This is a real religion?

Published March 13th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

The government actually passed this BS as religion? You just did this so you can get tax cuts, your religion is based on christian hate because thats all i see you mocking on here, You might as well side with the church of satan who mocks their own belief, Just because youre too blind to be enlightened you have decided to scam all the atheists out there, in a way i have to side with you, because all of your followers are just as stupid as you are, nobody ever looks into history, philosophy or multiple religions before basing their faith, they always just side with hate and disbelief, when love is just the true meaning behind every religion, and science is formulated from the start of religion, it seems that your church and your followers will all go down the same stupid path, even if you are a teacher or a doctor you probably are a bad one at that, well except the church leader who is rolling in money from his t-shirts and probably initiation fees and getting tax cuts, what a smart way to scam atheist church goers, you might as well start the next jonestown massacre.


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  1. bobobob says:

    Is OP troll or just stupid?

  2. The_Dude says:

    every religion is based on love?? crap, you mean i imagined the crusades and the taliban?
    oh thank the FSM for that! for a while there i thought some really horrible stuff happened in the name of those religions!

  3. Fred says:

    He is not scamming anyone. There is no fee to be part of this church, and he does not pass around a basket every sunday asking for money. If he is making money off of the t-shirts.. well why should he not? There are lots of ppl out there selling T-shirts and making money. This guys is a noob.

  4. nun ya biz says:

    ever hear of benedict spinosa? in the 1600s he published a paper…’theological – political treatise’. wherein he proposes, the bible like all scriptures, ought b interpreted as a human being manufactured document & NOT 2 consider it as produced by god/ any deity. spinosa claimed the true content of religion doesnt concern nature of god, but intent is 2 guide peoples 2 do what is right morally, using stories & precepts of the scriptures. He defined religion as that; system of political & moral control by HUMANS…so ALL religions r equally as valid…in that that task is effectively achieved. SPINOSAS real name: BARUCH SPINOSA. He was so controversial he was excommunicated from jewish community where he originated…a secret sect of jews in amsterdam where judaism had 2 b practiced secretly due to oppression, antisemitism…& were all eventually tossed from spain. He changed his name 2 the more latin sounding BENEDICT, but his paper was penned & published in anonymity. His lifes work was paper called ETHICS not published until he no longer lived…he believed god was simply the totality of nature, not an independent ‘CREATOR’…that there was no purpose or meaning 2 our world, but that happiness was/ is still attainable, given all this…he is presumed 2 have been excommunicated 4 denying that the soul is immortal & 4 denying that god made this world 4 a purpose…if he had just kept all those thoughts 2 himself & kept up appearances, he couldve been just like every1 else, a conformist & settled down with a nice jewish girl & had rugrats..instead he had 2 open up a can of worms. Admirable.

    • nun ya biz says:

      Spain; they were booted from there & ended up practicing religion secretly, then still, in amsterdam evidently…anyway. . .he, his ideas, arose from out of this.

      I thought this was fairly insightful for an individual in the late 1600s especially, without probably a shred of support & already in a culture forced into that situation. Its not as if he had any1 2 back him, or atheist chatboards online – he also had made observations about natural law & observable environment, essentially underpinnings of science & supporting, it.

      we dont entirely know if it was his rejection of concept of soul / god as taught which got him ejected.

      if any1 has ever seen a ghost, this type of experience alone lends towards superstitions & all manner of suppositions, not discluding the questioning of ones own sanity tho, in a climate of existing ordered ideas which include engrained superstitious belief in the unseen, it becomes part & parcel; well, this must support all the holy things i was told, about…

      many persons ive known vascilate in belief structures. ive met people teetering on the edge of atheism but still deeply entrenched in for example, catholicism…one person pointed out it provided comfort, the ritual nature of everything associated with attending, church.

      i view my background as a culture not one & same with soley religious considerations.

      i think some of striving for heaven derives from persons hoping there is something beyond whatever untenable situations afflict them, or being subjected to which equates more with hell- there r such things as having noble intentions versus less so…outside of this framework. it was pointed out 2 me we r all steeped in these religions even in those circumstances 1 is raised ‘without’ 1…
      there was a person i admired, an olympic level athlete, , ,raised in a rural environ without electricity, without religious institutions or teachings & after reading an interview including this & other data, determined he had not suffered any for this loss & was no less a valuable human being.

      • nun ya biz says:

        presumed or proposed ‘loss’…assumed ‘lack’.

