He Boiled For Your Sins

Published March 21st, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Thanks to Kaitlyn for this beautiful illustration:



I got a surprising number of angry emails about this.  Surprising because while I can see how “He Boiled For Your Sins” could be viewed as making fun of the Christian “He Died For Your Sins”,  I know that there was no intention to offend.

We find the barrage of Jesus-on-a-cross imagery and “He died for your sins” propaganda tasteless and gaudy.  We find the concept of Original Sin offensive.  We believe it mocks rationality.

Most of all, we believe it’s a dangerous thing when religion is seen as above criticism or humor.  So while we’re aware that some of the things we say will offend, that’s not our intention – merely an accepted cost of the larger goal of shining light on what in our view is lunacy.  We can respect people and their beliefs *and at the same time* criticize what they send out into the world – there is no contradiction. 

52 Responses to “He Boiled For Your Sins”

  1. Orlando says:

    I have two problems with that:

    First the FSM has told me that it prefers not to choose one sex over another, so it suggests to stay with “The Monster” or “It”.

    Second, as there are no strict commandments, how can there be sin? As far as I know there is only one dogma in pastafarianism: there are no dogmas.

    I would therefore respectfully suggest to consider changing that slogan to “It boiled for you” or “It boiled for your hunger”. I think that the similarity to that other solgan is still recognizable.


    • Winter says:

      The 10 condiments also known as the “I’d rather you didn’t’s”
      Specify the sins. Saying the monster spoke to you is one of them xD

    • Yves FORBAN says:

      It’s fun, but I think the concept of original sin is not well with the Pastafarianism. But it is to laugh then laugh. However I found another version, less powerful but more enjoyable: https://www.facebook.com/european.pastafarians/photos/a.740133999334373.1073741828.737547406259699/1189330221081413/?type=3
      Thus some sins appear as a pleasure embodied in the communion (the Christian cannibalistic symbol always surprised me)

      • Keith says:

        I like the concept of boiling with fun. After all people boil with energy or boil with rage so why not fun?

  2. jeremy says:

    I love you all , and I will pray for you ,but it is clear that were these thoughts and idea’s are of the ones who have already been arraigned and are awaiting sentencing those whose cause is already lost, and if no concept porno believehow come so angry at the concept you must go out of your way to find a way to laugh about itwhen your laughter as if Joy deep down it is a mask a mask forself image because your joy is a mask for guilt and you don’t think yourself able to be what He commands or accept what he says it is not that they are too harsh it is that you don’t believe that you could do soyou see you don’t break Commandments the Commandments break you you’re unable so you thinkit a lost cause ,but out of love and grace there is a way and you don’t have to feel guiltyif you truly believed that there was nothing then you would not have built a whole group around itit is obvious that deep down you do know all of this is just a coping mechanism or something to bring the view of the box of the little time you have left supposedly before you go black when everything’s just stopped when life ends supposedly,and suffering wrath ir the eternity of life more pleasurable and happy then the flesh to the imagen something to keep your mind off not being toor thinking you’re not able or not righteous enough none of us are that’s why we need our saviorbut I am here to say to you that your potentials are kings and queens and to be The Heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven because whether you believe or not the fact will always remainand you will not always be able to label your guiltiness or rebellious as fun or a good time or rationalityI will pray for you all I love you allit makes me weaI will pray for you all and I love you all I truly do I weep when I see blasphemies and pray for those who do soweather vail over the eyes or circumstances are situations or brainwashed I am blessed to be able to see enemy is working in them and you will get no hate mail for me or sprite you will get nothing but love and concern as a true believer should give forest we don’t wanna stand before our father and have to feel in our hearts how come we didn’t help our brothers and sisters how come we left them by the wayside I will never give up on any of my brothers sisters I love my brothers sup homie comfort I get it snowing there somewhere seedless planted even though that she makes you angry at least you know a nice while making fun of it that won the day comes and when the time comes you will know anyone know what to do and he will know what to surrender to because you have made fun of it for solo at least I know on my heart that if you are given the chance that you know what to you my not believe that you will have to see my not believe that it’s so bored at that even takes but you have to have knowledge of the case of the dead it’s not it and that knowledge even the police you have any might save you will save you if you choose to use it and the belief that you do have in it maybe DIS belief but a form of belief none the less but disbelief is disagreeing and they have to be something there to disagree with andI am not a religious person or a avid church goer I’m just a regular person and I genuinely care about each and everyone of you and I hope to walk the streets of gold with you all

    • Patroller says:

      Jeremy, you fool, no one agrees with your stupid post. Now be a good little boy and disappear. You should note also that brevity is a skill.

  3. Gnocchi Saint Pudding says:

    Dear Jeremy, May the Bluebird of Happyness crap on your birthday cake.

  4. Cap'n Grey Beard says:

    FFS why are these fundies so verbose? I always tell students if they cannot state a case succinctly, they don’t fully understand it. I think this is the case with fundies. They have to bluster because their case is so much nonesense it must be shrouded in verbosity.

    To steal a quotation:
    Jeremy you pray for me. In return I’ll think for you.

  5. Cap'n Grey Beard says:

    Hehe he’s not religious but believes in the kingdom of heaven and will pray for us LMFAO. Do we have a word for fundies who think they are moderates? Fomodies?. Fo as in “faux”. Fake moderate.

    Any better suggestions?

  6. Cap'n Grey Beard says:

    In any case i think “fundy” has had it’s day. You see “fundamentalist” has “mental” righ in the middle. A joke from FSM. I bet he pssied himself when he wrote that one. Calling them “fundies” is forgetting that they are “mentally challenged”.

    • Keith says:

      It also has “fundament” in it because they talk out of their arses.

      • kekka says:

        Was there a single full stop in that tirade?

        • Rasputin says:

          Well spotted, kekka. Message to Jeremy: You are WELCOME to visit us again and discuss theology, but please PLEASE keep it short, use full stops and make it interesting. Nobody will read your stuff if it’s overly long and unpunctuated, least of all me. Which is why I didn’t.

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