Lab Accident Sighting

Published May 14th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


I accidentally melted pipette tips boxes in a 180°C oven in my lab.  I think its a sign!


I do too.

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  1. Gargotaire says:


    I must try it!

  2. xxicenturyboy says:

    It is a sign! A sign not to leave blue pipette tips in 180 C oven. But it is a good sign nonetheless. R’Amen.

    • stylusmobilus says:

      This is definitely a sign. In fact, it might even be visual prophecy of how in His RApture, He will cover the world with His Noodly Appendages, represented here in heavenly blue, to show Him descending from the sky.

      Repent your sins now before it is too late! Belief in false gods and idolatry will result in eternal damnation! Stop fasting, and get to your nearest Italian restaurant now! He is coming! I see Him, in His glory! The sauce coverth me!


      • Brian Fritzen says:



  3. Theredbaron says:

    It was no accident. You have been touched by his noodley appendage. He guided your hand. Praise be FSM!

    My the rice be with you. Always.

    • janmcbaker says:

      Shouldn’t that be ‘May the rice noodles be with you?’ That sounds more Pastafarian to me, anyway.

      • Theredbaron says:

        SIgh, I am a loser. FSM must have chose me to mess with.

        • Brian Fritzen says:

          I always liked:

          Sauce be with you. And in this case: May the Sauce Be with You. (reply: And also with you.)

  4. lolhoofd says:

    wat seems intresting is that there a 2 sourses of his noodlyness unlike the normal 1
    in this picture
    maybe the sign of somting important to hapen to us?


    • Atsap Revol says:


      I like your style. Your writing resembles the speech of the crocodiles in the comic strip “Pearls Before Swine.”

      Pasta Blessings on You,

      • lolhoofd says:

        not natief english
        mainy learned from movies :D

  5. Big Guy says:

    @ monkey man aka Insightful Ape
    an atheist homosexual asks a Christian heterosexual “why are you always pushing me around and talking behind my back? The Christian replies because you’re in a wheel chair.

    and pasta lover your style well “don’t waste what what little you have left…

    • Dman96 says:

      seriously big guy, your trolling comments are getting worse and worse. this means absolutely nothing to any of us. in fact, your senseless rambling has even lost comedic value, even with me (and i consider myself to have a pretty good sense of humor). you’ve been reduced to senseless rambling about this kind of crap, and straight up belittling. plus, with all the comments i’ve seen you post, i’m beginning to wonder how much time you spend on this site, and whether or not you actually have a life. shouldn’t you be in church or something?

      So, my pasta bretheren, i feel this to be a sign, a sign that we are winning the fight, not only against big guy, but against all these other hateful religious nuts.

      @Pasta Lover, you’re awesome. keep it up.

      • Big Guy says:

        Pasta Lover or Atsap Revol, as he sometimes calls himself, is a blasphemus athiest who will burn in hell. Many of you other pastafarians will be there too, twisting and turning as the flames roast your sorry asses. The very thought of this Victory gives me a hard-on, because i’m into S&M in a Big way. A little pain purifies the soul to the Glory of Jesus.

        • raviolution says:

          Victory?? so religion boils down to smack-talk before the game day that will never come. tell you what, you can keep sitting in the pews on your side of the stadium with your ugly-ass ‘winged’ cheerleaders throwing tons of money at your greedy child molesting/coaches while your ‘team’ runs out onto the field spreading anger, fear and hatred with little results from those of us who understand how you guys like to brainwash the young and scare the elderly. ‘Victory’ will be ours and besides, our cheerleaders are a hell of a lot hotter than yours.

    • SouleSlayere says:

      Oh my god! You are the coolest guy ever! Going on to religious sites that you don’t like and informing everybody on there that you don’t like what they are doing, or them for that matter. I REALLY look up to you. You mother must be so proud. Your kids must be proud that you’re their father when they’re in school, as the teacher tells them all about how logic and reason are good, and that evolution makes sense, and all that Satin bullshit you fight so strongly against.

      And of course the christian would be heterosexual! GOD HATES GAYS!!!

  6. wulff says:

    To all my Pastafarian brethren and sistren, while we of the true faith have no organization as such, any who are in the vicinity of or can easily get to Port Washington, WI from June 3rd-5th, they are once again having the Port Washington Pirate Festival. It might be fun for some of us to gather there and celebrate the FSM’s acolytes. For information about the event, go to http://portpiratefestival.com. I hope to see some of you there.

    • Pesto says:

      I will check my schedule – I’m only about an hour away. Sounds like fun!!

    • Encyclodpedia Brit says:

      So lucky!! Have a big turn out and take lots of pictures!

  7. Big Guy says:

    An atheist by definition means you are the one who should be tolerant of others. Atheist shouldn’t live for the hope of spoiling a Christians belief.

    Because you believe in nothing you seek direction and a sense of purpose, because you believe in nothing you seek vision truth and in your secret place you seek salvation. But this crazy FSM aka bin Laden distraction fills your wanting wanton lives. You crave knowledge truth and yes a secret salvation. But you foolishly risk your souls…

    • threonin says:

      Whats this salvation thing you speak of, some kind of seasoning? Does it go well with pasta? And yes, I like wonton, it’s great in soup or deep-fried.

    • threonin says:

      And yes, I constantly seek truth and knowledge, unlike some people who have stopped looking long ago, probably never even started.

    • Baby RAmen says:

      Well Big Guy, I think it is safe to say that you have contradicted yourself. In your own post you say that atheists should be tolerant of others beliefs. I can only speak for myself but I have never been to a rally bashing gay marriage or a rally that bashed abortion and told those people they are going to hell. Not saying that you have but that is a good example of religious people not respecting others beliefs. Also, you are the one on our site trolling around insulting us and trying to pick a fight. I think you should take a lesson out of your own play book and leave us alone, your trolling is not even funny or clever anymore.

      • Big Guy says:

        You miss the point it is Christians who are intolerant as it should be
        there is no room for compromise when scripture is concerned.

        • lolhoofd says:

          noting made by man is perfect, unluding us humans
          and certainly the bible,
          rather then a infallible book is more like a book full of lies

          if u real woud folow the bible 100% u woud never atak somone ^^
          words or actions


    • Pesto says:

      Hey “big guy”, why the eff are you here. You really need to get a life. You will not convert any Pastafarians, because we are capable of rational thought!

    • tekHedd says:

      This troll no longer amuses me. I stopped feeding it.

    • SouleSlayere says:

      But we are tolorant of you. Have you ever seen us going to your place of worship and being total assholes about it. Have you ever seen a pastafarian go to a religious website and bitch to you? This website is like our place of worship. We don’t bitch to you in your place of worship because it is a place where you should be safe to practice what you belive. But belive me when I say that if an athiest were to go into a church, he would be eaten alive. But that’s not wrong at all, he invaded your privacy and that’s not right. Likewise, by coming onto this website and spewing your shit at us, you have made yourself fair game for our frustration with your religion that we have just bottled up inside because we have the decency not to say these things when you guys are around. So don’t come into our place of worship telling us we’re wrong and then telling us we’re not tollorant when we tell you to fuck off.

  8. Omnipotent Zombie says:

    Dear pastafarians, please remember to NOT feed the troll known as Big Guy. No good can come out of responding to his many rants. Ignore his attempts to hijack multiple threads and click his comments away to oblivion.

    • Asker says:

      This has to be the new FSM bumper stick…. “Don’t feed the trolls.”

      • stylusmobilus says:

        *raises tankard Arrrrh!

    • Brian Fritzen says:

      Indeed. When trolls are not fed they starve. And when they starve they stop trolling.

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