This is a real religion?

Published March 13th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

The government actually passed this BS as religion? You just did this so you can get tax cuts, your religion is based on christian hate because thats all i see you mocking on here, You might as well side with the church of satan who mocks their own belief, Just because youre too blind to be enlightened you have decided to scam all the atheists out there, in a way i have to side with you, because all of your followers are just as stupid as you are, nobody ever looks into history, philosophy or multiple religions before basing their faith, they always just side with hate and disbelief, when love is just the true meaning behind every religion, and science is formulated from the start of religion, it seems that your church and your followers will all go down the same stupid path, even if you are a teacher or a doctor you probably are a bad one at that, well except the church leader who is rolling in money from his t-shirts and probably initiation fees and getting tax cuts, what a smart way to scam atheist church goers, you might as well start the next jonestown massacre.


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  1. nun sequitur says:

    I do have 2 wonder y some1 would go after argument ‘style’ tho…it must b of interest 2 u.

    I am being actively discredited; for a fact. If this goes ‘unsupported’ makes that no less true. I suffered pain ever since certain incidents & that is ALSO true…& is SUBJECTIVE; YET had an attorney tell me…if he could (in so many words) see a visible scratch, THAT ‘proves’ my injury, , ,as OPPOSED 2 my PAIN, which CANNOT b objectively measured.

    & Y people DO end up relieving selves of further ‘arguments’ by forgoing existence altogether. Circumstances do matter.

  2. nun sequitur says:

    because i m not inclined 2 take any1 with me when I go, merely is a footnote, because many people do- just that…the murder suicide couple we knew…the acts of terror involving suicide bombing r murder suicides. when i go, it will not b 2 uphold any ideals or make a statement, i m just tired & have had enough suffering. I do not know y the terrorists did what they did not being one, but people r terrorized by MANY things & there is no argument, persuasive or otherwise, that alters THAT. My physical pain is intolerable. I have said this for years. I also KNOW what it is from, whomever denies it including people with an interest in minimizing this, or eliminating it as a cause, can have a free for all when i m gone. I had a physician assistant administering my implanted morphine pump take the needle & gouge the s-t out of it, prior 2 discharging, me…all in front of my husband…i have been told i will have whatever he did 2 the pump ATTRIBUTED 2 ME, which i have no doubt of. There is no hell other than the one I live in every day. ANY experience of this sort is SUBJECTIVE- it is not an ‘argument’, it just is. Religiously inclined people have ‘warned’ me my suffering will NOT end @ death because my soul is not saved by christ…for 1 thing…just one of numerous ‘arguments’ proposed, INCLUDING by a ‘therapeutic’ staffperson calling himself NOT a preacher, but a ‘therapist’ whom asked me what do i ‘expect’ AFTER my suicide & was serious about getting an answer, would not let it go UNTIL,i gave him one…i answered, an end to the pain, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, nothingness. He STOOD up out of his chair & said,u r WRONG, THATS ur problem, RIGHT THERE… no, that is not, but @ the time his response overwhelmed me…SINCE then, ‘but, you DON’T know’ – &? NEITHER does HE, so he had no right posing it- I didnt GO 2 church for ‘answers’. 4 f-ks sake.

    • Danny says:

      I sincerely hope you won’t kill yourself. There’s plenty of fun to be had in life, but the fun is in the journey, not the ending. (Says the ex-emo.) I’m sorry I probably can’t say anything to change your mind, but it’s my duty to try.
      May His Noodly Appendage give you comfort.

      • nun sequitur says:

        Well danny, i have failed @ numerous prior attempts & can say it is traumatic but not quite as much as the head games & else including pain of a physical nature, here in this dimension. I am not only unskilled @ making succinct points, i am apparently poor @ planning & carrying out plans. It gets more difficult to carry out each successive time & must guard against, which i have so far, doing any permanent damage to my evidently surviving body. I live to have things attempted to b twisted around, like have had persons imply my car accidents were somehow conscious or subconscious attempts, which they were not, @ all, they were wrong place wrong time & ive been lied about further. I suffer every moment in pain & cannot advocate for myself & my attempts only serve to garner me further discredit. I have had numerous other injuries, other issues which all combined are overwhelming most often. i have been harassed & lied about in ways im not by design meant to prove & if i succeed in going, am certain i will b in ‘good company’ as far as the number of people whom have. it seems like a solitary act, but it isnt. it is like another drop in the already overflowing bucket. i am effectively, essentially silenced & ineffectual. i never went to court but ought have numerous times, including for pressing stalking, slander & assault charges against different people…if there are scales of justice in the legal system, the scales for an equivalent theoretical justice have me on the floor with the chain broken off years ago. this fun you speak of, sounds fun, tho. you must not b a member of the chaos creators club & sadists coalitions, to b able 2 say this. . .whats wrong with u, were u not abused enough? did the insurance co refuse to hire u, r u not a member of one of the ‘help’ professions burned out on humanity? i admire ur optimism; & apologize 4 being such a detractor & negative sucking vortex, but depression is what it is cut out to b & is not a choice. i do NOT recommend suicide 2 any1- else- & am not advocating it.

