He Boiled For Your Shirt

Published April 19th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I’ve added a few additions to the store, including the “He Boiled For Your Sins” shirt above. I got some upset emails about the ‘He Boiled’ designs posted here before (some of you will remember Kaitlyn’s He Boiled poster from a few weeks ago), and at the time I felt it was too polarizing to add to the store. But a few things have turned me around since then.

I talked with some of the upset people and tried to understand why this design, more than others, irked them. What I heard was that they felt it was directly mocking Christianity, directly mocking Jesus for his sacrifice and you’re wrong to question what I know to be True. The conversations were for the most part civil, but I detected a sticking point around the idea of Original Sin.

There is a strong belief that Jesus died for mankind’s sins among this group, and a strong belief in Original Sin – the idea that we are born guilty, or born with a tendency towards a sinful lifestyle. Only “belief” is not a strong enough word – they felt it was unshakable truth, and that questioning this was the highest offense.

I feel everyone has a right to their beliefs, but I also feel strongly that no ideas are above scrutiny, and that Unquestionable Truths have dangerous potential, whatever the idea at the root of it. The context makes it an unstable force, not necessarily the content.

Original Sin is True, therefore unbaptized babies in non-Christian countries are doomed to Hell. The people who can believe this without inner conflict are under the influence of an Unquestionable Truth.

So then, the shirt. Is there value in questioning in what Can Not Be Questioned? I think there is, and I think the people who do the questioning are working for the cause of reason. Some people will only see our group as being willfully disrespectful. Some of us will only see theirs as culture that values irrationality, that rejects reason. But I have talked to many religious people who believe faith is not a virtue – or at least, that faith is not necessarily a virtue – who value reason more than dogma. These people don’t feel threatened by our group. All in all, I think this shirt is a force of good in the world and I hope most people will get that.

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  1. Gnostradamus says:

    Well said. I support that.

  2. tekhedd says:

    Just as soon as that tax refund arrives, I’m ordering one!

    • stylusmobilus says:

      That and a few others as well.

  3. stylusmobilus says:

    Only the truly loopy could not like this shirt. I think the bottom line is they are going to get offended anyway. Mate, they got offended from day one when you sent the Letter.

    It was always evident that an inspired Pastafarian would come up with a cracking shirt design, sticker or evidence of His existence that would elicit a raised level of misguided zealotry. Let them deal with it. My only issue is that I am too broke to cough up the coin to get some merch. I’d really like a few shirts to pop on when the Joho’s visit, and the FSM car emblem.

    Remember, for some of them, the Crusades will never end. Now is the time that they all need to take a good joke, even more so if it truly is the end of the world.

  4. Big Guy says:

    Bobby Henderson your noodle dogma seeks to emulates Christ. FSM is a poor pale comparisons to Christendom.

    • stylusmobilus says:

      And here’s Today’s Friendly Zealot.

      This has been explained to you before. Comparing a group of non believers to a religion is irrelevant, because athiesm is not a religion. So comparing our church to yours is a pointless exercise. However, the tenets of Christianity haven’t been big on promoting independent thought at any stage in its history, and you are a classic example of that Gib Yug.

      Explain to me how the snake talks while he’s bribing a bloke with fruit. Go on.

      • tekhedd says:

        Just because we’re mostly, um, joyfully hopeful nonbelievers doesn’t make us not a religion! When you speak of comparing “nonbelievers to religious people”, it’s like you’re saying FSM isn’t a religion because so many of us are, um, joyfully optimistic nonbelivers who really hope they’re wrong and will go to heaven. This describes most of the Christians I know, too, so I would say it’s not an apples/oranges comparison.

        But, in any case, BG is wrong. FSM stands up beautifully when compared with Chrstianity. Words are not necessary; all people have to do is try it (free!) for 30 days. The many merits of Pastafarianism are immediately evident, and I don’t know anybody who has tried it and later deconverted.

        (LOL, I just got the joke. I suppose Christ’s life doesn’t “seek to emulate” any of the dozens of previous annointed saviors, does it? It’s an irony festival all up in here! Sorry, sorry, I didn’t come into this comment intending to mock anyone’s sincerely held beliefs. I’ll leave that for our visitors, I guess. :( )

    • Baby RAmen says:

      What is this “noodle dogma” you speak of? There is no dogma in this 100% authentic and validated religion.

    • Randy says:

      Big Guy kinda has a point….The FSM (Praise be His Noodlyness) is a poor comparison to X-tiandom. We don’t hate others who aren’t EXACTLY like us, Maaaaaarka isn’t the FSM’s “special country” and the FSM doesn’t have a history of violence, wars and horriffic torture because someone didn’t ‘cept FSM as their saver.

