Zack Kopplin Vs. The Louisiana Science Education Act

Published May 28th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Here’s a video of Zack Kopplin on Hardball last night.  Zack is the student battling the Lousiana Science Education Act – a law that would allow “supplemental textbooks and other teaching materials” into science classrooms.  Zack saw this (correctly) as a backdoor method to teach Creationism and has been leading the fight against it.

Some of us remember the LSEA bill passing in 2008.  Zack’s been trying to get it repealed since then.  He found a senator to sponsor the repeal and has since found thousands of supporters (including over 40 Noble Laureates).  Yesterday Zack brought teachers and scientists to testify in favor of the repeal in front of the Louisiana Senate Education Committee.

Zack makes a couple excellent points on Hardball.  One is that science *is* a process of critical thinking (one of the ostensible purposes of the law is to promote critical thinking).  Another point is that a state’s science standards determine how their students will be viewed elsewhere. 

He also slams Michelle Bachman which is both fair and entertaining.

All in all it was an excellent appearance.  Zack deserves a lot of credit for his work.  I for one am very impressed and I’m confident he has a bright future ahead of him.  Whatever the fate of the repeal, Zack’s done a tremendous service for the cause of rationality.  The fight is as important as the outcome.  The Louisiana legislature may reject reason for a few more years but the rest of the world has benefited from watching this ordeal.   There are bills similar to the LSEA all across the country – it’s an ongoing struggle, and I’m glad there are people like Zack on our side.

Zack, please let us know if you need anything from Team FSM.  We have your back.

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  1. hisnoodleyappendeges says:

    Why would you go to a religious website, not your own, and explain how you are of a different more accepting religion which is intolerant of the religion belonging to the people of the website you are posting to while making a statement about common sense unless you yourself had none???

  2. Rasputin says:


  3. minister ALLCHIN says:

    Ramen my brothers and sisters, from down under

    • Colby says:

      May you all be touched by his noodly appendage

  4. Rev. Chamberlain says:

    They’re mental, that’s what’s wrong with ’em, unless of course they be speakin of Davy Jones. Aarrrggghh!

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    • Rasputin says:

      Dear Carey, What?

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  7. Si1ver says:

    FYI a theory is something that´s proven. A hypotes is something that´s in the works :P

    • Saint Gnocchi says:

      Dear Silver, Okay.

      • Cap'n Grey Beard says:

        The fact, theory, hypothesis argument is mostly symantics.

        There is a well loved TV program in the UK called QI. This stands for “quite interesting”. It is a bit entertainment and a bit myth busters. It attempt to entrap it’s guest by tempting them to trot out “commonly held knowledge” just to shoot it down with actual fact.

        The show has been running several decades now. In a show in a later series they decided to look back at the “facts” that they had presented in the past and analyse how many were now deemed to be wrong. Facts like how many moons does the earth have and how many planets are in our solar system etc.

        What they found was that a great deal of the facts they had presented were by then revised and no longer “true”. They further calculated that the half-life of the “facts” that they had presented was about six years. Of course this is anicdotal to the show. But it does suggest that all facts are really just current opinion open to regular revision.

        So to argue that evolution is not a fact but a theory is utterly pointless. Even facts are not, in fact, facts.

        • Rasputin says:

          I first heard of the FSM via “QI”. I gave the FSM a Google and here I am.

        • Gobbledygook says:

          Hmmm…..So we could prolly say that Fat Bastard is not in fact a fat bastard.

        • Patroller says:

          QI is brilliant; even fundies love it. Because gravity is ‘only a theory’, I can fly if I believe hard enoungh.

        • Gobbledygook says:

          Trsvep, bsctebslp ars tsewb talqpt! Twecwt, fsv eohsnep!

        • Cap'n Grey Beard says:

          He may be a fat bastard but this fact is open to change 😉

        • Cap'n Grey Beard says:

          For example a to date unfound certificate may come to light showing that in fact his parents WERE married. We would have to adjust our hypothesis to include his new status of “Fat but Legitimate”!

        • Cap'n Grey Beard says:

          You love QI even though Stephen Fry is to you a “faggot that will burn in hell”. In fact he’s a genius who dispises fundies and utterly rejects all religious superstition. He has made his views very plain. You pick your heroes very strangely troll.

  8. Cap'n Grey Beard says:

    You miss the point troll. As usual. A theory is an idea tested over and over to show it is true. However rational people understand that as our knowledge grows we must always be open to new ideas that may hone our understanding.

    People with closed minds think there are facts and non-facts and that things never change. This is why we consider you an idiot. You think like a child. Unable to grasp bigger concepts. No doubt you would say that Einstein’s relativity is just a theory. The problem for you is that without this law your phone wouldn’t work. So is it “just a theory”?

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