A Warning

Published April 9th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

While I am not of your "religion". I will not trash your website like the majority of the blundering baboons around here, instead I am here to support not your religion, but your attempt to keep religion and education separate. The constitution gives the people not only of freedom of religion but freedom from it. By teaching religion in any public school you are effectively taking away that right. Many, however argue that it is by "majority rules" that the teaching is decided. This argument is stultifying to many of  the proponents of this argument, because if this was true, slavery would still be legal.

I am a Hindu and have an open mind to virtually all religions. I know that this religion is not a real religion; but an attempt to show the errors and flaws of most organized religion and those who support it’s full integration into state affairs. I support your attempt to show how religion should not be taught in public education. The majority of people ranting on your website are not venting against the concept of separation of religion and public education, but against your satire of their religion.

Yet, I must warn you not to take this to far. You’re tab with the word hate mail is almost doing this. I am not worried too much about this, but the whole thing will make some people very irate. It might push some maniac over the edge and cause them to grab a gun and go after you. This has happened in the past, remember Malcolm X? Thus, I propose that you put somewhere on your front page of the site, that this is not an actual religion but an attempt to keep religion out of public schools.

Thank You,

A concerned supporter


I don’t think Nikhil meant direct criticism (or veiled threat) with this message.  

I take issue with the idea of real religion, as if such a thing can be defined and agreed upon.  I’ve said it in the past and I still believe strongly that there is no classification of religion without agenda.  I don’t expect mainstream religion (or a government influenced by mainstream religion) to see ours as a real religion because there is every incentive to see us as something else.  A joke, a way to mock their beliefs.  They will see us in terms that serve their purpose.

Most Pastafarians do want to keep religion out of schools, most of us are against tax exemptions (and indirect subsidies) for religious institutions.  We object to the power religion is allowed in government, and the excuses made for leaders of religion.  We’re saddened that it’s still seen as improper to criticize anything related to mainstream religion.

But this isn’t just because we’re Pastafarians.  It’s because Pastafarians are rational, reasonable, intelligent people who are not driven by any particular dogmatic thinking.  We are individuals who reject the concept of faith-over-reason, of indoctrination, and the fact that we’ve formed a group does not mean that we’ve come to these conclusions because that’s the group opinion.

Why does humor invalidate our beliefs?  I see this argument all the time and don’t understand it.  The idea that FSM is not an actual religion because it’s satire or this or that is obviously a joke – so what?  I’d argue that for the same reason Jon Stewart’s Daily Show has value as actual news, FSM has value as actual religion.  Different, yes, but that is the point.  Not everyone gets it – but again, that is the point.  We reject lowest common denominator indoctrination in favor of nuanced thinking

Is it just that mainstream religion is so utterly humorless?  Most religious people I know have a great sense of humor but I think they would agree that the institution of religion is rigid and stifling.  There are obvious areas where it’s not ok to make a joke.  One of the creepiest things I find about religion is that feeling that everyone is trying to act very serious. 

Our religion may not fit the definition of real religion as defined by outsiders.   But make no mistake – we have no ambition for FSM to be similar to mainstream religions.  How we’re classified is not important to us.  And while we understand that not everyone will get what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, it’s not our intention to offend – but nor is it our highest priority to avoid offense. 

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  1. Sky says:

    This isn’t exactly hate mail, maybe we need a letter tab?

    Some view this as a joke, others don’t. But just because it’s a “joke” to you, does that mean it can’t be a real religion? Some people would say *insert random religion here* is a joke. It’s still a religion.

    Since I was raised by a religious family, old habits die hard. It’s nice to be a part of something, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. We aren’t hurting anyone, and I have actually grown MORE tolerant of religious people because of Pastafarianism. Ironic? Slightly. We are extremely easy going, if you don’t provoke us. But this is something we simply won’t give up. FSM is a symbol of equality and acceptance, something we don’t see very often in this world.

    • Danny says:

      Exactly! Perfectly said. I wasn’t raised in a religious household, but I completely agree. In fact, I’ve been able to have intelligent religious discussion since converting that doesn’t just revolve around whether there is or isn’t a god, which gets us nowhere since it can’t be proved either way.