    • tekhedd says:

      Somebody has too much spare time on his hands.

    • Rev. Mongo the Lloyd says:

      @Big Guy…
      You seem to spend MUCH time on this site, attempting to refute truths and offering little but posts in broken English and insults which are laughable. Why? Do you spend as much time on other websites which might offend your fragile Xtian beliefs? I mean, do you go out daily to harass Krishnas because they worship a different God than you? Or to Islamic sites because they MUST be terrorists? No? So… the FSM and associated faiths and beliefs threaten you more than those “evil” cavedwelling Muslims??? Really?

      Look son… as much as your posts are amusing (at best), they are also quite tedious and redundant. Yes, your own words do tend to convert more people to FSM; one cannot complain about that! The few positives of being amused and growing the congregation aside… your negatives far outweigh the positives. I know… you crave the attention. Since positive attention generally requires one to actually create something or do something… it is easy to understand why you go for the negative attention. It is much easier to get, and all you need to do is fart out your opinion, along with a few rather petty insults. It is abundantly clear that you are well practiced at farting your opinion. I have a great idea! Why not give that face-anus of yours a rest?

      We know where you stand on FSM. Now, why not find another group of people, or faith, to fart at, or better yet, simply grow up and perhaps pursue an education. Those are positive things which would bring you some positive attention.

      Just a thought.


      • Rev. Mongo the Lloyd says:

        BTW Big Guy… “The term Christendom is developed from the Latin word Christianus” – wiki. That’s right… Christi-anus.
        Guess I was more correct than I originally thought.

    • Enclodpedia Brit says:

      I hope to His Noodliness that we never get compared to Christiandom. That’s got to be the most insulting comparison in the world. Compare it when we start killing off people because they disagree with us.

    • B. says:

      While you, mr BG, is entitled to your opinion, I disagree.

      Christianity (Or “kristendom” in my own language, more similar to your word of choice) falls under every kind of scrutiny. While as the church of the FSM relies heavily on the scientific evidence of His existance and peoples belief in the right of not believing.


  5. Sara says:

    Christians don’t believe that babies go to Hell if they’re not baptized. That’s an archaic memory of something that uninformed people once feared, but it was never in the canon. I’m not Christian, but I’ve just noticed that a lot of what people like to scrutinize about Christianity is based on blatant exaggerations of Christian beliefs, or just outright stereotypes. So many people are so comfortable criticizing Christianity that very few take the time to realize that what they’re criticizing lost most of its power years upon years ago–so now it’s just an easy target and an easy joke.

    • Tam Lin says:

      It was well over 50 years ago, but in parochial school I was “taught”:

      Purgatory until J-Day:
      Unbaptized babies
      Exemplary adults who were never told of Jesus

      Exemplary adults who had heard of Jesus and refused his salvation
      Unforgivables (heretics, blasphemers, atheists, pagans, nontithers, divorcees, &c)
      Temporally unlucky forgivables: (Murderers, rapists, thieves, cursers, sabbath-sleepers, &c, who did not get to confession/last rites in time).

      Cracked me up, it did.

      • Jodi says:

        In my parochial school (40 years ago) we were taught unbaptized babies that died went to Limbo. It was just sort of pleasant place to hang out for all of eternity. Not as cool as heaven and not nasty like hell.

      • nun sequitur says:

        in the religious school i attended, we were just taught to keep the sabbath holy…
        i recall being taught reverence, humility & the ‘incomprehension’ of our lord…that he is too complex to conceive of..& about persecution survival (in the desert with dough dried on rocks for food after being banished)…there is no baptism per se, just naming ceremonies & a slight genital mutilation performed by a moil (mohel) if u r born a boy…it was once raised to me, that certain practices r outmoded, what becomes associated with a religion…while others remain as valid considerations… According to teachings u outline above, i am doomed to conceptualized hell, but with all those falling into these categories looks like good company…aside, if divorce lands people in purgatory, does not fear of burning encourage loveless unions or favor affairs over divorce, which is preferable? In laws family contains individual excommuned because spouse cheated & ran off with another…& person whom left is assumed 2 have stayed with church.


        id gather the shame assigned all involved is supposed to serve 2 deter, prevent this from becoming rampant…

    • Encyclodpedia Brit says:


      Most Christians believe lots of very strange and unusual things. And if we are making fun of them, its because there is a denomination out there that still believes these ridiculous ideas. But yes, mainstream Christians are trying to put a friendlier, less “You are all going to Hell” spin on things. what we criticize hasn’t lost its power especially when they are still fighting to enforce their religious laws upon non-religious/non-christian peoples. I can name a number of denominations that believe really uneducated ideas, Westboro Baptist and their “Gay people cause soldiers to die”, LDS and how they believe the women in their church shouldn’t hold positions over men, some don’t believe in medicine, some believe only a certain number of people will go to heaven. Not to mention, the number of people who jump on this website and tell us we are going to Hell because we don’t follow their laws. So its not just stereotypes, but they are easy targets and easy jokes, but most illogical, contradictory books are.

