Colombia Pastafarians First Meeting

Published April 25th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Dear Friends at the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster,

We celebrated last Friday the event of the reference. It took place at the "Plaza de la Paz" [Right in front of the Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral] in Barranquilla, Colombia. Though we were only 25 Pastafarians, the presence of his Noodliness was strong. The opportunity served us to settle an agenda of activities that are planned in order to promote the idea of the separation of church & state, a secular view of the world, and of course, the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I´m not sure of how well informed are you about what´s going on here in Colombia, but under the Uribe administration freedom of beliefs was not cherished [measures that undermine the spirit of the Constitution of 1991 were taken, like forcing the teaching of religion again in schools and granting privileges to the Catholic Church]. The previous constitution was adopted in1886, which made Colombia a confesional state, namely, a Catholic one. This means that in the past 9 years we got back over a 100 years on the subject of rights, having to witness cases related to the discrimination towards other beliefs, not to mention those who are agnostic or atheists. The situation is really one to worry about: picture yourself the General Prosecutor boycotting a law that allows women to abort if (1) Malformation of the fetus, (2) Grave risk for the mother´s life & (3) Pregnancy being a result of rape. Guess what? This member of the government is affiliated to the "Legionaries of Christ"[!!!], and offered a number of different phony legal explanations to promote the figure of "conscientious objection of institutions" [Yeah, right, that´s what he argued] so as to allow different hospitals to deny the services to women that requested the practice of abortions under the above mentioned three circumstances [as granted by a Sentence of the Constitutional Court]. In the practice, he has put forward an agenda that implicitly accepts it is good to be first a believer and then a member of the government. Going beyond the discussion on abortion, no matter if one is in favor or against it, it is simply outrageous that a member of the government decides that it is legal to brake the law.

Since some of us got sick & tired of this & other similar cases, we decided to open a FB group called "Primera Iglesia del Monstruo de Spaghetti Volador de Barranquilla". The attached pictures were taken the day of the meeting. We hope to make a small contribution & that you include this news on the site.

May he touch & enlighten us all with his noodly appendage!

Sincerely yours,
René J. Campis C.


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  1. puppygoogoo says:

    well done. good luck with your group


    • stylusmobilus says:

      What puppy said, and I asked to join the group even though I don’t speak espanol and live over the other side of the world. That’s fine, I’ll run it all through a translator.

      • Rene Campis says:

        @stylusmobilus, u are cordially welcome to join us…

        • stylusmobilus says:

          Already done Rene, cheers! I’m the Pastafarian who posted about Big Guy at Primera Iglesia del Monstruo de Spaghetti Volador de Barranquilla, so you know me already, thanks!

  2. User says:

    Soy de Medellín. Me hubiera gustado estar ):

  3. Keith says:

    Excellent effort! I’m sure there are many more than 25 Pastafarians waiting in the wings and the seperation of church and state is a vital issue in any country.

  4. Randy says:

    How wonderful the FSM has “touched” the enlightened in Columbia. As far as your X-tian problem, you need to let the powers-that-be know that it has been established that santajeebus only pays attention to Maaaaaaarka, cuz (apparently) we are jeebus’s “special country” and (if you listen to the teabaggers) he doesn’t pay attention to brown people. Now the FSM (praise be His Noodlyness) loves everybody and will likely “bless” (or “touch” if you will) all peoples.

    Go in Pesto and Saucyness in your quest to spred His tasty will all over your country!



    • stylusmobilus says:

      Yeah, it’s great, innit Randy. FSMism is spreading around the world, unstoppable in the vein of all great satires like Monty Python. It isn’t going to be long now, a few decades with a bit of luck, and the world will be rid of creationism education and religious extremists.

  5. Insightful Ape says:

    Hola hermanos! Bendigan seas. Ahorita tenemos un movimiento autenticamente global.
    Y que el Monstruo les premie con un volcan de cerveza!

  6. Matt Alex Thomas says:

    R’Amen! Keep at it, courageous pirates!

  7. Sebastian Castaño says:

    ¡Queridos hermanos Pastafarianos!

    Saludos desde Medellin, Colombia, que gusto es ver como la gloria de su tallarinesca deidad se esparce por nuestro país, aunque la situación actual es ciertamente preocupante, debemos juntarnos para alabar al todopoderoso, sepan que soy promotor de un blog donde se predica la palabra, ademas de otros temas, tambien junto compañeros estoy buscando la forma de hacer de esa pequeña comunidad una organizacion oficializada, para asi tener voz y voto a nivel nacional, no solo ante las diversas entidades gubernamentales, sino tambien ante la ciudadania, los invito también a un concurso que estamos realizando en nuestro blog…

    Sepan que no están solos… y que la poderosa tallarineidad los acompañe

    Thanks to Bobby Henderson! Great Prophet! who gave us the holy word…

    • Sebastian Castaño says:

      Click en mi nombre para ir a la pagina de las que les hable, también estamos en Facebook…

  8. Encyclodpedia Brit says:

    Es un dia muy triste cuando hay un gobierno que toma muchos pasos al revés. Ojala que tenga buenos suerte con FSM en Colombia. (Lo siento si el espanol es horrrible. No escribo en espanol mucho.)


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