Indiana Abortion Drama

Published April 7th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

“I mean, do a group of old white ladies govern what goes on with my balls? No. They don’t. But this is what happens in America. Old white men who believe in an invisible man in the sky get to say what goes on in all women’s vaginas.”  — Ned Hepburn, Death and Taxes.

Old white men

Death and Taxes magazine has an enlightening article on the showdown in Indiana over abortion you might want to check out.

Some background information: Indiana republicans are attempting to pass a bill to make abortions illegal after the 20th week.  Democrats are opposed, and back and forth discussions have turned nasty – at one point Eric Turner, a republican House of Representatives member, suggested women may fake a rape in order to get an abortion.

As much as I want to stay away from political (and emotionally charged) issues, it seems that there is something more insidious happening here that needs attention.  It’s plain this is less about governing and more about pushing a conservative, religious, agenda.  More and more we’re seeing this brazen attitude where government officials are doing “God’s work” – not always explicitly declared, but not uncommon, either – and more worryingly, no longer is this seen as an extreme position by many.  A disturbing number of people don’t see anything wrong with this, they somehow think that state capitals and courtrooms are a proper venue for these ideological battles. 

Regardless of personal views on abortion, we all have an interest in keeping these discussions out of government. At a time when the economy is on the edge of collapse, when we are fighting multiple wars, when millions are unemployed or underemployed, our government is spending time arguing over personal ideology. This is precisely why religion was meant to be kept out of government.

What do Pastafarians think about the abortion issue?  I for one believe that Life begins at the Creation of the sperm, and that sperm, as potential human lives, deserve equal protection given to fetuses and grown children.  Think of the billions of sperm needlessly killed by such things as hot tubs and tight-fitting underwear.  In the future we will learn to save every sperm Created, so these potential lives can each develop into human adults as the FSM intended.  Who’s with me? 

Join me at Save-Our-Sperm.org  (a work in progress).


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  1. Midnight Rider says:

    Abortion is not necessarily final. We still find aborted fetuses later in life either writing hate mail at Venganza.org or initiating repressive conservative legistlation.

  2. SauceCowboy says:

    While I note that no one has replied in over a month, I think this topic is worth more discussion. Indiana did indeed pass the law, but the Governor of Minnesota was kind enough to veto a similar bill. However many states have or will be making anti-abortion laws.
    I have read through the above discussion, and I feel it’s gotten off the point by discussing politics and religion.
    Let’s get back to the abortion issue. Food for thoughtful discussion:
    1. Just because an abortion is hard to get, might not a woman get one anyway – even if it’s risky health wise?
    2. How many rabid anti-abortionists are willing to adopt or be a foster home for an unwanted child?
    3. Does making it hard to have an abortion result in more children on the welfare roles and therefore increase taxes?
    If so, how much?
    4. Many anti-abortionists support the death penalty. If an unwanted child grows up unloved, joins a gang,
    becomes increasingly violent until he, at 22, ends up shooting a store clerk for $ 9.66, and then it’s fine to kill
    him. Does making him suffer for 22 years for something that’s not his fault make sense?
    Please reply.

  3. Shahna says:

    If a woman is desperate to get an abortion – she will get one.
    Better she doesn’t use a coat-hanger or visit a backstreet abortionist.
    The results are not pretty.

  4. AsenaGurel says:

    I feel quezy about older than 3 month abortions as well. Deliver and adopt out I feel. Before first breath decapitations… ugh.. yuck! But I read the latter is a vvveeeeery small percentage.

  5. nunya biz says:

