This is a real religion?

Published March 13th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

The government actually passed this BS as religion? You just did this so you can get tax cuts, your religion is based on christian hate because thats all i see you mocking on here, You might as well side with the church of satan who mocks their own belief, Just because youre too blind to be enlightened you have decided to scam all the atheists out there, in a way i have to side with you, because all of your followers are just as stupid as you are, nobody ever looks into history, philosophy or multiple religions before basing their faith, they always just side with hate and disbelief, when love is just the true meaning behind every religion, and science is formulated from the start of religion, it seems that your church and your followers will all go down the same stupid path, even if you are a teacher or a doctor you probably are a bad one at that, well except the church leader who is rolling in money from his t-shirts and probably initiation fees and getting tax cuts, what a smart way to scam atheist church goers, you might as well start the next jonestown massacre.


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  1. Death_Knight 777 says:

    Nick, you are a bloody hypocrite. Your mail sounds like you are doing exactly what you claim we are doing. And what religion are you anyway?

  2. Eric says:

    Hi guys, I’m really really confused.

    I’m an atheist, and I always thought that this FSM ideology was just satire and mockery of mainstream religion. Do you guys think it’d be possible to get a straight answer: Do people really believe in this religion and deity or is it all just to show that any “evidence” one presents for any of their deities can easily be done the same with the FSM.

    Thanks guys, no harm meant,


    • Keith says:

      For a start, the FSM was not designed specifically to mock mainstream religion although a number of people who reply to the hate mails (myself included) do so. It was designed as a protest against prostituting education to ram religion down the throats of children under the guise of science. The straight answer is that very few, if any, people seriously believe (ie. accept without evidence or proof) that a huge spaghetti/ noodle related monster is out there holding worlds together and getting drunk.

  3. Matthew says:

    That would be awesome if that were true mmmmm beer and spaghetti. If that ain’t divine inspiration I don’t know what is

    • Keith says:

      On the other hand, if being drunk in charge of a vehicle causes so much disaster, being drunk in charge of worlds would be immesurably worse.

      • calvin willis says:

        so what you are saying is, the reason we have douche bags & sawg fags is cause FSM is in charge of worlds whilst drunk?

        • Keith says:

          I’m assuming you mean Swag Fag, something I’d never heard of before (No, I’m not criticising your spelling: after all, I misspelled immeasurably). Basically, yes. The FSM is a flawed Deity, one who tends to get a bit merry at times and who makes mistakes. That makes Him/Her closer to us poor humans than a bearded psychopath in the clouds will ever be.

  4. HoaiPhai says:

    @ Nick:

    Is there any chance at all that next Sunday you could skip church and read a book on how to not make a paragraph into a single sentence?

    Thanks and may the Pasta Prophet bless you.

  5. Pamela says:

    I believe that every person has the right to believe whatever they want INSIDE THEIR HOUSE. This includes catholisism, judaism, islam, pastafarism, induism, etc…
    If FSM was created with the purpose of defending education and respecting everyones believes to be followed privately, I will become one! It has the most gentle values of all and it doesn’t send to hell any one: not even the rapist priests!! (although I guess some pastafarians wouldn’t mind).
    If you believe we are mocking you, then you might have a problem… cause if your religion belief has non physical proof to demonstrate it is true… then the FSM has the same validity than your god and or messiah.
    Common, we are waiting for proof!!

    Kind Regards,

  6. calvin willis says:

    where does he get the initiation fees thing? i didn’t know you had to pay to follow a certain beliefe system.

  7. c nault says:

    “your religion is based on christian hate because thats all i see you mocking on here”

    Likely because the Christian faith is the one that pushes proselytizing; I never see Hindus or Wiccans or Jews trying to convince others to convert to their faith.

    But the Christian faith has made proselytizing a mandate of their belief.

  8. Zac says:

    As a Christian, I’d like to say one person does not define us all. I really don’t care what you believe and what you do; it is not my business. But keep in mind we are not all judgmental and bad people. A few, or rather large minority, give us a bad name sometimes. Nick shouldn’t have criticized y’all and y’all should’ve left him alone. But that’s not the way the world works. Just putting that out there. Even if we want to spread our faith, not all of us cram it down your throats.

    • Andrew says:

      I appreciate that you may not consider yourself one of the Christians that “give you a bad name sometimes” and being judgmental is definitely a large component of that particular problem, but I have to disagree with your point. If you’re talking about your faith to me, and I don’t want to hear it, just stop. Typically, Christians don’t. They feel it is their “duty” as Christians to share their ideas. As c nault said above, folks from any and all other religions (please correct if there is actually another out there) do NOT constantly talk about their religious beliefs with people who don’t share them. “Spreading your faith” is where I take most offense personally. Judge me all you want, because the only opinions that matter to me are from folks who know me. But again, I’m not interested in your faith, so go talk to someone who wants to hear about it.

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