This is a real religion?

Published March 13th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

The government actually passed this BS as religion? You just did this so you can get tax cuts, your religion is based on christian hate because thats all i see you mocking on here, You might as well side with the church of satan who mocks their own belief, Just because youre too blind to be enlightened you have decided to scam all the atheists out there, in a way i have to side with you, because all of your followers are just as stupid as you are, nobody ever looks into history, philosophy or multiple religions before basing their faith, they always just side with hate and disbelief, when love is just the true meaning behind every religion, and science is formulated from the start of religion, it seems that your church and your followers will all go down the same stupid path, even if you are a teacher or a doctor you probably are a bad one at that, well except the church leader who is rolling in money from his t-shirts and probably initiation fees and getting tax cuts, what a smart way to scam atheist church goers, you might as well start the next jonestown massacre.


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  1. John says:

    If these guys could only throw lightning bolts, you’d be toast.

  2. Randy says:

    So in other words: “I hate you and you should all die and be punished in hell forever because you are evil people for not being part of my peaceful religion based on the unconditional love.” Is this a form letter? They all seem to boil down to this.

    • some guy says:

      that was a very clever pun if it was intended to be one

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  4. Chris says:

    “All your followers are just as stupid as you are” hilarious coming from someone who never learned the use of a period to make more than one sentence in a paragraph. I read a post about using the term hate mail but how can it be labeled as anything else when people leave comments such as this. There could be a discussion forum, but I truly believe, something I do not do often haha, that it would have very few posts as most writings are only full of hate. Ironically from a group of people who profess a religious law to turn the other cheek, although the bible also says an eye for an eye. Confusing and very contradicted read if anyone has the time to flip through its pages.

    • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

      Your correct of course Chris, and you’re right that this could be a discussion forum, in fact I think there actually is one, but in these pages discussion is the last thing that most visitors want. Their sole aim (soul aim?) is to hit us with a barrage of ill thought-out nonsense and then run away; very few await a response let alone enter into a debate. What they do is the equivalent of me running into a church on Sunday morning, calling all the worshipers names and then running out again, and I can honestly say I haven’t done that for weeks!:-)
      You may have noticed that there hasn’t been any new correspondence for a very long time; I can understand perhaps why Bobby stopped posting, my understanding of the situation is that he felt that the emails he posted here were not representative of the views of mainstream Christians, as the far majority appear, at least on the surface, to be fairly benign, (even though their religion is far from being so) and they put the moderates in a bad light and I can see his point if that is the case. What it did do however was give the regulars here a focus around which we ourselves could interact, and that, sadly, has diminished to the point of near extinction, relying as we do, on the occasional new post, such as yours, to an old thread. Requests were made of Booby to publish emails from mods so we could enter into discussion but none have been forthcoming; does this mean there are none or that they’re very few and far between? If that is so, it begs the question, why do the moderates fail to engage us? Is it because they are more accepting or is it, as I suspect, they are better read and they too see the confusion and contradiction of which you speak and understand that they have little if anything, other than faith, upon which to base any discussion and therefore avoid having to justify their beliefs against rational thought, unlike the red faced, vein bulging fundies who’s entire religious knowledge it seems, is gained from listening to the rants of their local evangelical preachers, appearing as it frequently does that they themselves have never read the bible properly and base their understanding of their cherished beliefs on the word of millionaire con artists with enormous amounts of self interest invested in the faithfuls continued acceptance of their garbage. Oops, sorry about that, started to get a bit ‘soap boxy’ there.

      In any case, May the Sauce be with you always,

      The Reverend

      • Keith says:

        When fundies did stay for “discussion” their tactics were very much in the nature of playing dodgeball while wielding a shotgun. They just kept throwing out more and more questions and arguments before anyone was able to resolve any single question and just ignored or side stepped whatever was thrown at them.
        The result is invariably that in no time at all there is a great deal of confusion, the subject has changed innumerable times and they walk away crowing about how they won an argument against them there goddamn atheists!