  2. Pawsrent says:

    This is a real religion, and I believe that the Christian god is a Flying Spaghetti Monster, who impregnated a virgin by touching her with His noodly appendage.

  3. Brian says:

    Not to mention the term Hate-Mail is self-mocking, not . We don’t mind the jabs, and encourage a sense of humor. We are not anti-religion, we are anti-theocracy. Our only agenda (yes, we have one too) is to encourage free thinking and freedom from oppression, i.e. separation of church and state, which protects not only “us” from “you”, but you from us as well. There is room for all as long as we maintain those freedoms. If you truly respect the power and wisdom of your God, then you can respect His ability to sort it out in the end. To pick battles for Him is to usurp His authority and place yourself above Him. It never ceases to amaze me how quick so many of the fundamentalists are to rise to anger and threaten damnation and express glee in the eternal torment of others, whose only crime is to use the freedom of choice supposedly granted in the beginning. Our blessed Mighty everlasting Pasta-dish wishes only that we sail forward into the great beyond with full facultied enjoyment of the bounty he has provided. You don’t hafta’ have cake with us in fancy pirate-garb, just don’t be angry at us when your god restricts you to soot, rags and manna.

    • Brian says:

      I left out a word, oopsie…: “is self-mocking, not chastising.” it should have read.

  4. dave says:

    I really like this site. I think it is clever and important, but i do have trouble understanding one thing. I am Catholic, and though I dislike many of the formalities and policies of that religion, i still consider myself a member. I was just wondering how Pastafarians can say they are so accepting of religions when most of the satire comes from poking fun at christianity. Are we the easiest target? i was just wondering…

    • TiltedHorizon says:


      The common misconception is that FSM targets Christianity, nothing can be further from the truth. FSM is an amalgam of the major religions. Take for example the promise of strippers in ‘our’ afterlife, obviously Catholicism does not have similar offering, but if you look at the Islam and the promise of 72 Virgins you can see the similarity.

      You see your faith mirrored because you recognize some of the shared elements, the irony is these are not specific to Christianity; much of the same principals, stories, and teachings are shared between Judaism & Islam. Therefore, if you were Jewish or Muslim, you would undoubtedly come to the same conclusion; “Why are you mocking ‘MY’ (insert faith here) belief?”.

      In a nutshell, your inability to see the DNA of counter faiths represented by FSM shows how little consideration was given them before accepting your present faith as correct.

      We Pastafarians say we are accepting because we generally are. You will find, Atheists, Agnostics, and many differing flavors of Theists here. We don’t turn anyone away unless they are rude and offensive, that is more than can be said of most faiths.

  5. Luke says:

    omg, this guy owned! i am athiest myself. But im only athiest because of christianity, it has been forced onto so many people (me included). And you know what im fine with people having faith but its a persons choice when it come to their beliefs, if we are going to hell for not believing then thats our problem not anyone elses. If christians truly stuck to the bible, they would think that rape, murder and women having no rights is ok/the right thing. If people say they follow the bible they would be out raping and murdering vergins (as in the bible). The bible is just a story, and guess what? Ive read stories before, but i dont go out eating crap loads of fruit like in ‘The Hungry Catapiller’ or go out and run into platform 9 and 3 quarters like in ‘Harry Potter’. Seriously it is another religion, they are made all the time. If christians believe that the followers will ‘burn in hell’ then thats their perogative, no one else cares if you think someones going to hell. Christianity is just another cult, a religion is just another cult with lots of followers. Why even go onto this site if you dont like it? Fuck people are dumb! I personally LOVE pasta so this is a religion that actually catches my attention, where do i sign? :)

  6. Canipa09 says:

    Pastafarianism is a religion in every sense of the word. Many of us aren’t Fundamentalist Pastafarianists but we still believe in its goals and ideals. Humour should not invalidate this religion as it is as real and plausible as any other.

    • Danny says:

      RAmen to that.

  7. Tyler says:

    Thanks be to the Helping on High! Reading Nikhil’s and Bobby’s comments gives me great hope.

  8. Bob says:

    You guys are assholes

    • DigitalMorgan says:

      I may be an asshole, but you’re what comes out of an asshole. :)

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