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Published March 22nd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


I’ve heard from several UK Pastafarians that it’s Census time in Britain.  In 2001 there was a movement to make “Jedi” a recognized religion by the government.  It would be fantastic if Pastafarianism could gain similar recognition.

So, UK Pastafarians, on your 2011 Census, if you are a Believer, write Pastafarian as your religion.


I’ve gotten a lot of emails about this and I see a lot of comments saying the same thing – there is a feeling by many that it is important to put “No Religion” on this year’s census form, and the British Humanist Association makes a pretty strong argument for this.

If you say you’re religious on the census and don’t really mean it, then you are treated by some sections of the media, churches, and even government policymakers as if you are a fully-fledged believer.

While there are many True Believer Pastafarians, a large number of us could be described as not literally believing our own scripture. That’s not all that unusual in religion (many Christians don’t take the Bible literally) but that we are honest about our own reservations *is* unusual (and an important part of our religion). I often hear this brought up in arguments why Pastafarianism is not a “real” religion. My feeling is that defining religion is always done with some agenda and we’re best off not fitting into anyone’s small-minded definitions. But this problem remains – there are a huge number of people who get something positive out of Pastafarianism without literally believing the scripture. This census question, when asking people to define themselves in such simple terms, can’t fully capture a person’s view of a very complex subject.

If I was a UK citizen I would find this a difficult choice. Good luck!

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  1. Keith says:

    Well, looks as though the census is coming up in Australia next month. There will be the usual invasive questions and the “voluntary” questions. I’m putting Pastafarian down as a religion. If they question it I will argue (quite rightly) that it has as much basis in reality as any other religion.

    • Jamesy says:

      Don’t – its too late now, but by saying you are of faith suggests that more resources are needed for religious endeavours (faithschools, religious marches, religious buildings etc.). Say you are atheist. Religion needs to ultimately be forgotten, not further propagated (albeit via a humourous carbohydrate-based guise :-))

      • Paul Jones says:

        For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, so whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

        • Captain B says:

          Paul, why didn’t your psychopathic god simply give the World irrevocable ‘everlasting life’ in the first place, without the bother of setting-up Eve to fail, in order to murder his own son? Free will? Bollocks! No decent person would accept such a disgusting offer.
          Jails are full of deranged idiots who believed the voices in their head telling them to ‘sacrifice’ someone for gain, let alone those who believed that cannibalism concluded the deal.

        • Keith says:

          Paul, I can quote from “Lord of the Rings”. What is the point of quoting from a book that has no meaning to us?

        • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          How come the angels automatically got everlasting life? And how come you never hear of female angels? Is this part of the early Christian girl hating theology that has resulted in the priesthood being a haven for pedophiles?

  2. Sky says:

    I don’t understand what the problem is.

    “you are treated by some sections of the media, churches, and even government policymakers as if you are a fully-fledged believer.”

    What’s wrong with that?

    • Jamesy says:

      Because it bumps up the number of people who are considered “of faith” thereby making government funding for religious activity (faithschools etc.) more justifiable. The more atheists within the population the better.

  3. Jamesy says:

    The person who wrote this article is a fool and is not helping to ultimately faze-out religion from society. I would implore all those who read this to simply put ‘no religion’ on government documents. By putting a religion, even a spurious one, you just give the impression that the population is more spiritual than it really is, thus suggesting that more resources should be channeled into religion and its activities – faithschools etc..

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