This is a real religion?

Published March 13th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

The government actually passed this BS as religion? You just did this so you can get tax cuts, your religion is based on christian hate because thats all i see you mocking on here, You might as well side with the church of satan who mocks their own belief, Just because youre too blind to be enlightened you have decided to scam all the atheists out there, in a way i have to side with you, because all of your followers are just as stupid as you are, nobody ever looks into history, philosophy or multiple religions before basing their faith, they always just side with hate and disbelief, when love is just the true meaning behind every religion, and science is formulated from the start of religion, it seems that your church and your followers will all go down the same stupid path, even if you are a teacher or a doctor you probably are a bad one at that, well except the church leader who is rolling in money from his t-shirts and probably initiation fees and getting tax cuts, what a smart way to scam atheist church goers, you might as well start the next jonestown massacre.


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  1. cstanford5 says:

    I disagree, read:

  2. MISTer MUFFin says:

    I want to convert

  3. ZELO FELIX says:

    I woke up this morning I looked in the mirror there was a giant mushroom dancing on the top of my head . I like it there .

  4. John Mica says:

    This guy clearly doesn’t know how tax cuts work. As far as I know, we don’t have an actual church within the United States. Plus, he’s way too full of himself. Like Christians are the only ones who feel his noodly wrath. Anyways, we’re not anti-religion. We’re anti-crazy nonsense done in the name of religion.

  5. Josh says:


    This guy can’t even write an intelligent thought with correct punctuation. Think on this one, my friend: “He who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    In case you are too dense to understand what I am saying… First, display your literacy and intelligence before you call others “stupid.”

    Forever and ever, Ramen.

  6. Jordan says:

    “initiation fees”

  7. Jesus says:

    Whilst we are on the topic of stupidity, lets talk about christianity. Blindly sucking an ‘omnibenevolent’, ‘omnipotent’ and made up old mans ass is not the way forward in life. You devote your time and trust into this pointless bullshit when you could be helping humanity develop.

    • Captain Birdeye says:

      Jesus, Jesus, you took your time returning. Unfortunately, the Pope redacted your advice from the Bible.

  8. Rasputin says:

    Hey Jesus, nice to see you visiting us.

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