  5. nun ya biz says:

    Something which allows u 2 laugh, in the face of tragedy or loss or sucking depression or all of the above- this is ‘holy’…love is ‘holy’.
    Unrelieved physical pain, unwarranted suffering …being subjected 2 abuses or opressed, being misunderstood or misattributed, lied 2 or about…(slander)all that humans r capable of on lowest scale vs otherwise; this like hell. ..

    Religious teachings & just in general where things r gotten so wrong, what comes 2 mind the sorts of things a neighbor inflicted; telling me people do not suffer physically or mentally unless it is ‘deserved’ if some1 is ‘bad’ etc. I am not deserving of the pain i live with, that inapplicable & moreover have met & know of persons that have done horrific things whom r not being made 2 suffer- i m certain that for every child molester caught there r others not even on any watchlist. a man in our community had his wife sniper- style shot & killed…he kept up appearances for quite awhile, kept right on practicing medicine, being a good parent. There r people not in this pain whom prob could do with some. It is humbling.

    There is not any ‘justice’ on this plane in this life, something religious person an extended member of local med community said 2 me. . .a community which has in part, covered up oversights- a spot in my lung which showed up years ago after a spot not far above it on my thyroid I had been told 2 ignore- the spot in my lung showed up having grown after I found lumps in both breasts- & was denied reccomended follow up screening, months before a close relative was identified with cancer in the same region. I revisited the prior test & pointed this out- asked about it. I was told that dr is ‘gone’…& that, there was no concern…then, that another dr could not ‘feel’ the lumps ‘anymore’ & how these r ‘probably just transient cysts’,,,i asked okay, where do they transit, 2- is that the cyst in my chest behind it then? I was discharged. Blamed for that…The palpable lumps r still present. Larger, now.
    If there is no justice, it is because persons r interested in denying it, nothing 2 do with f-g any god. If there is 1, that does seem 2 give people the idea they r justified in defining the fate of others in the name of.

  6. nun ya biz says:

    I already have pain from numerous accidents, falls & strains. My husband had test results overlooked for a couple of years in his chart, surrounding all this. At about a year & half in, i found him having what appeared 2 b convulsions- it was 6 mos later, i took him repeatedly 2 dr & finally, they found test results from 2 yrs prior improperly ignored & not followed up, on… with people left & right, making light of what’d happened trying 2 make less of it, down 2 the dr rewriting our account, trying 2 say nobody was present 2 witness him the way I had…messing with my care & records as well & letting me know I will b lied about, the same person that told me there is no justice in this life also stated that my husband is not the issue (implying i AM, for not shutting up); they have taken care of THAT. This was the same place, where the dr had asked if we can just go from day 1, before the head games continued & do still & will never end until i end. it is painful 4 me 2 write this & will not matter, which highlights why they ‘win’…it is easy 2 do so against some1 ineffectual & nothing 2 brag about or b proud, of.

  7. nun ya biz says:

    heartbreaking beyond words.


  8. nun ya biz says:

    The idea is to prevent acts. the persons jumping (-& worse, the conditions compelling persons 2 jump- from th wtc) th people there- come from ALL backgrounds. . .(manhattan where i was born). the people whom lived 2 tell of it- ALL backgrounds. some people cheered the disaster & those comitting the acts that day…were extremists, religious …& if religion is political (c above for theory), it is unavoidable that we as persons r the ones interpreting & acting on texts, so that wherever they arise FROM becomes irrelevant. Id rather the terrorists that day had suffered a crushing depression & curled into a ball from the weight of the oppression of thousands of years of discord, killing in the name of god. but, they acted…& there were muslims, jews, christians, catholics, atheists, agnostics, buddhists, that day, that lived in nyc & were loving people capable of changing the world but instead their world was forever altered & on every soil there is war, it is the same.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Nun ya biz,

      Nearly everything you post appears to be random and disconnected from any subject or discussion. Trying to read them is like stumbling into a tail end of a conversation, which you seem to be holding with yourself, no one else can add anything since any responses lack the context needed to form an opinion.

      For example: “The idea is to prevent acts.” This sounds like a response to something, the question is what. I have no idea how to interpret and points which follow as the post is not self contained nor does it address another person’s arguments.

      • bruceo says:

        Tilted, what else would you expect from a nun?

        • TiltedHorizon says:

          I was going to say “sense” but then I realized nun+sense may actually explain the problem.

        • nun ya biz says:

          l (not l.o.l. i just did it internally)

        • nun ya biz says:

          Wow, look how sequentially these posts mocking me follow one another, very sensical, methodical & well organized & executed. OUTSTANDING JOB! Well done. Gold star. I will not rap thoust hands with a ruler, 2day, anyway. I need 2 tell u that by referring 2 me in any way akin 2 an actual nun is a disservice 2 & insult 2 actual nuns the world over…sister prejean would not find this the least bit amusing, 4 example. I just learned about her…& seriously, my spouse had considered being either a priest or benny hill, when asked what he wanted 2 b when he grows up. That is funny, because we both have likely been the topic du jour in various confessionals. But i digress & know how much this annoys u. U may return 2 ur pasta, now. Dont b so saucy…or do. Whatever u prefer.

