Indiana Abortion Drama

Published April 7th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

“I mean, do a group of old white ladies govern what goes on with my balls? No. They don’t. But this is what happens in America. Old white men who believe in an invisible man in the sky get to say what goes on in all women’s vaginas.”  — Ned Hepburn, Death and Taxes.

Old white men

Death and Taxes magazine has an enlightening article on the showdown in Indiana over abortion you might want to check out.

Some background information: Indiana republicans are attempting to pass a bill to make abortions illegal after the 20th week.  Democrats are opposed, and back and forth discussions have turned nasty – at one point Eric Turner, a republican House of Representatives member, suggested women may fake a rape in order to get an abortion.

As much as I want to stay away from political (and emotionally charged) issues, it seems that there is something more insidious happening here that needs attention.  It’s plain this is less about governing and more about pushing a conservative, religious, agenda.  More and more we’re seeing this brazen attitude where government officials are doing “God’s work” – not always explicitly declared, but not uncommon, either – and more worryingly, no longer is this seen as an extreme position by many.  A disturbing number of people don’t see anything wrong with this, they somehow think that state capitals and courtrooms are a proper venue for these ideological battles. 

Regardless of personal views on abortion, we all have an interest in keeping these discussions out of government. At a time when the economy is on the edge of collapse, when we are fighting multiple wars, when millions are unemployed or underemployed, our government is spending time arguing over personal ideology. This is precisely why religion was meant to be kept out of government.

What do Pastafarians think about the abortion issue?  I for one believe that Life begins at the Creation of the sperm, and that sperm, as potential human lives, deserve equal protection given to fetuses and grown children.  Think of the billions of sperm needlessly killed by such things as hot tubs and tight-fitting underwear.  In the future we will learn to save every sperm Created, so these potential lives can each develop into human adults as the FSM intended.  Who’s with me? 

Join me at Save-Our-Sperm.org  (a work in progress).


122 Responses to “Indiana Abortion Drama”

  1. nun sequitur says:

    ever since taking someone to a clinic, i have been pursued with comnents & remarks by extended friends & community members…one place i became aware people gathered to gossip, a relative of the person i took was seen there, following this i was pursued by a friend of the owner whom suddenly wanted 2 b my best pal…& main focus of conversation was babies. I am not anti baby, but the trend continued …next, someone was asking me about that persons sexuality & wondering if i knew specifically if she were this or that way…as if this has anything to do with me or the conversation… next, i am encouraged 2 join a social group in which persons complain and gossip about one another & attempt to get me to participate both openly & on the sly…& have persons move in beside us & then topic bait excessively. It is true & i cannot prove it, but SAW protestors getting license plate info, when i took the person, whom later regretted her decision & made remarks to me…her husband wanted my email adress, after this had things spoofed…it is meant to not b proven.

  2. nun s equator says:

    i cannot believe we just saw another news article about de legalizing this…these people would c a return 2 days of back alley procedures & further tragedy…i do not care 2 emphasize the topic but sadly, there were recent infanticides in the news…that is with legally safe havens as well as clinics available. WHAT do people expect 2 accomplish by banning access 2 this? I remain saddened by such reports. This has dire implications. I know this is not new posting…

  3. Keith says:

    I’ll let you in on a secret. we ARE reading your thoughts!

    • Olio says:

      Astounding. Can you do this with everyone or just Cheap Monster Beats? On second thought nevermind. Just send me a signal telepathically if you cananswer that with other than no.

      • Keith says:

        Well, I hope you got my reply, Olio. If you didn’t, it must be the CIA, ASIO, MI6, Spetsnaz etc. running interference.

  4. Rose: Mother of god, daughter of god says:

    excuse me, this is mmy vagina, why should some people I don’t even know have the say in what I do with it? It’s MY body.

    After having a conversation with a woman who nearly died during childbirth, I’ve done research and I realize how Abortion clinics ARE needed. A woman shouldn’t have to be forced to carry a rape baby, or if there are medical reasons, such as either the mother, the child, or both would die in the birthing process, then I think the mother has every right to make that choice. I’ve also read multiple articles about woman who had birth defects and such being forced by hospitals and states that do not allow abortion to carry a dead baby inside them, with is VERY deadly, actually.

    People worry to much about the child and not enough about the woman. But if we must go in the terms of children, can I point out that if you are a white baby put up for adoption, you are the LEAST likely to get adopted. Most will end up in a foster care where they will be lucky if their foster parents AREN’T abusive. I’ve been there. I would have rather been dead.

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