        i will say this. the things we say & do 2 other people can matter- if not for me, others it has been clearly demonstrated. the murder suicide couple we knew, just prior to the shooting, sarcastic humor was used by the victim in an attempt to diffuse the shooter. in other cases mayb it would have worked or, maybe his mind was made up no matter what. just preceeding this, things were said during an angry breakup argument which were not meant- people say things when angry they do not mean…& a family member had died not long before. circumstances matter. people have the ability to improve circumstances for others & instead make matters worse. thats mainly what i wanted 2 point out- but not skilled @ getting 2 point as i mentioned.

        in other news, im clearly still here for time being & it is mainly for untenable reasons- i know ill b lied about further when i go & will not even b able 2 whine about it impotently when im gone. im also cowardly & thus my concerns about ending up only half dead…o wait, i meant realistic. it happens.

        the t shirt from this site arrived.,it is a gift. i must not have any idea of the concept behind it, because it first strikes me as offensive, then creative & artful, then, if not offensive or inflammatory, blunt & will b mis-taken…i must want 2 alienate one of the last persons i have on my giftlist…

        ..its a gift.

        • nun sequitur says:

          If the couple hadnt died, there would have been reason for me to pursue a case against them, , ,without going into detail, they did something inexcusable. following their deaths, i was asked by someone ‘well’ meaning (in law enforcement & connected 2 the university nearby) , a neighbor if i believe, (as christian some1 else told me as well they believe the same thing) that thoughts matter, do i feel they translate to action, did i ever wish any1 dead…i had wondered how they could do, what it is they had done. i wondered how such a clearly good parent could b driven to that end…we were assaulted & threatened outside our home not long after. i was too busy feeling threatened to think of whatever it was presumed i was supposed to b thinking. the implication was, if thoughts r energy, i may have compiled the energy which contributed to their actions, or put another drop in their bucket of reasons & implied that id done it subconsciously so that i didnt even kno i was doing it, but 2 b ‘honest’ with myself…people r as*holes while trying 2 b therapeutic, sometimes. & also nosey…if u want 2 know i was deeply dissappointed & hurt.not murderous or vengeful…but if i had felt this, itd b not any1s business. I said something about the thought police- is that what this is, i wondered…
          the guy that did the shooting had a really biting humor sometimes that could b taken for mean, by people whom didnt appreciate it- i was @ 1 point offended slightly by something he had said…it seemed mean @ th time.

          it helps 2 suspend judgement about people as much as possible, not beyond reason but 2 a larger extent maybe.

          it can b difficult 2 do, when people r hurtful.

          they were fairly fun loving..but @ times had laughs @ expense of others mayb 2 much..ive also learned some things about brain chemistry related to environments (both) external & internal which if certain things were applied, could help serve to tip the balance & contribute to preventing things from occurring…potentially.

          another thing that went on was, after their passing; i was pulled aside & told i was not liked. speaking of environs.

          a fully sane person would b hard pressed to remain it.

          then theres me.

        • nun sequitur says:

          What has happened 2 me a combo of circumstance, individuals & organized efforts to discredit culminating in a lynch mob…then, taking my existing issues & blaming it all on that…taking my fist hitting me with it & asking me y m i hitting myself…

      • Bob says:

        I hope you are able to somehow intervene with this person. She needs help.

        • nun sequitur says:

          BOB how funny, is name of spouses ex whom harrassed me during he & spouses divorce proceedings,.he knew nobody would believe me.