      • nun ya biz says:

        response 2 is this a REAL RELIGION & as this is TITLED hate mail, generally reps of another belief system assaulting this 1 thru words, one assault leads 2 another, until the originator of fsm receives REAL OFFLINE DEATH THREATS. ..i was trying 2 not b intolerant of what was being said, but address where it comes from & where this ultimately often ends up…& what i say is no more irrelevant than mocking respondents with pasta referrences.

        • nun sequitur says:

          Incidentally, sister prejian is probably against voluntary euthanasia, which people have tried 2 abolish under the guise of holy intentions. ..already. It is frightening. . .because this us not just a happy discussion about what god is, or isnt, as if it f-g matters. Were there a god whom wished 4 us 2 know, we simply would. Maybe god is sadistic & likes for every1 2 present their ‘arguments’ & then laughs while persons become all hot and bothered over the details,,,if we r created in gods image, he could b a game designer. ..there r enough on the planet, so what of it? if it mattered, that would b great. I DO NOT PRETEND 2 KNOW, yet persons with fully expanded ideas down to miniscule detail of what GOD WANTS have often unreasonable level of control over life & death matters, AS IF god him-her-itself has spoken. ..& please tell me y such a personal interventional god has never spoken 2 all of us on a mass scale…how difficult would it b 2 hold a freaking ‘town meeting’ involving citizens of earth…the ENTIRE PLANET was created intelligently, yet god is deaf 2 requests 4 a single appearance that would once & for all clear all this up…@ least once, but a pop in every few decades would b ideal, in case any1 missed it…

        • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          Nun sequitur said “Were there a god whom wished 4 us 2 know…”. Ah, here’s the rub! Why should a caring god give a damn that we acknowledge him and praise him and keep the sabbath? Why is faith valued so much more than goodness? It doesn’t benefit god, unless he has a massive ego. But it DOES benefit the various religions, doesn’t it? You must browbeat and scare the devoted into showing up for the ceremonies and tossing money into the collection baskets.

          If there were a god, and he truly wanted us to believe in him, he wouldn’t have done such an astoundingly piss-poor job of displaying his existence.

      • nun ya biz says:

        ‘it does not adress another persons arguments’…it adresses this concept in its entirety. If u view it that way. It is also entirely unfair 2 say that of each & every post. Because u do not follow it does not make it invalid, it just may not b in an accustomed style which complicates the message. Which is u nintentional. Also, i am not an attorney, not a skilled communicator per se & am trying 2 make a point & failing, which u so kindly point out. OATHER spots on the site discuss frivolity, assaults on this as a concept, celebration of booze, strippers, ,,mocking of views expressed & where other religions have it all wrong, ,,so am responding 2 overall impression. If it makes u feel any better, i do not always follow me.

      • nun ya biz says:

        I would never succeed @ job as a speechwriter, editor, orator, attorney, or religious leader. But if u ignore all the content of everything said, u discount any value @ all which is not any nicer than some1 sending hate mail really. So, truncating & getting 2 point may b areas I do not excell in. U think? every1 has their issues, what r yours? if i had a gun in the house, id have used it on myself this a.m. i dont, tho. I do not consider posting an alternative 2 that, but not every1 posts out of MIRTH. U r not responsible 4 any1 elses actions, but when people r in whatever place they r, sometimes it is by design & not by accident. u do not respond 2 posts where i make a valid point. maybe because it is far more satisfying 2 u 2 mock people. cannot really say. but of the people writing u hate mail, u probably have people not only directing it twds u, but r capable of not great things in other capacities. not every1 is SUICIDAL. i am, but that is just me. some people would b relieved @ that concluding 2 its inevitable end, so that i STFU. ive done that, as well…& i mentioned once prior being in a s-tload of physical pain. if these r some of my final words, im good with them, even if u r not so much. i pointed out, several times, that there are people with access to all of what is here, including persons considering that this is a mockery of their god…there R homicides in the name of religious & political ideologies. . .IN response 2 cartoons, people get threatened…in response 2 this site, some1 listed in wiki that the letter originally got threats (no idea if so) & 4 example, in MANY…the WTC bombing using everyday object as weapon. how much more pointed could i b…i m making valid points, perhaps not able 2 PRESENT them effectively.

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