God Fighter sighting

Published April 24th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Thanks to Ashley for sending the link to this video in which the FSM battles Yahweh.  I believe this is more fictional than a historical re-enactment, as the FSM is a peaceful God and I don’t think He’d fight even if provoked. 

Here’s the video:

10 Responses to “God Fighter sighting”

  1. Dman96 says:

    YEAHHHHHH!!!! FSM WINS!!!!!!!!! FSM ALWAYS WINS!!!!! (even though he wouldn’t ever actually fight another god)

  2. Brian Fritzen says:

    “the FSM is a peaceful God and I don’t think He’d fight even if provoked.”

    Not to mention that it wouldn’t even be a contest. The FSM (pesto be unto Him) would win so easily that it wouldn’t be fair.

  3. shai says:

    wow i belive in the mighty fsm but i still think this is really offensive to jewish people and muslims. and second this video seems to be a little bit towards the christianity.

    • Keith says:

      You might well be right that the worshippers of these gods could be offended but consider this: If these gods are all powerful they should not feel threatened by such absurdities. Also (assuming they were all powerful) there should be no need for mere mortals to act on their behalf: ergo, the people who are offended cannot represent their god in their sense of outrage. The offence would merely be a personal offence. Personal offence is also a matter of personal responsibility. Noone can offend you, you are the only one who can decide to be offended. They should either ignore it or deal with it.

  4. Logalmier says:

    While I am a devout believer in the FSM, this sort of thing crosses the line for me. These sorts of videos show huge disrespect for other peoples cultures, and while we pastafarians by no means think that other religions are above a joke or two, this is going too far. Remember, our belief that other religions should not be above scrutiny does not, in turn, put us above other religions.

    Ramen, brothers and sisters.

  5. erkin says:

    Actually, it’s pretty funny.

  6. Franko says:

    “I don’t think He’d fight even if provoked.”

    Well, He wouldn’t have to, would He? As mentioned by a few people already, after all, He’s all-powerful, isn’t He. What could harm Him or His feelings?

    I found this to be quite a giggle, and am not offended a bit even though it also “makes fun” of The Mighty FSM Himself. My God (Pesto Be Upon Him) and I can take a joke.

  7. Mara says:

    Is it just me, or does the magic sperm look suspiciously like a ghost wizard?
    (crossing my noodles that hyperlinks work here)

    • Keith says:

      You could be right but I remember a Spiderman episode from the 1960’s where the Green Goblin was calling up some evil power. The cauldron he was using had ghosts in it that looked like large wriggling sperm with faces. Very convincing, I’m sure!

  8. Anonymous the Pastafarian says:

    It is actually rather funny, even if insulting. The Lucy Fur one was hilarious in the end. XD

    Sadly, the innocent woman vs yahweh battles might as well have some truth in it…

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