      • Keith says:

        Well, you are certainly right about the “not believing in medicine”. I used to work with a fellow who had a chronic heart problem. He would not see a doctor, preferring instead to try and pray his way out of the situation. He was in his 50’s when he died. His funeral oration said nothing about him personally (he was a nice guy but subject to sudden tantrums) but droned on about how he fitted in with the church he belonged to. His church, by the way, was Assemblies of God, which I always shorten to Azog: it is about as pleasant as the goblin king in “The Hobbit” and almost as real.

    • Atsap Revol says:


      I agree that there has been a trend in Christianity toward less rigid following of dogma. But as Encyclopedia Brit notes above, there are still plenty of weird beliefs and practices associated with the religion.

      A primary problem with Christianity is that the Old Testament remains the foundation or starting point of Christianity. Anyone that accepts the OT as literal truth (e.g. Southern Baptist Church) has to ignore the cruelty and evil embodied therein. I don’t see how anyone can read past Genesis and still believe that the God of Abraham is a loving, kind, merciful being.

      But as liberal Christians accept that the OT is largely mythology, why should they accept the New Testament as literal truth? There is no proof that the account of Jesus is any more true than the stories in the OT.

      My view is that religion is a very personal thing. Here in the US people may choose to worship as they please OR to not worship at all. The reason that hate-mailing Christians get roasted here is that they are so sure of their beliefs that they come preaching hell-fire-and- damnation for anyone not conforming to their paradigm. See for example Big Guy in another thread.


      • Big Guy says:

        No it’s the FSM atheist who participate in this crackpot religion who are using it as a medium to attack and make fun of the real deal it is you and you com-padres who are caught in a downward spiraling paradigm of deceit and foolishness.

    • tekhedd says:

      This is true. Most of what people criticize about christianity is pretty lame. Of course, many liberal Christians still believe some of these things. For example, that the four gospels were personally written by personal friends of Jesus. My mother thought this was true until she looked it up…in her father’s study bible that she has read daily for decades.

      The most liberal Christians in the world still believe many of these things, because they don’t question.

  6. I'm Brian and so's my wife says:

    It’s always “me, me, me” with these bloody Christians, isn’t it? You know who we NEVER get complaining about this site? Rastafarians. You’d think of all people, they’d have cause. Although I get the impression they may be slightly less motivated for some reason.

    Anyway Bobby, you don’t owe these sanctimonious whiners ANY explanation at all. I know you like to take the high road and reason with them, but why bother? They won’t listen and in any case they don’t have a right not to be offended. Nobody does.

    • Big Guy says:

      You will be held accountable for what comes out of your mouth.

      • TiltedHorizon says:

        Thankfully then, it was all typed, no words actually came out of his mouth. That aside, as criticism goes, it was a G rating at worst, nothing there to be ‘held accountable’ for.

      • Dman96 says:

        OH! HEY!! and so i find our little troll big guy on another post. LOL. Big Guy, if you hate this religion so much, please leave.

      • Keith says:

        Accountable to whom, who or what? Are you threatening us with some god again? Go on then, quote us a text from the buybull. I’m certain we’ll still be able to sleep at nights.

        • Encyclodpedia Brit says:

          I personally enjoy being held accountable for being intelligent and logical. If we held more people accountable for believing in lunacy, maybe there would be less of those sheep.

      • Atsap Revol says:

        …or what comes out of other body orifices.

      • I'm Brian and so's my wife says:

        I wouldn’t have it any other way. I stand by every word.

        Veiled threats from an internet warrior don’t concern me “Big Guy”.

      • stylusmobilus says:

        I’m still waiting for your explanation on a talking snake bribing a bloke with fruit.

        • Encyclodpedia Brit says:


          You mean you’ve never been bribed with fruit? How quaint. I’m sure there is some succulent piece of fruit out there that you won’t be able to turn and thus doom the rest of the world to be “sinners”.

        • stylusmobilus says:

          Hahaha unfortunately Brit, here in Queensland we have a literal cornucopia of all the best fruit. Except for bananas of course, which were all wiped out by the recent cyclone. The snake’s bribe could not work on me, for two reasons, one, I’d probably run or have to kill it because it is likely to be deadly and two, I can pick up a box of Bowen mangoes off old mate down on the corner for about $10 (5p in your coin) without the trappings of having my immortality cut short!

