Certificates of Ordination

Published May 9th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Update — The ordination certificates have been redesigned

Ordination certificates are $25, shipped anywhere in the world. Check out more photos on the order page here.

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  1. Big Guy says:

    Tracie get a life you’re either gay or nuts, right?

    • Big Guy says:

      Or you can be like me…both Gay and Nuts at the same time.
      You pasta pricks better stop using my name and falsely posting.
      The Lard will punish you for your transgreshuns.

  2. Jakob Aggernaes says:

    Have Pastafarianism really been accepted as a religion, with tax exemption and the right to issue such certificates ?

    If it has I want one.

    What are the requirements (money/education/…) for obtaining a certificate ?

    Here in Denmark a debate is raging over a scriptural point, the terms pasta and noodle are both used in scriptures. So which is it. Is it noodles (based on rice) or is it pasta (based on wheat) ? At our last ecumenical conclave tempers flared, so instead of finding reconciliation and commonality at the dinner table, a food fight erupted with pasta and/or noodly appendages flying.

    We need guidance from the mother church, and fast. Before the rift widen further.

    best regards
    ~ Jakob Aggernaes

    PS: Is there a recipe for pasta sauce that do not leave such very visible stains ? After the reconciliation dinner some of those those ungodly IPUers stood ready with cameras as people left, and they have been taunting us ever since.

    • clxxxiv says:

      Food fight sounds like fun. Just need more beer or wine to even things out. No harm was done and as long as fun was found for all i’m sure the FSM will forgive.

    • Bobby Henderson says:

      We have not applied for any tax exemptions (and have no plans to). It’s our feeling that mainstream churches need to be organized more like us, not the other way around.

  3. somedude says:

    So it says official, does it allow me to legally perform marriage? Or is it an official $50 joke piece of paper? You can be legally ordained an atheist minister.

    • Bobby Henderson says:

      There have been lots of marriages performed by FSM ministers all around the world.

  4. reason says:

    you should set it up so that the pastafarians who cant afford a fancy frame can print off copies of this and hang them up straight off. try not to make The Flying Spaghetti monster a commercial religion designed to make money.

  5. Nella says:

    I’m hoping that the certificates will require some criteria, a test or something. The title should be earned. But if you do make this a money making religion, even better at helping us fit in with the mainstream!

  6. Ed H says:

    how do I get A license for Pa from you?

  7. Leandro Damasceno says:

    AWESOME! How can I get one of those? I have a regular certificate…

  8. Forgetabilia says:

    What is the officially recognized title for one who becomes a minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? It is “Your Holiness?” “Your Noodliness?” I think this is important to know, even though we normally eschew formalities.

    “Wouldst that we were all created in His image and likeness, and not just me.” — [attributed to] Bill

    • Apprentice Frederic says:

      A suggestion would be to work up a short pasta hierarchy, analogous to “Father”, “Monsignor”…”Cardinal”…etc. Of course, forms of address are slightly different from an actual title, e.g., Cardinal/”Your Eminence”. “Your Noodliness” probably should be reserved for the One True FSM. I looked at Wiki’s list of pastas and realized that “Strozzapreti” had gone completely over my head: it means something like “priest-strangler”. So I kinda like “vermicelli vendor” and “strozzapreti supplicant” as titles, but others will do better…..

    • Danny says:

      As for title, I still vote for “Captain” and our congregation are our “Mateys” rather then our flock.

      • Apprentice Frederic says:

        Danny – I really like “Matey” (as in: “..the sauce be with you, Matey Fanny…”) and vote with you there for sure. “Captain” does worry me as not – well – ecclesiastical enough. I wonder what Rev. Toni Rigatoni thinks?

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