it amazes me how delusional you guys are

Published March 12th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I saw your site and it just amazes me how delusional you guys are, you are trying to create a delusion around the world. A sick joke gone wrong really, its really sad that you are so completely obsessed with brainwashing that you try to pass of a Italian cuisine for a deity of some sort. This whole religion is of hate and defies all logic, rational thought, and it shatters common sense completely. You’re lousy evidence doesn’t cut it either how can you say fire works and noodles are evidence for your delusion? and its not even slightly sane that you walk around like a bunch of pedophiles in those shabby suits of yours. I bet if a Scientologist and a mutated Christian extremist had sex, the offspring would be a Pastafarian.


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  1. Apostle Strozzapreti says:

    Iohannes Argentum says:
    July 24, 2011 at 12:41 AM
    Hi Jay,

    Thank you for responding to my query. I indicated that I am a Pastafarian, but by now you must have realized that practically none of us here believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a god.

    GASP!!!!! OMG!!! (oops fruedian slip) You mean FSM isnt real!!!!! Thanks Iohannes for destroying my world….
    (insert smiley… here)

    • Iohannes Argentum says:

      Hey, Apostle Strozzapreti, there are at least 3,000 other earthly gods you can choose to worship. If there are parallel universes, as some speculate, there may be an infinite number of gods. I recommend the FCD as one earthly god worthy of devout attention. He has dominion over Hershey, Pennsylvania.

      So, it’s not as bleak as you think.

  2. Conscience Otter says:

    One can only hope the offspring would be Pastafarian.

  3. Trev says:

    A Scientologist and a mutated Christian? I would definately pay to see that.

  4. Greay Beard says:

    “This whole religon defies all logic, rational thought, and shatters commen sense.”

    Well, duh. Of course it does. It’s a religon for Christ sake……Err, for noodles sake.

  5. clxxxiv says:

    The Pope recongized paganism as a real religion after centuries of being considered witchcraft! Why not FSM? One truth hold true for the FSM. No one has kill anyone in its name.

    If you did cross bred a mutated christian and a scientologist you’d prob get an orthadox Baptist that sings off key.

  6. Audio Blood says:

    Mutated Christian + Scientologist = Crazy Delicious. Or was that Mr. Pibb + Red Vines… Either way, neither produces a Pastafarian.

    Cheer up Pizbi! You’ll make it to that happy place in the sky while we all burn, right? Life is good!


  7. Drasher says:

    TECHNICALLY, Considering the FSM has two meatballs, it isn’t an Italian dish, as Italians don’t use meatballs. Logic fail!

  8. Rouge says:

    Dude, every religion is a delusion! The only thing different about the FSM is that is sooo much awsomer and believable than all the rest! Most people can’t understand that, so they haven’t shown them selves ’till about 6 years ago.
    And seriously dude, that was a TRULY EPIC logic fail saying that the FSM is an italian dish!


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