        • Encyclodpedia Brit says:


          Are you saying Queensland is like Eden? I’m down for some fruit picking. That’s okay, I’m allergic to bananas anyway, so seeing them wiped out would be okay by me. Are you guys making a good recovery from your cyclone?
          I just have to say, my first instinct upon seeing a talking snake would be to kill it. MMMMmmm…..mangoes. Yum.

          Yours in the Pasta Lord,

        • UNF says:

          Oh Verily Ye Hypocrites of little Faith – According to the FSM-Bible (Letter of Brian to the Pastifarians at Antioch) talking snakes should only be killed if a believer needeth some extra meat for the balls and do offer up thanks to His Noodlyness for the bounty he hath provided, whereas if they are poisonous and bite thee first it is retroactive notification of His Will that the previous pasta enjoyed was in fact thine Last Supper. Therefore, repent and be cleansed by the touch of an appendage dripping in delicious bolognese sauce!

        • nun sequitur says:

          ‘explanation on talking snake bribing a bloke’…

          it was not a bloke, it was a chick,,that got them booted from the premises…with her ‘BAD judgement’…
          i would guess the bribing went something like this:

          ptttthhht…cmere babeh, e hafth smthng fr yeh

          …or, he just circled around the apple (i heard it was a pomegranate) & caressed it while pointing out its finer points- any1 familiar with advertising knows, it is all about the presentation…

    • nun sequitur says:

      ‘altho they may b slightly less motivated…’

      that is interesting, we were noting here the similar names…

      it is also our contention that if they made that what u say slightly unmotivates, legal, there would b less crime & any1 not already interested is not about 2 just start doing so just because it is lawful. I had an 80+ year old cancer survivor tell me of interest in finding this, if the cancer returned & its awful i had 2 b asked like a secret & that we both could have had charges pressed if that had come 2 pass.

  7. The Thief says:

    Thank you for not letting the religious folk spoil the fun for everyone else…as they always do.

  8. DVDA says:

    I came across this site whilst procrastinating from doing some uni stuff and I have to say that I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I feel a little bad about making fun of those less fortunate (intellectually speaking), but on the other I find it abslolutely hilarious. Some of the comments from the christians are just incredible, does it really cost that much to get an education in America that so many don’t seem to have made it to grade 2? It’s kind of a self fulfulling prophecy isn’t it? That they don’t go to school because the church tells them not to, and that they go to church because they have nothing else. So sad but funny at the same time in their ignorance. God bless you Christians.

    • Keith says:

      We should count ourselves fortunate in this day and age. Not so long ago, historically speaking, the best education some people obtained was from learning to read the buybull. Nowadays there are many opportunities to increase one’s literary skills but it seems some people are still stuck with the “good book” as their only source for anything.

      • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        And you’re just talking about the Western world. Go to Pakistan or other parts of the Middle East and education may mean remembering the Koran.

        • nun sequitur says:

          we picked up a copy @ used book sale, softcover ed. Must have lent it on 2 another, becuz it is not 2 b found..
          was going 2 try getting thru it (a translated version), since just about everything else was covered between the 2 of us here, & nobody comes up trying 2 convert us with this, it would hav been a voluntary exercise had we gotten 2 reading it…altho since i fall asleep reading everything else, not2 promising id have gotten far.

          shalom & salam..

        • nun sequitur says:

          I had pretty much read ALL the materials ever given 2 me, (until many were repeats) out of respect…including the materials ANONYMOUSLY sent 2 our home (of Christian origin, all) …were never given materials assoc. with koran/qu’ran, but thought i ought 2 @ least consider reading th 1 reccomended 2 us, 2 serve as understanding. I was once invited to live in egypt & proposed 2 regarding marriage, expected i would live, there. i had not ever considered reading it (quran) prior 2 this (even tho i declined).

        • nun sequitur says:

          I declined invite 2 live overseas @ time…not declined reading…

      • nun sequitur says:

        RE: The God Delusion..book:

        source, wiki

        Legal repercussions in Turkey

        In Turkey, where the book had sold at least 6000
        copies, [71] a prosecutor launched a probe into whether The God Delusion was “an attack on holy values”, following a complaint in November 2007. If convicted, the Turkish publisher and translator, Erol Karaaslan, would have faced a prison sentence of inciting religious hatred and insulting
        religious values. [72] In April 2008, the court acquitted the defendant. In ruling out the need to confiscate copies of the book, the presiding judge stated that banning it “would fundamentally limit the freedom of thought”. [73]

        Dawkins’ website, richarddawkins.net, was banned in Turkey later that year after complaints from creationist

        Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) for alleged defamation. [74] By

        July 2011, the ban was lifted. [75]

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