Awkward Billboard is Awkward

Published May 22nd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Billboard placed in Greensboro, North Carolina after Rapture fails to show.

Does anyone know the story on this billboard? It almost looks like a moderate Christian group mocking the Rapture sect for their extreme views.

What I am wondering is this: when the world did not end, did it cause anyone to become more rational? Or will the Doomsdayers become stronger believers (as sometimes happens in cults) – and more importantly, do moderate Christians feel their interpretation of the bible has been validated?

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  1. WordSalad says:

    If the history of cults is any guide, this will not affect the devotion of the followers. Joseph Smith flubbed his prediction of the rapture but Utah and Idaho are no less weird for it.

  2. Perky says:

    Yo! I believe this originated on Reddit’s atheism subforum (reddit.com/r/atheism). Here’s the original thread, after a few minutes of digging:


    • Bobby Henderson says:

      That is amazing.

      • Brennana says:

        No kidding…

    • Bob says:

      GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP)— As promised, a user at reddit.com responded to Harold Camping’s billboard campaign proclaiming the Rapture with a billboard campaign of his own in Greensboro, North Carolina.

      The digital billboard, which could be seen near Interstate 40 and Gallimore Dairy Road in Guilford County on Sunday, said “That was awkward” and included a verse from Matthew 24:36 stating “No one knows the day or the hour…”

      The billboard was the result of a lengthy discussion on reddit.com where Redditor xtcg123 posted a picture titled ‘Thinking of renting a billboard on May 22. Thoughts?’ The picture/thread received over 1,508 comments with suggestions and comments about the billboard.

      On Sunday, the billboard went live in Greensboro.

      In a thread on reddit.com, the user explained his decision to put up the billboard message.

      “The point here…is that if you’re going to use any source (in this case, the Bible) to promote an agenda, you can’t just leave out the part that completely goes against what you have just ‘guaranteed.”

      The billboard was funded through an online campaign that encouraged online users to donate money to help pay for the billboard campaign.

      According to a post within the original thread, the user said the billboard cost $250 for a one-day campaign in Greensboro.

      “Best part is the billboard rep ended the e-mail with “… that is, if we’re still here,” user xtcg123 said in the thread.

      Redditor xtcg123, who lives in North Carolina, was not identified.

  3. Iron Mike says:

    Looks like a Photoshop to me. Still funny :D

    • Omar says:

      No, it isn’t

      • Brennana says:


  4. TiltedHorizon says:

    Believers just want to believe therefore it does not matter that this prediction failed, they will just follow another ‘profit’.

    Take this guy for example:

    “I don’t think I am going to stop listening to him,” the man added, heaving a deep sigh before continuing: “I don’t know, I gotta listen to him on Monday, see what he says on the radio.”

    Read more from here:


    • Brian Fritzen says:

      They claim he wasn’t a scam artist, but, he didn’t cancel his radio show?!??? Proof positive that he is a scam artist.

      • TiltedHorizon says:

        I’m still waiting on Harold Camping’s press release to explain what happened and maybe to actually show some of this christian compassion I hear tell of by apologizing to the world or at least to those whose lives he helped ruined.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Love the quote “I just know he’s biblically sound”. One of the better oxymorons out there.

  5. stylusmobilus says:

    It probably won’t make too much difference either way. The proof is right there in the sign, with the quote from Matthew, which gives a fine out for both fundies and not-so-fundies. Those who are extreme will pick another date and build doomsday around that. Doomsdays are an industry, and there’s too much cash to be made in dvd’s and little gold leafed hardcovers to abandon the whole cause of Doomsday. For those who don’t make cash out of it, they can’t give up a good crutch like the Foretold Doomsday to scare more adherents to their paradigm. For those who are Pastafarian Xtians, they won’t give a shit either way. One Doomsday is very much like another, will there be cake?


    • Thomas L. Nielsen says:

      Personally, I firmly believe that, for reasons humankind is not meant to understand, His Most Holy Noodlyness instigated Doomsday at midnight on New Year’s Eve 1999-2000. However, everyone (including His Most Holy Noodlyness) was too drunk to notice.

      Regards & all, rAmen and Arrr…

      Thomas L. Nielsen
      Doomsayer’s Union
      Luxembourg Office

    • Chris A says:

      It is foretold in the great book of science, that there will be cake in the ending of days. However, you will not be enjoying it, as you shall be baked before consumption can begin.

      • lolhoofd says:

        how can we not enoy cake?
        its word some burnwounds to tast end of the wold cake


        • Brennana says:

          When did cake come into this? I MUST have missed something. I thought we were still focused on Noodles.

          Ruvin Ramen

      • Mr Goatboy says:

        Actually I tend to find that getting nicely baked gives me the munchies. That cake will taste even more delicious as a result.

