Indiana Abortion Drama

Published April 7th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

“I mean, do a group of old white ladies govern what goes on with my balls? No. They don’t. But this is what happens in America. Old white men who believe in an invisible man in the sky get to say what goes on in all women’s vaginas.”  — Ned Hepburn, Death and Taxes.

Old white men

Death and Taxes magazine has an enlightening article on the showdown in Indiana over abortion you might want to check out.

Some background information: Indiana republicans are attempting to pass a bill to make abortions illegal after the 20th week.  Democrats are opposed, and back and forth discussions have turned nasty – at one point Eric Turner, a republican House of Representatives member, suggested women may fake a rape in order to get an abortion.

As much as I want to stay away from political (and emotionally charged) issues, it seems that there is something more insidious happening here that needs attention.  It’s plain this is less about governing and more about pushing a conservative, religious, agenda.  More and more we’re seeing this brazen attitude where government officials are doing “God’s work” – not always explicitly declared, but not uncommon, either – and more worryingly, no longer is this seen as an extreme position by many.  A disturbing number of people don’t see anything wrong with this, they somehow think that state capitals and courtrooms are a proper venue for these ideological battles. 

Regardless of personal views on abortion, we all have an interest in keeping these discussions out of government. At a time when the economy is on the edge of collapse, when we are fighting multiple wars, when millions are unemployed or underemployed, our government is spending time arguing over personal ideology. This is precisely why religion was meant to be kept out of government.

What do Pastafarians think about the abortion issue?  I for one believe that Life begins at the Creation of the sperm, and that sperm, as potential human lives, deserve equal protection given to fetuses and grown children.  Think of the billions of sperm needlessly killed by such things as hot tubs and tight-fitting underwear.  In the future we will learn to save every sperm Created, so these potential lives can each develop into human adults as the FSM intended.  Who’s with me? 

Join me at Save-Our-Sperm.org  (a work in progress).


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  1. nunya biz says:

    Hard 2 have an eye on prevention, of things like sexual assaults when people r going about making remarx like THAT. Was one point… & if any1 actually would make something like that up, detracts from persons affected actually, whom r afraid 2 speak out. C above. When we did get help for my young friend, she was not accused of lying (she wasnt), but was BLAMED for her assaults & called names insinuating she is @ fault fully, which was not so. What a wasps nest of controversey this man invites.

  2. nunya biz says:

    & FYI some religious factions r against the ‘morning after’ pill…there have been reports of pharmacists objecting to filling this & birth control, on their own personal ethical/ moral objections…if i recall correctly, it was somewhere down south these reports surfaced a few years ago. It is scary to me that someone in this capacity would need 2 b forced by law, only…2 do the correct thing; even if it is just minding own business.

  3. nunya biz says:

    The guy whom tossed his girlfriend down th stairs & punched her in the stomache (with her permission) later admitted 2 me becoming friends with a former policeman…whom lied about me @ the scene of an accident I was blamed for, which was not my fault…people in positions of authority undeserved perpetuate much HARM…& although that officer loat his job for other reasons & is no longer in that position there, he STILL has pals on the force whom feel his departure- he & his partner- was a bum deal…

  4. nunya biz says:

    lost job (not loat….need edit function)

  5. nunya biz says:

    The father of area mayor where we had lived made highly innappropo remarks to me unsolicited in a public spot…the remarks were sexually connotated…after this, I was pursued by persons seeming to try 2 imply it was somehow invited. It wasnt.

  6. nunya biz says:

    where does it say in the article that the person making the remarks did so from a religious standpoint, however? That I do not see…

  7. nunya biz says:

    aside, i do wonder what it will take 4 people 2 stop calling th place where we live ‘happy valley’…as it is just like anywhere else, far as we can tell. Not any happier. That sniper assault a ways back didnt impact the cheer…i think a place naming itself happy is just inviting an alteration…nobody invites this kind of news particularly, nor deserves it, but i did not ever understand, the nickname. happy valleys have psychiatric centers, cemetaries just like anywhere else. the people whom end up in straitjackets r not neccessarily the ones belong in 1.

  8. nun sequitur says:

    women are accused of ‘making up’ things like rape as it is,NOTHING to do with abortion,,,& sexual abuses can include things after consent, like intentionally humiliating a person, intentionally shaming a person…someone i dated had a group of his buddies HIDING nearby to watch us, together…not known to me beforehand whatever…this was someone i trusted, with myself. when he split up with me, it was after i miscarried his child…he had me lied about first, using one of his pals, then stood in front of me & talked about a nice gal he planned on asking out, from church…there is rape & i have been that too, and there is intentionally being abusive…there r othet factors i will not mention, but if that news story is true, posted here, that is frightening…it is hard to say what is accurate, because our display/ user end here has been interfered with…my husbands relative once bragged about his ability 2 do this, using ‘spyware’…to alter how things display & what is able to b sent & received…from someone elses devices. I informed a relative of his that i am aware of this & was told ‘any1’ can get that type of software, as if that was some interest of ours- we just wanted it OFF our device & for this not to continue & it HAS…i looked up information privately on line one day – did not post squat- & the next time we saw the family member thatd bragged about the spyware, he mentioned to me the topic i had looked up, when we were alone. ..i have had responses to things that do not match what was sent out. He was sending porn to my husband.

