your a stupid ass

Published March 3rd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Your a stupid ass and your religion is gay. Thats why god hates it and evne though he loves yu he hates ur gay and will kill you and all yoru followers. Your god is spaghetti, i ate spaghetti lasnt night. So, ha. Christian god is in teh sky, your is on a plate. Your guy doesnt even have brain let alone create things. Your stupid douchbag. This isnt a religion, its a belief. And you are standing in between you and gods yours love. I hope ur happy.

– Connor Fargus

Hmm…. seems fake.

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  1. Princess Psycho says:

    What a rambling rant, devoid of substance and grammar he really should lay of the wanking as it will just fall off if he continues. The FSM is a lovely pasta filled deity who is cool in the way the Dude is in the Big Liebowski is, still even the Dude would find him uncool and give him a boot to the head.

  2. Captain Awesome says:

    Obvious troll is obvious.

    When will people like him learn that when they attack every other religion, it makes them and their religion look bad?

    Leave it to a Christian to assume, assume, assume.

    Assume that God is real with no evidence, assume that anyone who isn’t Christian is going to hell, assume that all of the other 20,000+ religions are false, and assume that Jesus is not in league with terrorists and Hitler to kill the Jews on the second coming, and finally, assume that good grammar is NOT essential for an INTELLIGENT argument.

    Then again, I guess anyone who believes in the tooth fairy, Santa, and other mythical creatures and people have some kind of disability. So I guess I can excuse them from using proper grammar.

  3. Daniel says:

    1. Any real Christian would capitalize God anytime they typed it for it is his name.
    2. When you send hate mail: a. learn to spell b. what the fuck is teh? c. I cannot even describe how obnoxiously fucking retarded you sound in your hate mail.
    3. Sir you just need to do the world a favor and get crushed by a damned steam roller on top of a bed of glass and acid.

    • TimmyAnn says:

      He does not sound retarded. He sounds stupid. There is a huge difference.

      • TerryDarc says:

        Ouch! Daniel, that treatment for Christianity sounds painful. Peace out pasta-brother!

        • Jack says:

          Words to learn to spell: God, even, you, your, last, the -(the “teh” is supposed to be “the”… i think)-, isn’t.
          Did I get them all?

  4. ErraticHippie says:

    Babelfish does not translate Moron. :(

  5. Nobody of Interest says:

    I recently converted from whatever the hell I was before to Pastafarianism. I’ll be spending the rest of the school year preaching about FSM to my fellow 7th graders. Thank you, Connor Fargus. You just make me laugh. If you’re going to condemn a legitimate religion, then please learn to spell before you do so.

    • Keith says:

      Now that you are a Pastafarian you are Somebody of Interest.

      • PASTAAAAAAA! says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only 7th grader preaching. Sadly, most of my class either laughs of give me funny looks. I think immersion programs would be easier to preach at, because they normally have a more open mind.

        • TerryDarc says:

          Immersion in pasta w/meatballs should be fun!

  6. Jeff says:

    I was gonna say it, but it seems just about EVERYONE beat me to it. Seriously, your arguments would look so much more intelligent if they were somewhat comprehensible. Learn English, please.

    • TerryDarc says:

      The pseudo-dyslexic letter inversions are too conscious to be true.

  7. Thomas says:

    About the whole “eating your god” thing. Doesn’t it say in the Bible something about partaking in Jesus’s flesh and blood at the Last Supper?

    • TimmyAnn says:

      Yeah, in Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus sings, “This is my blood you drink, this is my body you eat” and that’s what the communion wafer and wine represent.

      • Ryan says:

        Actually one of the definitive differences between Catholics and all the other Christians is that they really believe that they are eating their god.

  8. TimmyAnn says:

    Oh, and by the way, our god is tastier!

    • Chummster says:

      … i’d make that way tastier

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