        All hail the FSM! (pbuh)


    • MojoRilla says:

      Doomsday is a product people want. It is actually pretty appealing.

      As one of Camping’s followers, Keith Bauer, said: “I was hoping for it because I think heaven would be a lot better than this earth.” So Bauer wants the world to end because he is dissatisfied with this earth: maybe health problems, or the death of a child, or his job, family, friends, neighbors, etc. So, instead he can trade in all his problems for perfect eternal life, reunited with everyone he loves.

      So for someone who believes in heaven, doomsday sounds pretty darn good.

      • TiltedHorizon says:

        Sounds like Keith Bauer wants to passive aggressively kill himself via rapture-cide. Very sad that is so eagerly waiting to escape the gift of life he likely credits god for giving him. Talk about thankless.

  6. d says:

    I don’t think that anyone’s getting more rational after this – Jehovas witnesses survived a lot more failed predictions. Unfortunately.

  7. Tam Lin says:

    Sorry to be a pedant, but it’s not as though rapturites have been suddenly unmasked as 99.999972% delusional while moderate Christians remain a svelte 99.999971% wrong. Both groups were 100% delusional [1] before, and both remain 100% delusional.

    Singling out “moderates” as cuter, cuddlier and less wrong is a demeaning form of anthropomorphism (unless you are one, in which case it’s racism).

    [1] In a theism sense. For example, I know someone who “knows” that Helium is lighter than a vacuum.

    • tekHedd says:

      Perhaps, but I still prefer moderates.

  8. threonin says:

    What I don’t understand is, do these fundamentalist groups even care about how America is portrayed in foreign media? I know lots of people who think the majority of the USA is a bunch of lunatics, especially during the Bush-Era, with Obama the image got a lot better again, but seeing such things as those rapture-propaganda doesn’t help. The news reporters barely managed to keep a straight face…

    • Matiir says:

      I don’t think they care about what others think, they seem to cling on to the idea that some day they will be right and that will show us doubters!

    • ThePromiscuousReader says:

      Good heavens — you don’t think that “lots of people … think the majority of the USA is a bunch of lunatics, especially during the Bush-Era” simply because of fundamentalist Christians? Our wars, our torture, our suppression of civil liberties, our unflagging support for Israel, and more are factors. As for Obama, his continuation of Bush-era policies hasn’t done his image any good abroad, though many American liberals still think that because he can pronounce “nuclear”, he’s the coolest President we’ve had in the 21st century.

      I’m not terribly concerned with how we’re seen overseas unless I know who’s talking and what they’re talking about. Most of the countries that have been critical of US imperialism and aggression are doing so at least in part to distract from their own histories and current practice. France, for example, jumped on the Libya bandwagon, and is happily slaughtering civilians in order to save them. And it appears that many of the French can’t see what the fuss is about when a wealthy, powerful man decides to rape a hotel housekeeper; they blame his arrest on American puritanism or, better, a conspiracy. So much for French rationality! The Pope has been critical, and I hope I don’t have to point out how hypocritical he is, even if many of his criticisms are quite valid. So, specifics, my dear, specifics.

      • threonin says:

        I didn’t say europe had no problems, in fact there are plenty of them. At the moment even the Euro is in danger as greece, portugal and ireland already receive financial help from the other states and spain and italy are on the brink. If they fall, too, it could mean that the Euro has to be split up in the individual currencies again, which would be an economical disaster.
        About Libya, yeah, that’s a tough one, but at least there was an UN-resolution and the people actually are fighting for democracy. I know that’s slightly hypocritical, condemning Bush for his actions and justifying the military intervention in Libya. I must admit, I’m very indecisive on whether to support it or not, it’s no easy ethical question, what I absolutely do condemn is attacks on civilian targets.
        Of course sex offenders need to be arrested, I think the main problem is the bad timing of the events, otherwise it wouldn’t have led to conspiracy theories. In the past there have been similar investigations against him, so I don’t think he’s got a clear west, I have no problem with him going to jail.
        About the pope, meh. Not like he has any say in political matters anyways.

        • Kafir says:

          “but at least there was an UN-resolution and the people actually are fighting for democracy.”

          I want to say LOL. I actually typed just that and was going to leave it at that. But it’s not LOL. It’s fucking TRAGIC. You mock the rapturites but believe THAT?

          Do you have teh faintest idea of how the opposition protest started? Initially, it was a Day of Rage to commemorate… *drumroll* the anniversary of the grievous posting of the Danish cartoons. Why, they’re regular Jeffersonians those Benghazi rebels. This is what they were commemorating:


          Here’s what their initial beef with psycho Duffy was:

          * Qaddafi has closed an Islamic university and a seminary, has forbidden some Islamist publications, and has thrown thousands of Islamist activists into jail.

          * Qaddafi has urged to put the Qur’an on the shelf, as no longer appropriate for this age.