    we know of a person, @ 12 yrs old gave birth 2 child as result of statutory rape by some1 in home…kept pregnancy secret, was totally alone in bathroom stall during birth, tried 2 drown child, in shock…had no idea what was happening 2 her body…yrs ago. In news this week, dec 2011, 2 stories….1 about a woman had performed self abortion & succeeded after 6 mos gestation, hid body in bucket…another woman, buried her child in woods saying itd been stillborn- baby was located, recovered & investigation pending. I was to become aware of young woman allowed her boyfriend 2 sock her in the stomach & toss her down the stairs, to end a pregnancy…it worked, she hemorrhaged & couldve died. I had a miscarriage very early on & was alone (non initiated by me) & it was distressing…my ‘boyfriend’ @ time religious & was all 4 my having an abortion…he never asked how i was…and lied about me to his pal he had hit on me to call my integrity into question…& here is a man trying 2 point to women ‘lying’…most people never even report sexual assaults. Abusers COUNT on it. Pick the vulnerable.
    ANY1 suggesting abortion should b made illegal is, in the least, irresponsible & in the face of what clearly does go on, morally bereft, if suggesting access b removed or further limited for women ALREADY often marginalized- women of all ages…it is clear what the current environ does, how much damage is done…drs being shot by fellow churchgoers…protestors invading the privacy of patients, caregivers, staff…via stalking & harrassment, undermining. Anyone believing abortion should b made illegal needs to wake up….u will promote further damage to women and children, taking countless steps backwards & undoing progress. RECOGNIZE what it IS u r coming out ‘against’. AS IS women do not access available services including preventive, because of restrictions both intrinsic & extrinsic, very often…reversing laws protective of women is a HEINOUS OFFENSE, just the idea any1 would TRY is frightening. Safe Haven programs do not resolve everything, either…clearly. Persons feel that because they are also human it granta some jurisdiction over the body of some1 else…this same mentality LENDS towards things like rapes to begin with…then the denial, the proposigion that nothing wrong took place, oh SURE u were raped…give us a break. SHAME on th man quoted in this article.

  6. nunya biz says:

    & for any1 unfamiliar with physiology & anatomy, that person giving birth @ 12 y.o. with no assistance, aside from what psychological impact it had, she is just as likely 2 have died suffering complications, she & the child & is only by chance the child was not drowned…the girl had reported feeling like she had to use the restroom. Persons like these men really have no business putting laws in place concerning reproductive health of women & realistically speaking, CHILDREN having children…i do not doubt these things continue & whatever arrangement some1 comes 2 = nobody elses biz. I have been made aware of certain common food ingredients contributing to hundreds of health issues by those consuming these…including infertility, miscarriage- u dont c me marching out in front of women shoving signs in their faces warning them…tho getting that info out there is not unimportant, wish itd been provided 2 me…i dont pursue voting against the distribution of data, or limiting some1s options, including the decision to go full term with pregnancy- just because i advocate for allowing individual privacy with other decisions. It is not my place, to help encourage restricting some1 elses private decisions about their body, etc. Do not either understand people restricting healthcare for newborn based on religious objections, because are plenty of places more than willing to provide care with this slant- id say more often than not, in fact. I know nothing of late term abortions & never met any1 thatd had 1, but were told of 1 medically neccessary early delivery after which the child was reportedly left to die, ‘naturally’…& a relative of mine had stillborn twins, full term,, , in days before improved prenatal care, etc. Things happen ‘naturally’ which are just as scary than anything induced…what seems to bother people is that it is not GOD performing selective abortions…

  7. nunya biz says:

    I have been sexually assaulted & not ‘making it up’…& have heard of men saying things not unlike this. A woman just several months ago, told me that some1 in her family while the guy was intoxicated, came out of a stupor with a woman informing him he had raped, her…& that the guy had NO recollection of this, reportedly…i knew a woman told me she was out drinking with friends, got separated, was offered a ride home, accepted…the ride was from a guy she knew…she recalls nothing between getting in & out of vehicle, but followong, had signs- physically, with her body- that she had been violated…THAT was not reported, either
    & women do not often report things. I ought 2 know. That clown making these remarks about women making things up to obtain an abortion is a clueless caveman & one sole example of y persons keep things to themselves. Also, women do not need to provide this info to obtain an abortion & often DON’T which is 1 reason such services need to remain safe & legal. I also am intimately aquainted with a person whom was born as the result of a rape- not every1 gets an abortion. Id b more interested in the number of men whom rape women and deny it, that survey ought to START with people making statements like he just did. What a CREEP.

  8. nunya biz says:

    a close friend of mine whom was adopted into a ‘good’ family was being raped by her parent. We were kids when she told me. I told a family member…it was passed on. id asked if the girl could come stay with us. What got back 2 me, was not dissimilar to the above…not exact words, but suffice to say, probably worse- from man in my family. I had 2 go outside for help.

    THIS 2 me, is yet another example of some1 in a position of authority undeservedly so. It is frightening. People hide behind things, like church, temple, government…to boost their credibility. In our area recently, it was the football program utilized for this purpose.
    It is difficult for me to ammend that some1 i care about is responsible for making the statements i am aware he did & even more disturbing to recognize it is not @ all isolated.

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