On The Eve Of The Rapture

Published May 21st, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

. . . as i gazed upon the octopodes
consorting in the waves
i saw between their writhing toes
the one who us has saved.


83 Responses to “On The Eve Of The Rapture”

  1. TimmyAnn says:

    Well, I saw Camping on TV today (for real) and he says we are all currently in Judgement Day and the actual physical end of the world will take place on October 21st. My birthday is October 30th, so I will expect my presents early this year!

    • Keith says:

      You’d better make certain you get plenty of them because he/she who dies with the most toys wins.

    • Keith says:

      I wonder what the big deal is with the number 21? Is it a multiplication of the “sacred” numbers 3 & 7 or is it, as I suspect, the highest number he is able to count to?

      • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        That’s right. He uses all his fingers and toes, and uh…how do I put this?

        • TimmyAnn says:

          No, theFewtheProudtheMarinara, because that would be twenty and a half.

      • Pirate Johnson says:

        Even Jim Carey helped perpecuate this paranoid obsession. IDK, Made A+++++++++++++++++++++s N math & still haven’t grasped the concept of this. With hardly any more education in the human mentality than average, I assume that it’s imply the perpectualization of the term amongst group therapy sessions @ a nut house, leading up to the movie writer’s release which led to an even more amassed spread of the term.
        …or was it 23… IDGAF really

      • stylusmobilus says:

        It’s half of 42

        • Greg says:

          so where’s the other half of the answer to the ultimate question?

  2. Pirate Johnson says:

    ^ Found this as a search result.
    1.any of various octopods (order Octopoda) having a soft, saclike body, a reduced coelom, an internal vestigial shell, and eight sucker-bearing arms around the mouth
    2.anything suggesting an octopus; esp., an organization with branches that reach out in a powerful and influential manner
    I assume the ycomsider theirselve 2 B the later of the 2…

  3. Steve says:

    Arrgh, among His 144,000 noodly appendages there was no place for me. :(


    • Keith says:

      That was worth reading!

  4. Keith says:

    My O/H just brought up a point of interest but it’s a bit off topic. How can a religion that believes in the immaculate conception possibly object to in vitro fertilisation? Are they frightened of the competition?

    • TimmyAnn says:

      I’m guessing you mean the Divine Conception. Contrary to popular misconception (no pun intended) the Immaculate Conception refers to when Mary herself was conceived free of original sin. The conception of Jesus was the Divine Conception.

      • Keith says:

        Well, I learn something new everyday!

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  6. DreamProxies says:

    Audio began playing when I opened this site, so irritating!

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