Noodle Chewbacca

Published May 26th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Chewbacca is camouflaged in a food jungle.  [Link to original source, disposableaardvarksinc]

Thanks to Cre for sending in this photo.  

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  1. stylusmobilus says:

    I noticed too the meatballs/patties at the base of Chewie, who has definitely been Touched.

  2. Rumpofsteelskin says:

    Praise the FSM!!!

    for this sign he has given us proves his existence!

    Did he not say unto us that there is a father, a son, and a holy ghost?
    Did he not say that he would send The Son to save us?
    Did he not say that The Holy Ghost would guide us?
    Was it not true that the (Roman) Empire tried to stop The Son spreading his message
    Was it not true that an angel descended from the heavens to tell The Son his purpose (Though in the case of C3P0 it was more of a fairy :P)

    Mayhap FSM forgot to mention (possibly because he was drunk) that during the fifth book of our lord, The Father “enlightened” The Son of his right hand.

    His Noodlyness may not thought it worth mentioning that The Holy Ghost tried to show The Father the true path, but instead The Father chose to walk the path of “The Whiny Emo”!

    But fear not my brothers and sisters, for even though the book we call “The Bible” may be an incomplete account. Our lord has given us a sign in the Ramen! He has shown us the holy Wookiee, so that we shall never forget the the value of befriending 8 foot violently aggressive creatures…

    So I beseech you all; go find the biggest, hairiest, most aggressive mammal you can find and give it a hug. Remembering always that no harm can possibly come to you, as you have the blessing of a higher power.


    • The flying spaghetti monster says:

      Yeah, didn’t tell you beautiful creations of mine that the next day because I was extremely hungover. Sorry.


  3. Big Guy says:

    Big Guy is easy to spot. My posts are immediately banished to gray purgatory. I post from the heart not from my ass hole like the crush-myster’s who attempt to impersonate the one and only Big Guy. Quid pros quo!

    Really interesting and kind of poignantly cool that I could engender so much vilified contempt from these childish cowards. Ces piqûres n’a pas de sable !

    Vos infirmus fuckers have haud sand
    Vado fuck vestri selves

    • Big Guy says:

      Yes, I condemn you all from the heart. I denounce and dismiss you all because I care and because it creates a reality where I can feel superior; it serves to distract me from my otherwise worthless existence. I post nonsensical contributions because, like prayer, it gives me the satisfaction of doing something without actually having to do something.

      So stop trying to undermine my attempts at undermining you. I win! I have a 140 I.Q. Odious!

    • lolhoofd says:

      seems our big boy found a latin site to copy paste from
      if anyone here coud read latin he porbly LOL at the sentence mistakes

      • Big Guy says:

        “probly” OMG LOL

        pot calling the kettle black….

        I post 1000% more than you in such I will make a few mistakes but you hardly have anything here what’s your excuse?

        God Bless one & all

        • The flying spaghetti monster says:

          Umm… Did you mean to refer to me as “god”?


  4. Big Guy says:

    Quid Pros Quo lolhoofd

    again my impostor’s odious attempts at passing himself off as me are
    useless given his inferior intellect…

    the real Big Guy post’s are immediately banished to gray purgatory

    so we all know who the one & only Big Guy truly is…

    • Big Guy says:

      Yes, we all know who the one & only Big Guy is: an odious troll and a flaming asshole, that’s who (what?) Big Guy is.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Another sign is the stunning amount of poor grammar. Note how little punctuation and capitalization is used, a tell-tale sign that only one hand is being used for typing. I wonder what activity is keeping that other hand busy?

      (Hint: Starts with a “W” ends withing a “g”, contains “ankin” between the two )

  5. Scorpy says:

    This is blasphemous! It is making a mockery of His Noodlyness. How dare you attempt to depict His Noodlyness in a picture, never mind as a Wookie?

    • The flying spaghetti monster says:



  6. Big Guy says:

    fsm aka bin Laden is dead & buried at sea.


  7. Big Guy says:

    Yea, verily, whosoever posteth in my Holy Name shall suffer the judgment and shall dwell eternally in agony, burning in the flames of Hell, for i am a jealous and wrathful Big Guy. But like God, i loves you!

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