        • nun sequitur says:

          Not only is bob the name of person whom harassed me during divorce proceedings, but that is exactly the sort of thing he would say & do…some1 help that girl, y shes delusional! the hypothetical equivalent would b him stabbing someone in the back & then arranging for a ride to the ER…someone help her…(so…did u SEE him stab u…? no. U didnt. It was in the back…u grow eyes back there recently? RIGHT…10 pts detraction for u, score for him…). things like this go on proverbially & actually ALL the time. Just ask the woman whom was sniper shot by a marksman her husband hired during their divorce…he had a STELLAR rep as an area surgeon & she, well shes DEAD, ‘perfect’ crime he probably thought…

          nobody will believe HER, shes clearly CRAZY, y look right HERE it is suggested she NEEDS HELP..
          c, its not ME…

          Bob also name of police officer i was asked 2 contact …not having mentioned he was a retired police officer when i was contacted..he essentially bashed me because id been petsitting a persons pet, which eats as food, the pets he informed me he keeps, himself…if anyone feels i deserve to suffer this way physically, itd b him…he also essentially defamed me, to me, by pointing out that HE tried to shoot himself & lived & was clearly SERIOUS in his endeavors, whereas I, well…
          trying to one up some1 on suicide attempts is pretty fg sad & that is coming from some1 pretty fg sad.
          he kept telling me how SMART the animals r which he keeps as pets which my board happens 2 eat for survival- & there was NO vegetarian or alternate option available. if i had not done it, the pet wouldve died…now THERES a conundrum for animal rights activists…including HIM. was he calling the other animal ‘stupid’?

          if there is a hell, i will not b going there. i cannot say whom would, either, because i m not pretending 2 have all the answers…that was HIS department.

          where is it writ, judge not lest b judged?

  3. nun sequitur says:

    I will b lied about. My sisters ex husband, whom discredits persons for a living & harassed me during their divorce, took a photograph of her & PHOTOSHOPPED it 2 have it appear she was in an image/ position she was NOT ever actually IN. THIS is the sort of thing going on now here, for YEARS. That I do not ‘persuade’ any1 with my non arguments is A GIVEN.

    • nun sequitur says:

      I BELIEVED on faith that he loved my family member. I really believed this. I can take many things on faith & b correct, or not, it does not merely refer 2 religion, either. faith. It has become mainly an area associated with faith, religion as if they r 1 & the same.

      They were never that, for me. I did as I was told & accepted it all as fact. I do not hold that benedict spinosa was entirely correct, but he had the nerve 2 question things & go up against @ least 1 major religious faction. . . it becomes unimportant, which 1. I have faith that he had as valid a viewpoint as any1s. He would’ve had 2 have given up on having any measure of a traditional life in that time frame, because nobody outside the culture would cross barriers 2 affiliate with him & once he was cast out, no support from, essentially, his family.

      i had an ambulance driver befriend me once, he went into detail after detail about patients such as making fun of persons for their weight, in situations they were already humiliated & alone in, which horrified me. i m not trusting of any1 anymore. . .i told this 2 some1 related 2 ambulance personnel & there was only loyalty- & had no idea whom i was referring 2 or what specifically was stated.

      The same person defending that party kept giving me highly detailed accounts of animal rescue operations; because they involved abuse in graphic account details. Not dissimilar 2 things ive cared 2 NOT emphasize or provide details of, , ,& found emotionally distressing…but, kept on getting the accounts anyway. As if I wouldn’t have supported the efforts, otherwise. I had, already. I had started a campaign drawing attention 2 pets in nyc following SEPT 11 & collected funds, some of which I was told, went missing before I managed 2 collect them & had chosen containers which essentially left cash sitting out on counters; after I shared this, an area business person mocked me by taking all the money out of the container & placed it in a basket, pointing out that THEIR customers do not concern themselves with such petty crimes, are trustworthy, etc. Some1 working there shared that this was because they r a christian based business…there was no way 2 say some1 visiting that shop hadn’t already been 2 the place where some of the donations are alleged 2 have gone missing. A nice thought, but not a guarantee.

      I donated 2 another rescue & discovered our name was shared with a place that releases similar detail…it was unsolicited.

      What i m doing by sharing- unsolicited is not so much different.

      The difference is, I will stop.

      • nun sequitur says:

        NONE of this is spoofed. In the past, we had our accounts hacked…& can not prove it. I essentially have released many things now, voluntarily & now, release u from having 2 hear any more of it.

  4. nun sequitur says:


    A discussion some may or may not b interested in i came accross. OFF topic. As usual.

