy, you’re also doing this. Before you pass judgement on the atheist movement, try to learn more about it. Maybe it’ll influence your belief.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      First off, congrats on getting the joke. Secondly, this site is whatever you make it to be. If you want intelligent discussion on theology, we can offer that. If you want to start flame wars, assuming there is nothing better to do, we can offer that too. (As Biggy can attest)

      I am not sure what kind of relationship you have with your Atheist friends, you may or may not feel free to ask them questions on why they have come to their conclusions. Let me take a moment to explain that Atheism is largely a “conclusion” formed by those who were once religious, we therefore are well versed on the bible, the teachings of our former churches, and the general mindset of believers. I’m a former Catholic BTW.

      I believe Atsap was pointing out the general contradiction involved with a ‘loving’ god killing the first born children of Egypt. Obviously, had human hands killed these children, the person responsible would be correctly labeled the worst kind of murderer. Since it was god, no one bats an eye….. your thoughts?

      • Ray says:

        I’m sorry, but read my wall of text below. I forgot to address it to you guys!

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