      • Apprentice Frederic says:

        Rev. Toni,
        “End of year” review led me to your post here – apologies for missing it in Nov. – combining New Year good wishes with agreement with your eloquently-made points, let me make a modest suggestion: Arguing with the ilk of Big Guy, Steve of God, and even Guido – let alone the hit-and-run-ers you describe so well – is what is known in much of the world as a mugg’s game, where we’re the muggs. Why not shift focus to the “stuff religion into science teaching” twerps instead? If we all wrote letters to flood David Vitter’s or Michelle Bachmann’s hometown newspapers (and there are readily available catalogues of many less conspicuous but still egregiously stupid malefactors) might make a perceptible impact. The average intelligence and decency of voters in Louisiana or Minnesota is just fine, their representatives notwithstanding.

        • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

          Thank you for you good wishes AF and my best wishes to you and yours. May I extend those greetings and blessings to all my friends and extended family here at our church and meeting place. Here’s to another year of sanity and rational thinking. Keep the faith guys, and may the Sauce be with you all.

          The Reverend.

          ps. Sorry Bobby, having just re-read my post above I noticed a typo when referring to you, it was a typo, no way was I, in any way, suggesting you were or are a booby. Luv ya!

        • Keith says:

          Happy and prosperous New Year to everyone as well. Let us hope for intelligent discussion, or failing that, more hate mail that is amusing (as opposed to the same old grind).

      • Pete Byrdie says:

        Rev Toni is quite right. Moderate Christians are unlikely to bother with us. They see a world about them full of people with different beliefs, and see their own choice of belief as a choice based on what makes sense to them, so they are unlikely to worry much about us. Fundamentalists see about themselves, apart from good Christians, a world of devil-inspired heathens, who threaten their well-being by disseminating blasphemous world views that could convert others in their communities. Emotionally, they feel personally attacked by other beliefs.

        One good reason for stopping the hate-mail on the site is that it tends to be prominently represented in the Recent Comments section, so it’s the first place many visitors go. And what they read are our quite aggressive attacks on religious views. To us, that’s perfectly acceptable, because we’re defending ourselves from attacks on our home ground, but a visitor’s perception might be that our main purpose is unwarranted attacks on Christianity and religion in general. So, we tend to attract further attacks from curious fundies who have merely ended up reading a few responses to hate-mail. In some ways, I think this is detrimental to our cause. Fundies don’t need encouragement to turn everything into an aggressive, reactionary argument. No-one wins such an argument, but I will try harder in the new year to turn such future attacks into an opportunity to state my interpretation of core Pastafarian values.

        A prosperous noodly year to all

  5. Shannon says:

    “You openly mock my religion, so you might as well kill a bunch of innocent people.”

    Logic: 10/10

    • James Lanter says:

      There is absolutely no logic to Shannon’s comments (12/4/13) and I’m more inclined to think this type of barb is designed to incite a riot rather than intelligent debate. I don’t know what your religion is, but if your teachings have taught to think that light-hearted (or even blistering) sarcasm about any kind of a diety equals murder, you should run, not walk, but run as fast as you can from that religion. Saying something as ill-thought as your reply is shows a lack of respect for humanity.

      • Rev. Wulff says:

        Shannon’s comment is paraphrasing the original hate-mail, in which “Nick” stated we “might as well start the next jonestown massacre.” Shannon was directly addressing the absurdity of “Nick”‘s POV.

      • Pete Byrdie says:

        James, are you aware that, to emphasize its idiocy, Shannon was merely paraphrasing the comment by Nick, the original hate-mailer, that Bobby “might as well start the next Jonestown massacre.”?

        • Pete Byrdie says:

          Beaten by a minute, darn it! :-)

  6. Jason Borkluy says:

    Hi there, I just seen that sometimes this site renders a 404 server error. I figured that you would like to know. Thanks

  7. Phillip says:

    I don’t know where else to post this question, but I was debating a Fishtarian on FB about the need/validity of the Pledge, and I made comment about there not being any noodles on the flag. Her curt response was that she would pray for me and blessed me. When I told her she needn’t bother she insisted on blessing me, now inasmuch as it is common to bless people when they sneeze I had an epiphany and told her I would be happy to rub my boogers on her, that since my body is a holy gift that my boogers are holy and it is an equivalent Pastafarian blessing that I could give to her. I have on occasion slurped up noodles impatiently and have gotten them in my nose. Was this a vision?

    • Keith says:

      I’d say that it is the basis of a comedy series.

  8. Emma says:

    If we do start the next jonestown massacre, you will be the first to go for trashing the religion we all believe in. So thanks for your time.

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