  5. nun sequitur says:

    my husband was bashed for telling me about a person he met whom asked if he was vegan & then, if so, is he ‘militant’ about it…i thi,k he was referring to persons whom place animals 100% above persons…which, many of them prob deserve 2 b, but …ive met persons that furthered their careers doing animal experiments in labs then come out against it post graduation…even psychological experiments on PEOPLE r cruel & result in DEATHS, but u dont hear about THOSE because the persons involved are as stated. look in mirror before bashing some1 u only think u know. UNDERMINING those u c as ‘opposition’ only serves to DETRACT from cause & create a clusterf-k of bad karma…& lack of support…WELL, its on YOUR conscience…

    Ive been asked now, to donate 2 charities which oppose FDA guidelines…GEE wonder what the goal of THAT would b, mayb get me squarely centered on a watchlist so that not so much effort needs 2 b expended in disposing of what is seen as an issue…a problem. I was complaining about the undertreatment of pain, @ the outset…& there4 assured 2 end up in as much of it. I was sent 2 a dr whom claimed 2 b part of a federal investigation. This site is probably on a closed loop, ,,well its been nice talking 2 myself again…

    By the way i had gone to an atty, they turned out to rep the police whom lied about me…now we get sudden donation requests from unified police organisations…whats wrong, dont u support us? Another atty from a temple i had been invited 2 literally closed the door in my face…i was not so much an integrated part of the temple community…the person whom referred me there said it was his close pal…he, had asked me out & i politely declined. I was later interviewed in so many words, about my thoughts on judaism…then the dr i was guided 2 c mentioned 2 me on routine basis, his judaism…

    head games.
    after head game.

    INTENTIONALLY not meant for me to prove, more pointedly, intended as such,

    OH u r a TRAITOR 2 ur OWN people, , ,

    well, leonard nemoy is on NPR reading a rosenthal poem on pain & suffering in honor of the chanukkah ‘celebration’…

    & today or tonight, marks the WINTER SOLSTICE…so go out & moon some1.

  6. nun sequitur says:

    anyone see Being John Malkovich…where the man believes he has a horrible speech impediment & his indispensable secretary with job security as she happens 2 b the ONLY person he says, whom UNDERSTANDS him & all the while, he is SPEAKING in plain english in no uncertain terms..

    funny i m reminded of this time & again

    HERE is what i m saying.
    People die after this kind of INTENTIONAL nightmare ALL the time. U will not know if it doesnt impact u, which is HOW it GOES on…& on…

    I am now being threatened that if i end my life, it will b made out 2 look, once i m gone, as if other things were taking place, which haven’t.

    What u read about in news is misleading.

  7. Reverend Captain Psmitty says:

    We get TAX CUTS!!!! Which? Where? How?

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Like Jesus’s love and eternity in heaven, it MUST be true, because it sounds so nice.

      • nun s equator says:

        Like jesus’s love & eternity in heaven, it MUST be true because it sounds so nice. says thefewthprdthmarinara



        -Albert Einstein

      • Kid Northcote says:

        @ above comment by theFewthe…

        That’s it. That’s how the whole Christianity thing keeps rolling along.

        1st, you have to buy into Heaven. Its sold as being oh so nice.

        But then, its a (no pun intended) hell of a lot easier to sell you Hell! Because if there is a heaven, then there must be a Hell. (Newton’s law of equal and opposite reaction…and George Clooney in “From Dusk till Dawn”)

        And if you believe in Hell, you will do what the Church tells you to do to avoid going there…because of FEAR. As soon as you are afraid, you are OH SO EASY TO CONTROL.

        Now, pretend you have been raised IN TOTAL FEAR OF GOING TO HELL!

        Simple equation for all the feaks that write in hate-mail? Just my opinion, I hold no qualifications in this matter aside from experiencing 12 years of the Catholic education system.

        Or maybe I’m just bitter because the Christian Brothers never molested me? Why not? Was I too ugly? Wasn’t I pretty enough? WASN’T I GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU? *SNIFF* WHY? WHY WOULDN’T YOU SODOMISE ME LIKE YOU DID ALL THE OTHER BOYS? WHY AREN’T I SPECIAL? WHY DON’T I GET TO GO TO HEAVEN?

        Apologies…I’m getting through this with therapy…one day I will think i am good enough to be raped by older Christian men. I hope so anyway.

        Direct reply to original Hate-Mail: Pffft. Next Jonestown Massacre. Yeah Right. As if there can be one in that league ever again? That was, like, the finest mass suicide of all time.

        You may as well say “the next Muhammad Ali” or “the next Sir Donald Bradman” or “the next Lance Armstrong”


  8. Reverend Captain Psmitty says:

    OK, guys, by “Atheist Church Goers”, he obviously means us. He figures we’re all atheists, and this is our church, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and this is where we go, hence “Atheist Church Goers”.

    Arr, Ramen, and Pastalujah

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