          * Qaddafi has made fun of the Islamic veil, calling it a “rag” and a “tent”.

          * Qaddafi has dared to say that Christians and Jews should be allowed to visit Mecca.

          * Qaddafi has rejected the Hadith and Sunnah, and said he follows the Qur’an alone.

          Do I even need to point out how dirty it makes me feel that I agree with psycho Duffy on ANYTHING? (Particularly on the tent/rag thing). That doesn’t mean I don’t want him given the OBL treatment and the sooner the better. Actually, no. That would be quick and painless and I’d rather he suffered greatly for all the suffering he’s caused.

          The point is, it’s not SLIGHTLY hypocritical to criticize Bush and lurf Obama for the same type of policy (except with more epic fail results so far… yeah, I said it), it’s into the realm of unicorns and bearded old men and 72 virgins in heaven. Fellow Pastafarian, we’re the reason-based, clear-thinking ones. Please, inform yourself better and don’t go with what you WANT to believe. Look how it’s worked out for Camping’s sheep.

        • threonin says:

          As I said, it’s a tough ethical question. Of course there is the chance of radical Islamists taking over, but does this justify letting Qaddafi slaughter his own people? The Islamic world is on the change at the moment, sure, there is risk, but more importantly, there is chance. Seeing as how Christians and Muslims teamed up to overthrow Mubarak and how the majority of Muslims condemned the attacks on Christians gives hope that the immanent conflict between those two groups may one day cease. It’s certainly not the right thing to do letting dictators suppress their own people just to keep radicals in bay.

        • Kafir says:

          “does this justify letting Qaddafi slaughter his own people?”

          Are the 1000+ Syrians slaughtered by Baby Assad second hand people, by any chance? (I’m talking of the ones specifically slaughtered over the last few weeks of protests, not your every day, run-of-the-mill genocide) And more importantly for the Code Pink/MoveOn crowd, (of which I am not saying you are a part, for all I know you could have been 10 in 2003), were Iraqis under Saddam second hand people? Were the Iraqi Kurds gased and massacred by Saddam second hand people? Why have the standards shifted? (If you say oil I will tragic-LOL again and direct you to some statistic about European imports…)

          We are all neocons now.

          The Obama administration is scarily incompetent and when it comes to foreign policiy it hurts like a motherfucker because it hurts people who can’t write to their congressman and it affects generations of people in far flung corners of the Earth. There’s no room for stary-eyed “but he MEANS well” Nobel Prize bullshit.

          “the Islamic world is on the change at the moment”

          I truly hope so. It’s feable hope because well… Germany was on the brink of change in 1933 as well. I wanted to hope with Christopher Hitchens when he was writing about Egypt’s uprising, but his was sober hope sprung from jaded experience.

          “seeing as how Christians and Muslims teamed up to overthrow Mubarak”

          How’d that work out for the women of Egypt?

          “the majority of Muslims condemned the attacks on Christians”

          Fat lot of good did that do in the end…


          “hope that the immanent conflict between those two groups may one day cease”

          If you were a well-meaning 17th century English atheist, secretly shooting the shit with other free thinkers in some pub (or more likely in a secret basement of a pub), you might have said the same exact words (except you’d probably add more -es at the end of most of them)… In the end, tt took centuries and it was still more successful for some (England) than it was for others (Ireland). Eventually, the loony sheep of one group eventually stopped killing the other group of loony sheep. Here’s the kicker though: the Huguenots did not have nukes.

          “It’s certainly not the right thing to do letting dictators suppress their own people just to keep radicals in bay.”

          Was it the right thing to do to let Saddam suppress (kind of an euphemism when it includes hitlereque mass gassing of entire towns) his own people just because we didn’t like the guy in charge?

          Last but not least, what’s up with the sheer incompetence? Maybe, just MAYBE, if there was more public pressure on those in charge instead of stary-eyed He Means Well Pass and we got our news from somewhere other than a comedy show, they’d fucking get it done already, or at least cause less damage in the process.

        • threonin says:

          I see where this is going, but frankly, I don’t have time for a flame war. Maybe it may be a little naive to not assume the worst case all the time, but the opposite just leads to mistrust and hate. The world isn’t black and white and don’t mistake me for some kind of hippie, thinking all problems will solve themselves on their own, I am not. Politics is a very delicate matter, often it is just a decision between the lesser of two evils.

        • tekHedd says:

          Meh. Maybe if the news wasn’t ridiculously bad, we’d get our news somewhere other than a comedy show.

          Comedy has always had a special place in politics as the place where you can say the things that are unspeakable, and point out things that are unmentionable.

      • threonin says:

        Ah, now I totally forgot the severe restrictions on free media in hungary and the media-monopole from Berlusconi.
        I could go on for a while, but it’s 5:15 a.m. now.

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