your a stupid ass

Published March 3rd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Your a stupid ass and your religion is gay. Thats why god hates it and evne though he loves yu he hates ur gay and will kill you and all yoru followers. Your god is spaghetti, i ate spaghetti lasnt night. So, ha. Christian god is in teh sky, your is on a plate. Your guy doesnt even have brain let alone create things. Your stupid douchbag. This isnt a religion, its a belief. And you are standing in between you and gods yours love. I hope ur happy.

– Connor Fargus

Hmm…. seems fake.

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  1. Richard says:

    God doesn’t hate pastafarism, inexplicably, his fan club does…

  2. FSM says:

    These haters shale be smited. *Smites*

  3. FSM says:

    Haters gonna hate

  4. Thomas says:

    This one is hilarious.

  5. ekklipse says:


  6. ekklipse says:

    You + are = your
    IQ > 80000

  7. Another "stupid @$$" says:

    You’d think that if you’re on a website that publishes and publicly mocks its hate mail that you would bother to use spell check. I mean this is a free-be when it comes to material for jokes.

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