    • nun sequitur says:

      & the guy whom lied about me going to catholic church? IT WOULD BY DEFINITION of practices never just involve he & i, because he would b going into a chamber to talk about everything we do one way or another; although, probably not tell the priest that he was interested in my having an abortion. ..before i miscarried, he was. & these clinics r NOT just for that, they evidently provide FAMILY PLANNING as well, but some people like to obtain such counseling where things such as religious imposition r not forced on them & that would even INCLUDE women whom GO to places like CHURCH. ..but want for private personal none of anyone elses business reasons to STAY in the church…there r as many stories as people and ALL point to keeping the clinics open. many people do not EVER report ACTUAL RAPES & sexual abuse…as for false reports, ive not made any- & know of nobody whom has. overwhelmingly , people keep such things a secret. there is NO law moreover requiring a person should b assaulted prior to any reproductive health choice- unless this man is suggesting someone goes out & initiates getting raped just to have sex, he should b quiet…altho while we r on the topic, there r probably people comitting rapes whom have never HAD a consenting relationship, they only THINK they have because they do not admit to having comitted rape- i met more than one.
      not every1 going to a clinic which happens to include abortions ends up having an abortion, it is a decision process & decisions get aborted all the time, including about abortion. this does NOT give anyone the right to bully someone into making a decision one way or another. some of these comments in the article r thoughtless.

      • nun sequitur says:

        Incidentally i do know the idea behind confessionals is not to gossip…i never had an issue with this yrs ago…it was the repeated meanspiritedness in the guise of nicety over time.

        Some1 came ‘out’ 2 me as being gay, one day.i have NO idea nor does it matter 2 me what religion he/his family is or is not, either way…this person said the family did not know. …& that he grew up with intolerant remarks…& if this is true or i m just having a head game played do not know, but one of the family members literally took me aside 1 day & flatly stated that people ought 2 b living where they r with others ‘like’ them & how gay people 4 example should live…i dont even wish to finish the sentence. They began bringing up politics repeatedly 2 us, & kept enquiring into if we r liberal, r we? R we? They seemed 2 want 2 try 2 pick arguments & also figure out what ‘slot’ 2 put us into…my entire life ive had issues which have nothing 2 do with politics. It turns out one person works 4 ins.co.& another 4 a company that did biz with a family member…they broached practically every topic BUT religion, including however, gun control…when i was growing up, a classmate had a family member shoot a person & it was devastating…the couple we knew…shot…they must figure we have an opinion just because…i was singled out & yelled @ 1 day, being told we WANT 2 c the guns taken away…etc? We NEVER said this. Had they not mentioned it, we would never even have known they were THERE…head games, too many to count & not merely over religion…people scare me now & i do not know that i ever will b able to trust most. ..it was like trying 2 figure out where i should b put- anywhere but here…nobody is ever going 2 acknowledge the nonsense..by design. it goes from bad 2 worse.

        nobody is ever going 2 a confessional with certain things, i promise…

        but i used 2 appreciate it as a concept. it also never used 2 bother me, the conversion attempts…

        the pal of a coworker that tried 2 minister 2 me uninvited & the report was kept quiet, after this i had his buddy as a physical therapist & he behaved badly- my reports / records went missing from my things then…from where i live. ive had records rewrit…or destroyed & altered in other ways, like saying claims were unfounded related to meds…changing what i said…intentionally trying 2 confuse me & make me out 2 b the blame …& also because i was dumb enough 2 keep working @ place the guy tried 2 convert me, i became the focus of gossip & was snubbed by numerous customers, after this…which was more subtle & i cannot prove.
        i was not ok 2 start with…i have issues with depression. this makes for fertile ground for people 2 say whatever they choose & i stopped defending against it @ all & gave up, which makes it even easier then…one thing compounds the next, so forth; & the guy whom lied about me including TO me & others, that happened 2 go to that church…he let me know he was disbelieving me & that nobody else, would – then yrs later after i met my spouse, b4 we r married , visiting family & were out @ a public place…he stalked us, around the store, was behind us every spot we went. after i mentioned this, FURTHER head games ensued- as if 2 make it seem & have it that i m imagining things which am not.

        • nun sequitur says:

          1 of persons i mentioned whom had asked me about my ‘people’ shared with me that i belong in israel, in so many words…not just anywhere but here…but there, according to ‘prophecy’ , shared with me…then, my husbands relative began TELLING me stories about a friends employer, he is apparently JEWISH starts telling me…stories, is that not WEIRD, why do they do THAT,,,etc…so after years of this- i never brought up my religion or etc to her, NOR hers…i m releasing details of things …after over over and over having my background raised 2 me. If any1 ever apologized, i would have NOTHING 2 say…ironically i barely knew if any of my friends growing up had religious convictions as we never discussed that…i sometimes think kids r smarter than adults…

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