Princess Beatrice’s FSM hat

Published April 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Attached is the photo of Princess Beatrice rocking her flying spaghetti monster hat. Way to go you royal pastafarian!

Peace, love and oodles of noodles,


63 Responses to “Princess Beatrice’s FSM hat”

  1. gumbo limbo says:

    I thought the hat was a fancy toilet seat. I’m much happier knowing Bea is a Pastafarian. She does have great teeth for that al dente Pasta.

  2. Beatrice says:

    I have the same name of the Princess but luckily I have another taste in fact of fashion because I don’t like royal toilet hats.
    I’m wearing a Tshirt with the writing “I love Quantum Mechanics” and the Shroedinger’s equation is also there. Pink socks decorate my feet. That’s a classy dress for a marriage!

  3. Cap'n Flint says:

    Sorry, Beatrice, I never got past PV=NRT in Physical Chemistry. Could you please summarize Quantum Mechanics for us in 20 words or less? Does it concern the eruption of beer vocanoes, or is that back to PV=NRT?

    The Cap

  4. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    The average American may dress like crap, but we lag far behind most of the world in goofy hats.

  5. Omar Garcia says:

    Yay.. FSM is Omnipresent…Ramen.

    But seriosly what a Ugly that xxcking hat !

  6. karin says:

    OMG is that George Bush standing guard and looking like he is going to strike? Watch out Beatrice!

    • Keith says:

      No. A uniform like that would be too subtle for George Bush.

  7. susan says:

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