He Boiled For Your Sins

Published March 21st, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Thanks to Kaitlyn for this beautiful illustration:



I got a surprising number of angry emails about this.  Surprising because while I can see how “He Boiled For Your Sins” could be viewed as making fun of the Christian “He Died For Your Sins”,  I know that there was no intention to offend.

We find the barrage of Jesus-on-a-cross imagery and “He died for your sins” propaganda tasteless and gaudy.  We find the concept of Original Sin offensive.  We believe it mocks rationality.

Most of all, we believe it’s a dangerous thing when religion is seen as above criticism or humor.  So while we’re aware that some of the things we say will offend, that’s not our intention – merely an accepted cost of the larger goal of shining light on what in our view is lunacy.  We can respect people and their beliefs *and at the same time* criticize what they send out into the world – there is no contradiction. 

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  1. assclown says:

    Silly Christians, criticism is for everyone!

  2. Danimal says:

    Kaitlyn: It’s simple, subtle, and when seen through Pastafarian eyes is full of depth, meaning, and above all humor. Well done.
    Bobby: Well said on the post. Also, if Kaitlyn’s willing, I think this would do well as merch.

    • wulff says:

      Agree on the merchandise. This is one shirt I would definitely buy.

  3. Duke Airanda Tension says:

    He boiled for my dinner, mmm delicious.
    Duke Airanda Tension

    “Why do you write to me “God should punish the English”? I have no close connection to either one or the other. I see only with deep regret that God punishes so many of His children for their numerous stupidities, for which only He Himself can be held responsible; in my opinion, only His nonexistence could excuse Him.” – Albert Einstein

  4. tekHedd says:

    If you accept the teachings of the Christian church, you know that intentions are more important than actions. As long as you are good in your heart, it doesn’t matter how many babies you eat. Yes, that’s an exaggerated example, and you probably won’t find anyone who can eat babies with genuine good intentions. But the point is, if you did, it would be OK.

    Drawing done in good intentions, no bad intentions, no foul. Nuff said.

    But nuff has not, in fact, been said.

    Died? Jesus is said to have spent three (3) days dead, and since then has become one with God. In heaven. He did *what* for our sins again? Experienced some temporary discomfort. (This might sting a little!) Since then, he has been one with God, ruling the universe. Since his incarnation, Jesus has spent 0.00041% of his time dead, the rest as an aspect of God. In Heaven. If this is how you define sacrifice, sign me up.

    But, no, Christians get upset over a very light joke. As better ranters than I have pointed out, “If religion contained any truth, it could be ridiculed, insulted, even defiled without being diminished in any way. Its truth would shine through, undimmed, unblemished, shaming those who abused it into silence.” (Pat Condell)

    • tekHedd says:

      (Ahem… Plus, I think it’s very funny. FSM looks a little worried!)

      • opiesysco says:

        Not worried. Relaxed… (or drunk)

  5. Ronster says:

    Unless the christian churches have copyrighted their phrase (usually used as a condemnation of others), I must inform them that they have no legal grounds to restrict others from using those, or similar words. You do have the right to be shocked, outraged and angry…as am I when it comes to religion. If this will hurt your religion, then it must not be very strong to begin with.

    Nice drawing.

    • J. James says:

      I am almost afraid they HAVE copyrighted the phrase… I wouldn’t put much past them. As for hurting their religion, apparently it does. Do you see pastafarians going on genocidal rampages over “Darwin fish>JESUS FISH”? hardly ever!

      So long, and remember, never accept meat from a Catholic until you know what it came from! Ramen.

  6. harddirt says:

    ‘Fraid he’s gonna fall out of the basket?

  7. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    While I admire the art work, Our Pasta who art in Heaven would NEVER boil for our sins. After all “sins” are merely things that a god finds offensive, and the FSM just isn’t that touchy.

  8. Insightful Ape says:

    For everyone who is offended, I’ve got a friendly advice:
    First finish the 5th grade, then come back and we’ll have a chat.

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